Sun Square Mercury Transit: Impulsive Communication

sun square mercury transit

Astrology is once more abuzz with a momentous occasion. Soon, a sun square mercury transit will happen. Considering that the two are respective planets of activity, the event will guarantee a flurry of communication. Interaction will take place between all signs in astrology.

Under normal circumstances, the aspect of communication under mercury is quite orderly. Interactions are often smooth sailing, jagged and easily to follow. Signs which have Mercury as their ruling planet simply benefit further in terms of fluency and grace.

However, the Sun will be positioned such that it forms a 90 degree angle with Mercury. Its glow will therefore put this impulse for communication into overdrive. This is because the Mercury sign will be overcharged, causing each sign to frantically desire social interaction.

Thus, knowledge in this particularly crucial time is essential. With this guide, you’ll find out:

  • The basics of a sun square mercury transit
  • The principles of sun square mercury synastry
  • How this event can affect you
  • What to do when it happens

The Principles of Sun Square Mercury Synastry

The transit sun square mercury will undergo together is an example of a synastry. A synastry in astrology is simply an evaluation between various horoscopes. The way this evaluation works is by comparison. In other words, signs and their traits are put together in a single analytical point to determine how they interact.

The analysis yielded in turn by the synastry– in this case, sun square Mercury– will determine what you can do to prepare. There will be multiple eventualities here. And each sign will be affected differently from the other. Here, it is important to note that astrology notes one thing will stay constant: you.

In other words, the world around you may change. But you can influence the outcome to your favor based on your reactions. For this reason, we have compiled 5 points of friction in this synastry analysis. You will find each of these points in the sun square mercury synastry below.

The Sun Square Mercury Transit: A Look Into Asymmetry

Before we look into the concept of a sun square mercury transit, it is best to understand what a “square” means. Geometrically speaking, a square is a shape with 4 sides and 90-degree angles. The end result is a shape with seemingly complete symmetry.

In astrology, the “square” works in the same principle. The revolution of the birth chart becomes exactly such that the Sun forms a 90-degree angle with Mercury. This focuses much of the Sun’s power onto Mercury. In turn, various ripples are made throughout the birth chart.

#1: Friendships


One such ripple that the sun square mercury transit creates is on friendships. Depending on the sign, one’s friendship can become particularly strained or boosted. This is because weaknesses and strengths alike can be amplified by this particular relationship and event.

For one, friendly debates will be much more productive. This is because both sides will be heated and spirited in the way they discuss. Their passion will force them to do more research on the subject matter. When these passions collide, the end result will be more substantial points.

Friendly interactions will also become more lively as a result of both sides being more energetic in conversation. However, this same energy could also cause them to blurt out things that they don’t mean. As such, this can prove particularly problematic when there are problems to sort out.

Thus, people must strive to be a bit more careful with their words. Though their friendship affords them increased patience, it can still become chaotic. Mercury’s influence will be twisted and amplified by the sun at this stage. This necessitates the need to stay on constant guard.

#2: Transactions

Business transactions will also be affected by the Sun square Mercury synastry. This is especially so because business by nature requires formality. Strangers will have far less hesitation to bow out if a deal or bargain isn’t laid out in clear terms. Careful deliberation must therefore be observed.

Aside from the formality, however, there are other dangers. The Sun square Mercury transit also has some problems with how volatile some attitudes might be at this time. Whole deals may be determined not just by value, but also the impression you make. If you strike people the wrong way, they may just refuse to talk to you.

As such, it isn’t uncommon to see people miss out on deals or sales. The wrong impression, after all, can become rampant during this time of the year. With people’s moods determined entirely by communication, it can sometimes feel like you’re walking on eggshells. Sales will be a struggle in general.

Thus, the only aid to this particular problem is preparation. When you are not making a transaction with anyone, consider rehearsing with a friend. You may also spend time on it by talking to yourself daily. Rehearse in the shower or even when you’re idling and feeling the need for it.

#3: Romance

The Sun square Mercury synastry may also cause romantic affairs to take a weird turn. In some areas, this transit can prove useful in that it can actually fuel affection for one another. Signs of all kinds will be driven to express themselves through Mercury’s will.

When this becomes manifest, the creative side of the romantic affair will change for the better. You may, for example, be compelled to make grander, more creative displays of affection. This will be felt by the other person far better than other romantic gestures.

Aside from this, when things are rosy, communication will also be positive. The happy nature of the Sun ensures that there will be plenty to talk about. There might even be places that can directly fortify your bonds. You may take vacations to the beach or go on treks together.

Combined with astrology, the ambience of your vacation spot will help in making things better. However, there are also a few downsides. The expressive side of things can be truly awful, especially when you are fighting. 

When you argue, you will need to be careful with your words. One wrong turn of phrase and you might be broken up with. Alternatively, you might become incensed at your significant other in case they make their own mistakes. Where communication fails, rationality and affection will prevail.

Do not be too swept up by your emotion in making statements. At the same time, do not let negative emotions overwhelm you when you hear negative things. Remember that the two of you are a team. You must get through the sun square Mercury transit together. Work with each other and you will prevail.

#4: Careers

job interview

If you are a prospective job-taker, be absolutely wary here. The sun square Mercury transit will absolutely test your refinement in matters such as interviews. Your prospective employer, for example, will pay attention to your body language. They will take note of every minute movement you make.

You, in turn, must answer with prudence and tact. Aggressive questions might be asked of you such as: “Why do you think we should NOT hire you?” Sometimes, the question may even not make sense in the context of an interview. Before you are confronted with these questions, you must ask them yourself.

You should also work on what words to say. People have their own set of preferred words that they use in transactions. Generally, however, these words are supposed to be simple and concise. If you are an over-explainer, resist the urge to go off the rails. Explain things wittily, but concisely.

Lastly, communicate your passions without being too forceful. The sun square mercury transit will awaken some sort of aggression within you. If you are a fire sign, for example, it will be your duty to control your energy. This is because the vibes you emit could very well determine your career. 

#5: Family

In terms of family, the sun square mercury phenomenon can also alter relationship dynamics. Between siblings, there may be more animosity. This is because a crucial sun square mercury aspect is that it boosts pride. Brothers and sisters will therefore have a harder time getting along.

If you are a parent, you should look after your children and make sure that they are doing okay. There will be times when they might fight over toys or even more dangerous matters. Here, the best way to look after them would be to instill discipline and order.

If you’re a sibling yourself, try to keep emotions in check. It can be difficult especially in younger years, given that the Sun favors youth. However, as long as you remember what is most important, you won’t have much trouble. If anything, you’ll likely have a productive time with your sisters or brothers.

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