Temperance Tarot Card Meaning: Fantastic Tarot Guide!

temperance tarot card meaning

An androgynous winged angel makes the face of the Temperance. Her light blue robe features a triangle in a square. This is an important part of the Temperance tarot card meaning. The triangle represents humanity and the square it is in represents the natural law that humans are bound to obey.

She balances a foot on the rocks, representing our need to stay grounded. Her other foot is in the water to represent our need to also be in touch with the universe’s flow. Another part of the Temperance tarot card meaning is this emphasis on balance.

The angel pours water between two cups to symbolize the flow and alchemy of life itself. Life’s journey reflects in the card’s background, in the winding mountain path. A golden crown at the peak, glowing with light, symbolizes sticking to one’s life purpose and Higher Self.

Meaning of the Temperance Tarot Card

The meaning of the Temperance card in the tarot deck has everything to do with balance. Moderation and patience are the name of the game for the tarot card Temperance meaning. Stabilize your energy and let life force flow through you without restraint. Recovering your flow is critical to getting your balance back.

Stay calm, even when life seems way too frantic or hectic. An even temperament goes a long way towards managing your emotions. The Temperance card meaning in tarot encourages you to find balance in yourself. That way, you can find balance in the outside world too.

Balance is the answer to the question “What does Temperance mean in tarot?” Whether upright or reversed, the common theme and ideal to achieve is balance. This means you have to avoid any and all instances of extreme, whether it’s internal or external.

Accommodate all perspectives and don’t shame yourself for sitting on the fence for a while. You need an abundance of patience which will help you achieve tranquility and fulfilment in your life. Little things don’t get to you and they shouldn’t when you balance yourself correctly. Success in life follows you when you find that inner balance.

What does the Upright Temperance mean?

Upright, the Temperance calls you to avoid all extreme situations. There will be times to dive for the proverbial jugular vein, but this isn’t the time for that. The angel on the card suggests that the situation you’re in now is more complicated. Because of this, it calls for a delicate touch and patient care.

When your emotions tell you to react, this is exactly what the upright Temperance cautions you against. Being highly opinionated or controversial is not the way to go right now, so moderate your approach. Don’t be afraid to be the peacekeeper. Including others will bring together diverse groups of people for harmony and cooperation.

Another meaning of the upright Temperance is about blending from the middle ground. From the middle ground, your view is objective. You can mix these two different sides or elements that you see to make something better. 

This is how working together really shines. It’s not about how we’re different and that stops working together. Being different should be the reason we work together and work better for it. Build a long-term vision and work towards it patiently. Your inner balance will help you get it that much easier where reacting gains you nothing.

Upright Temperance in Romance

upright temperance in romance

This is one of the most auspicious cards to draw in a love reading! Temperance is a most promising major Arcana when it comes to love readings. Harmony and balance are a natural part of the card’s energy, and that can only be good for romantic prospects.

If you happen to be fortunately single, then get ready. Your other half is this close to meeting you. Sparks will fly and your relationship will be magical. However, if you’re already taken, prepare to see your partner hit a new wavelength with you. That new wavelength will bring you and your partner to new heights in your romance.

If you’re fighting a lot with your partner right now, take time to cool off. Take a different approach and avoid pointing fingers at faults and flaws. That’s useless anyway; you can’t change another person. Put your pride aside to find a middle ground. Even if you have to apologize, that can spell a world of difference between a successful and a failed relationship.

Upright Temperance in Career

The upright Temperance advises you against extravagant spending and risky career shifts. Avoid risking too much in investments too; you should only ever be spending money you can afford to lose. As a synonym for balance, Temperance tends to appear when careers and finances need better management.

What’s your budget like right now? How are you managing your time and resources? What are your goals and how are you working towards them? If the answers to these questions aren’t clear, then it is time to reflect on them.

However, if your answers are clear, work patiently. Hard work is always a plus, but so is good timing. Assess everything involved in what you’re trying to do carefully and choose your moment. Everything in your choice depends on how carefully you plan and balance things out.

What does the Reversed Temperance mean?

The Temperance tarot card reversed meaning implies that you’ve recently undergone a period of excess. If you draw this card, this is a sign to restore balance in your life. Moderate your life’s excesses as soon as possible. Excesses to curb may include over-eating, drinking too much, or spending too much money.

When you do these things, you stray further away from your Higher Self and your purpose. Take the time to stop and listen to the Greek philosopher, Aristotle: “Everything in moderation.” How you moderate is entirely up to you, but this card is a signal to start doing that.

Reversed Temperance suggests that something is off in your life and it’s creating stress for you. Life isn’t flowing along as easily as you hoped and you can feel that something just isn’t right. Ignore it if you want; that feeling will just get louder and louder until you can’t ignore it. In that sense, it’s easier and better to address it as soon as possible before your excess gets too big.

what does the Reversed Temperance mean

Make the necessary adjustments and stay focused on your long-term visions. Set goals and stick to them. Align your daily activities with those goals and visions. This is also a potential time for self-evaluation where you can reflect on your vision and the outcomes emerging.

Tension is sure to result when your internal world and external world aren’t in alignment. However, it’s a natural part of the process of resolving that difference. It’s also necessary before you can bring about positive changes in your life. Take the time to heal yourself and push onward with your goals.

Reversed Temperance in Romance

Tone down the romance! Romance is something you can have in excess too. God forbid you’ve been sharing too much with too many at the same time. That’s extreme, of course. It’s more likely that you’re over-indulging in certain things in your relationship. Maybe you point out your partner’s flaws too often, or you do the reverse and suck up to them excessively.

Regardless, you have to adjust and figure out how you and your partner will proceed from then on. A lack of balance will always be harmful to a relationship, so figure out what’s causing imbalance in your romance. It could be your internal imbalance or excessive acts, so figure it out and adjust accordingly.

Reversed Temperance in Career

Excess may be hurting your career prospects. You might be doing a little too much recreation or indulging in network-building more than actual work. Nevertheless, this is a good time for you to reaffirm your long-term visions and goals. What do you really want to achieve in your career?

Don’t spend too much money or radically shift jobs without proper planning either. When the reversed Temperance appears, it’s a sign that you should exercise caution and evaluate your plans carefully. Otherwise, the whole thing could come tumbling down! Re-evaluate and prepare carefully for your next moves in your career.

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