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tarot questions to ask

Tarot reading has been all over social media, even on TikTok. However, nothing beats actually visiting a tarot reader or consulting one. A tarot reading can be both exciting and scary at the same time, you just need the correct tarot questions to ask. 

Tarot reading is not just having your tarot card reading, it actually serves as a guide on your decisions in life. Don’t worry if this is your first time doing tarot reading because this article will help you know the different tarot reading questions to ask. Moreover, this write-up will act as your guide to all things you need to know about tarot questions to ask through the following points: 

  • What is Tarot Card reading?
  • Importance of Asking good tarot questions
  • Good Tarot Questions to Ask in tarot reading
  • Questions you should avoid during a Tarot reading

What is Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading is asking for wisdom and guidance through specific tarot card decks. Furthermore, some people might think that tarot cards are only to know your fortune however, it is actually more than that. Tarot reading is to give you insights into your higher self. 

Each deck of cards has a different meaning. In addition, always remember that these cards have different interpretations. You need to consult professionals to interpret the cards for you.

Moreover, tarot card reading helps you with your awareness of what is deep inside of you. Above all, it is better if you consult a tarot reader to do the tarot reading for you. Furthermore, you need a psychic to effectively help you read your tarot cards.

People who do tarot card reading must have basic skills and knowledge. In addition, you have to always take the time of the day to practice and develop the skills of tarot reading over time.

Importance of Asking Good Tarot Questions

You do tarot card readings for a reason, and that is to get insights into your life. For you to successfully do this, you need to know the correct tarot questions to ask. If you are new to a tarot reading, you might want to know the importance of knowing good questions to ask your tarot reader. 

Asking Yes or No Questions

yes or no

When it comes to tarot questions to ask Tarot cards are not 8 ball where it only answers yes or no questions. Furthermore, Yes, you can ask yes or no questions and still get the answers that you want. However, Yes or no questions won’t be able to give you the guidance that you need because they are not open-ended questions. 

Moreover, you would want to ask questions that can become a pathway to guide you to the answer that will surely become your basis or guide in making the wrong and right decisions. Again, why is it important to carefully craft your questions before asking them? For your guidance to specifically target the results that you want. 

In addition, it is also important to ask follow-up questions on things you want to know. This is because it will allow you to gain all the information that you need and make the most of your tarot reading. Asking the wrong question may leave you feeling upset, disappointed, or even lacking or dissatisfied. 

Good Tarot Questions to Ask in tarot reading

Now that you have an idea of the importance of asking the right questions, it is time to know which questions to ask during tarot reading. Before you ask specific questions, you have to know what questions you want to ask first. 

These sets of questions can go from questions about your purpose in life to your love life. Further, you can also ask something that is related to your past. Once you already know the types of questions you would want to ask, it’s time to consider these questions. 


People often do tarot readings because they want to find answers about their love life. Moreover, there are people who want to know if their current relationship is the right one for them.

Here are the common tarot questions to ask about love:

  1. What are the things I have to do to find my soulmate? 
  2. What are the signs that I already found my soulmate?
  3. Out of all my personality traits, which one is most likely to attract love
  4. Ways I can do to strengthen my relationship with the person I love
  5. What are the obstacles I have to conquer to find true love?
  6. Are there ways I can finally open my heart up to new romance? Wh
  7. What negative energy do I bring into relationships?
  8. Kinds of positive energy I bring in relationships.
  9. What do I need to do for better communication with my partner?
  10. Why did my past relationship fail? 
  11. Why do I attract people who are not emotionally open?
  12. What do I need to do to get over an ex-lover?
  13. How do I know that my gut feelings are true when it comes to love and relationships?
  14. How do I attract the most fitting partner for me? 
  15. What can my partner and I do to help each other grow? 
  16. Are there any uncertainties and fears if I marry someone someday?
  17. Are my beliefs in Love holding me back? How?
  18. How do I get over a heartbreak and learn how to love again?
  19. Is there anything I work on myself before a new relationship?
  20. How can I free myself from my current relationship?

Furthermore, if you are the type who is unsure when it comes to love then these questions might help you. But you have to remember that the answers will depend on the questions you ask.



When it comes to careers, a lot of people need plenty of guidance. Moreover, there are people who consult psychics for them to know if their chosen career paths are the right ones for them. Some even ask questions on what type of careers suit them best. 

Here are Career related things to ask in a tarot reading:

  1. In 10 years time, what and where will I be?
  2. What hinders me from reaching my full potential in my career?
  3. Are there things I can do to help me improve in my career? What are they?
  4. How do I know my career strengths?
  5. What are my career weaknesses?
  6. If there are different skills I should acquire to further be successful in my chosen career, what would they be?
  7. What aspect of my career do I love?
  8. Are there aspects of my career life that I dislike and what are they?
  9. What are the things I can do to balance my personal and career life?
  10. Did I bring a career belief I have in real life? What belief is it?
  11. What are the ways I can resolve an issue with a client?
  12. Are there ways I can improve my relationship with my employer or colleague?
  13. How do I become even more independent?
  14. Do my career beliefs impact my decision-making?
  15. What kind of work best fits me?
  16. Do my parents’ career goals for me greatly affect my career choices and decisions?
  17. Should I invest more in myself? How do I do that?
  18. How do I know that the job is perfect for me? 
  19. Is there a job that I should not take? If so, which job?
  20. How will I know I chose the right job for me? 


Friendship affects a lot of us and sometimes we would like to know if we are in the right friend group. Moreover, just like other relationships, friendship can impact our lives in more ways than one. This is the reason why people also would love to know more about their friendship. 

Asking the right questions can also help you get the answers that you want when it comes to your friendship status. Furthermore, it can also have a great impact on your decisions about what kind of friends you should have. 

Here are questions you make ask during your tarot reading about friendship:

  1. How can I make more friends?
  2. What can I do to strengthen the foundation of my friendships?
  3. How do I make my friendships last for a lifetime? 
  4. What traits should I look out for when choosing who to be friends with? 
  5. Are there any qualities of mine that attract genuine friendships?
  6. How do I end a toxic friendship?
  7. What are the ways I can know that my friendship is toxic? 
  8. How do my friends see me? 
  9. How do my friends feel about me? 
  10. In a few years’ time, what will my friends look like? 
  11. What are the things I can do to improve my social life?
  12. Why are my friends the way are?
  13. What are the ways I can show support to my friends? 
  14. How can I become a better friend? 
  15. Do I have any negative energy that I bring into my friendships? What are they?
  16. Do I have any positive energy that I bring into my friendships? How do I improve them?
  17. How do I fix broken friendships?
  18. What aspects of my friendships do I take for granted? 
  19. Do my friends take me for granted? If yes, then what?
  20. What is making my friend feel stressed?



If you are someone who is health conscious, you might want to consider going to a tarot card reader. Tarot card reading can help you gain new insight and guidance on how to properly take care of your well-being. Some people believe that a tarot reading can help enlighten you with energy level readings. 

Ask these health-related questions during your next tarot card reading:

  1. What are the ways I can improve my health and well-being? 
  2. How do I increase my energy levels?
  3. Are there some things that hinder me from being at my healthiest?
  4. What are the things I can do to cope with a health-related issue? 
  5. Are there ways I can do to avoid serious health risks?
  6. What changes should I consider in my current lifestyle
  7. Is there something wrong with how I approach and deal with my current health? What are they?
  8. What are the health-related risks I am ignoring
  9. How can I overcome health-related issues?

It is important to note that you should not consider tarot card reading over professional medical assistance. For instance, if you have a serious illness, it is better to leave it to the doctors or people from the medical field.


There are different ways to approach self-improvement. There are people who do counseling, some people opt for self-help books, while some go tarot card reading. Yes, you can actually ask the cards questions about self-improvement. Similarly, the cards provide guidance, consulting a psychic for a tarot card reading is actually a good form of self-help. 

Try these self-improvement questions:

  1. How do I love myself? 
  2. Are there things I can do to bring happiness back into my life? What are they?
  3. Is there something blocking my happiness? what is it?
  4. What do I fear the most? 
  5. How do my fears hinder me from making the most out of my life? 
  6. How do my fears help me in life?
  7. Who am I really? What am I meant to do? 
  8. How do I build my self-esteem? 
  9. What are the things I can do to let go of my fears? 
  10. What are the things I can do to develop self-confidence?
  11. How do I feel about myself?
  12. Who helps me the most?
  13. What should I do to treat myself better?
  14. What are ways I can do to stop neglecting myself?
  15. Are there any false beliefs that I have about myself? These false beliefs are…?
  16. Do I have past mistakes I should ponder on? If so, what are they?
  17. What are the lessons I should have learned from my mistakes in the past? 
  18. How do I improve myself? 
  19. What is it that I deny about myself?
  20. Are there things I can do to accept new information about myself?
  21. What can I do to accept bad news properly?
  22. How do I manage my emotions wisely?

Remember that these self-improvement questions are for you to actually do something to improve your life. Once you get the answers you need, you should act on them and work on yourself.



Family is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life. However, there are people who have family problems that need guidance. Consequently, some people ask the help of a tarot reader to know how their family life is. 

If you are family-oriented, you might also want to consult a psychic to know more about your family relationship. After that, you will be able to dig a little deeper when you consult a psychic, do a tarot card reading, and know the tarot question to ask.

Here is a list of questions you can ask during a tarot card reading that is family-related:

  1. How can I be a better sister or brother? 
  2. What should I do to become a better daughter or son? 
  3. How can I become a better dad or mom?
  4. Does my family take me for granted? What aspect about me do they take for granted?
  5. Do I take my family for granted? What do I take for granted about them?
  6. Is there something my parents would like to change in our relationship?
  7. What do my siblings like to change in our current relationship?
  8. How do my past issues affect my relationships with my family?
  9. What information do I have to know about my current family situation?
  10. How do I effectively help my family?

You may alter these questions to fit the answers that you would want to hear. Remember that these questions are only here to guide you during your tarot card reading. Moreover, regardless of the questions, you will be asking, the key is to always accept the answers given to you and act on them. 

Questions you should avoid during a Tarot reading

Now that you know what questions are best to ask, it is time to know the questions you should avoid. If you are unsure what questions you should avoid during a tarot reading, we got you covered. There are questions that are better left alone because they often have a negative impact on you. 

As stated, avoid asking yes or no questions. Yes or no questions are not open-ended which means you may not get all the answers and information that you want. Furthermore, do not ask questions about death or accidents. The answers will unlikely be in your favor and you cannot alter the results. 

Remember to avoid asking questions you cannot control. Another question to avoid is asking the names of soulmates, enemies, and so on. For example, if you are given the name “Anthony” or “Giselle”, what happens after that? 

It is also better to ask follow-up questions rather than ask the same question over and over again. By asking follow-up questions, you will be given more information without neglecting the first answer given to you. 

Another question you should avoid is whether or not you will win a lottery. It is because the Lottery is a game of chance. You cannot ask the guards if you will hit the jackpot at a casino or even win a brand-new car. 

When it comes to love questions, avoid using a strongly negative word like “hate”. Avoid asking questions like “Do my friends hate me?” “what do my lover hate about me?”. Asking these questions can make you feel down and upset.

Other questions you need to avoid are “Should I…” type of questions. Tarot card reading is there to guide you, not influence you in making your decision. You have to own up to whatever decision you have. 


In conclusion, the most important thing in tarot card reading is to think of self-improvement. Knowing the right tarot questions to ask may help you improve your life. Moreover, do not be afraid to ask questions deep within your heart. Furthermore, do not hesitate to let yourself wonder and have the cards help you out by giving you answers that will likely serve as your guide. 

Also, remember that Tarot card readings are for you. You did not book it for someone else, that is why ask questions that are centered on you. Another thing to remember is you need to act on whatever answers are given to you. Similarly, do not stay static and actually do something to improve yourself based on the answers you were given by asking different questions. 

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