Discovering the Truth About the Six of Pentacles Meaning

six of pentacles meaning

The Six of Pentacles meaning points to life on earth. It talks about a person’s material manifestation. When there are plenty of pentacles in your tarot reading, they’re interested in what is currently manifesting in your life. It’s also about this world that serves as a path to one’s soul. 

Pentacles are not just about this earth, it pertains to a philosophy that everything in this world is imbued with spirit. Pentacles are also known as a disc or a coin. They are thoroughly described by different books and taroists. But for some, it is not just a coin, but a magical symbol of the earth. As you may notice on the pentagram, there is the symbol of man on the pentacle. 

In this post we will tackle everything there is to know and understand about the Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning, as well as touch base with the following:

  • What does the Six of Pentacles love meaning have in store for your relationships?
  • How should you tackle the Six of Pentacles reversed meaning in your life?
  • Is the 6 of Pentacles reversed something to dread or look forward to?
  • How can you take full advantage of the Six of Pentacles tarot guide?
  • Do the Six of Pentacles as feelings hold for everyone?

Let’s go ahead and delve deep into the meaning of Six of Pentacles!

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

When we talk about the Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning we associate it with generosity. The card shows a rich merchant handing out coins to the poor people around him. He is aware he is never going to get his money back. Nevertheless, he is giving it away since he knows there is a universal law of karma. Thus, the scales that symbolize it are in his other hand. 

You may be familiar with the countless stories and mythologies about angels and gods who go in disguise as paupers. They’re out to test humanity if people can see the divine in something that doesn’t look divine at all if you judge from their outward appearance. 

Every time you see this card come up it is sending you an important message. Start looking past appearances since you are being tested if you can see the light and humanity in those around you. Practice doing good deeds and never expect anything in return. It will come back to you a hundred folds. 

The Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright (General)

The upright Six of Pentacles have a common theme: generosity. You receive help when you ask for it and there is that added connotation of offering help for the right purpose. Learn how to balance giving by having just sensibility. 

For earth-based reading, this can be pointing to success. Perhaps you’re looking for assistance or searching for job openings. These types of amenities will be readily given to you. People who are expecting some financial grant may also benefit from this card especially when there’s an upright justice card nearby. 

Those who have their businesses and are looking to hire workers greatly benefit from this position. There is also a possibility you would be sharing mutual investments and positive rewards to look forward to. 

This can be a challenge for fire-based readings as this may indicate unique opportunities. Here you will mindlessly lend money, time, emotions, or energy to the wrong people or the wrong cause. Take ample time to think about it to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Are you doing it because you want to? Or is it because that’s what other people are asking you to do? Remember, never act out of desperation or guilt. 

The Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright in Love and Relationships

six of pentacles meaning upright in love

The upright Six of Pentacles indicates opportunities for second chances. This could be about a relationship that has been on the rocks for quite some time now. 

You may also be giving time and energy to others outside this relationship. Not in a bad or all-consuming way, but you know that the emotional fulfillment you will get from it will prepare you to be more committed in your current relationship. However, this has to be a mutual understanding. It takes two to sink a boat or keep it up float. 

Keep your partnership balanced. Be generous, and reciprocate your partner’s love and kindness. Always show them how much they are appreciated. This is the only way your relationship will thrive. For singles, you may discover that another’s person time, energy, resources, and generosity can turn into love. 

The Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright in Career

Your career may put you in a great position to give what you can but keep what you need. This relationship is not equal since you are the one providing resources and sustenance to the parties involved. 

Therefore, it can point to charitable work. You need to start being comfortable giving and receiving in a charitable and unequal relationship for the long haul. 

It can indicate resource sharing. Or perhaps one person has a better understanding of what the other person needs. Promoting volunteerism in a sense. 

In an office-based setting, this card may be one of your superiors who is good and willing to share their know-how on how you can achieve your career goals better and faster. Your mentor will be very generous with their time and energy. And they will be focused on helping you hone your skills to become more marketable to the company.  

The Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright in Finances

Your being a kinda generous soul to your community will finally pay off. They will get wind of your desire to kickstart a business or project. You will be surprised by people turning up on your doorstep, or calling you over the phone, offering their help. 

Now is the best time to do your research. Ask around those with previous experience with the path you wish to take. Pitch your idea, and plan your campaign. Give people a clear idea of what it is you wish to build and accomplish. 

On the flip side, you may be the one in the position to help your community with monetary or material support. Go for it! Remember that time spent helping others is never wasted. 

The Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright in Health and Spirituality


Having a generous spirit will impact you holistically. You will feel so much better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Generosity will always lead to even greater prosperity. 

This happens every time you give freely from your heart out of sheer joy and love for your fellow man. So always do it without expecting anything in return, and you will feel your heart explode with gratitude and satisfaction from the world you live in. 

So ask yourself what have you been giving and receiving? Do you have a balanced equation at hand? Know that it is just as spiritual to receive as it is when you give. 

The Six of Pentacles Reversed (General)

When this tarot card shows up in your spread it may be an indication of your lack of ability or interest in caring and sharing. It could also be that resources or emotions are misplaced or not sent in the right direction. 

For earth-based readings, this could mean a denial of help or service. Therefore, you may need to rely on your backup plan if you have to augment your labor or financial needs. 

In communications, you might be unwittingly and unknowingly turning down a good opportunity to help someone in need. This denial may stem from the belief that this person doesn’t deserve such assistance. Or maybe you simply do not have the resources or emotional capacity to give right now. 

This is a warning sign for fire sign readings. You may be investing your money in the wrong place and your emotions in the wrong person. 

For water signs the reversed Six of Pentacles indicates that both parties are not giving enough in their relationship. One of you may be putting your career as the priority. While the other believes your family should come first. Either way, somebody feels deprived. 

Finally, there is also the possibility that one of you in the relationship is sucking the energy that could be placed on more worthwhile endeavors. So take a good, hard look at yourselves and set your priorities straight. 

The Six of Pentacles Reversed In Love and Relationships

Somewhere along the road, one or both of you have changed. That person who used to be so loving and generous has somehow transformed into a selfish, miserable, ungrateful creature. You’re holding on too tightly and you’re choking the life out of your partner. 

Suddenly, neither one of you feels charitable, and there is a great imbalance looming in the corner. Yours may be turning into an unproductive or unfruitful partnership. 

Both of you are not getting what you need from each other, although you wish you can give more. However, it’s so difficult given that you feel unloved and unappreciated. 

Sit down and sort things out before things truly get out of hand. Cut this unhealthy and vicious cycle that has taken hold of your relationship. Take yourself back to the beginning, where it all started. Remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. How giving selflessly, and loving wholeheartedly was always the main goal. 

The Six of Pentacles Reversed In Career

By now you should know your co-workers inside out. Those who are sincerely generous with their time and energy, and those with ulterior motives. Never allow colleagues or even superiors to abuse their powers to do favors for you. 

One of these days it will backfire and all accusing fingers will be pointed at you. The last thing you want to be called is an ingrate. 

Help without asking for anything in return. Remember what your mentors did for you in the past? It’s time to pass the baton and pay it forward. Be honest in all your transactions. Prove to them that your pride, honor, and integrity can never be bought. 

The Six of Pentacles Reversed In Finances

living beyond your means

When this card is reversed, it can indicate unreasonable spending, living beyond your means, or being buried in numerous loans or debts. Do not abuse the gifts and money that come your way.

Yes, it is good to share what you have. But only share what you can afford. Do your homework before you choose a charity to donate to. 

Your donations need not be extravagant. They just need to be consistent and come from the heart. It’s better to give 20USD monthly consistently than make a large cash donation at one time. 

Never ask for help from a place of desperation. Study and do your research so you can plan how you can invest your money wisely and pay back all your loans. Be conscious about your spending. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so why allow it to flow freely?

The Six of Pentacles Revered In Health and Spirituality 

This is an unpopular opinion and of course, it’s up to you if you will heed this advice or not. But this reversed card is telling you to stop what you are doing right now. You cannot continue to give without limits just so you will feel better about yourself. 

Dole out money is never good. With monetary gifts for special occasions as the exception, of course. But giving in to people’s pleas always playing the pity party causes more harm than good. Giving them fish will only provide them with food for a day. If you teach them how to fish, however, they will never go hungry again. 

Final Thoughts On the Six of Pentacles

This card has a season and it is winter. It also has a direction that is pointing North. Pentacles do not only pertain to the material ground people walk on, but also to the home of our body, mind, and soul. 

Therefore, when there are many pentacles in your tarot reading, this can be pointing to manifestations of some sort. Be it a project for your home, your body, at work, or other relationships. The key is to strike a perfect balance of giving and take. Be a generous giver, but also be a humble recipient of gifts. 

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