The Fool Proof Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

negative energy in a person

There is an award-winning podcast in the United Kingdom entitled, ‘They Walk Among Us.’ It serves to remind the listener that, indeed, criminals and the strange are not from some distant, evil place, but that they exist in our day to day lives. The same is true for inherently toxic and negative people. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a detective to single them out, and there are actually clear signs of negative energy in a person.

Things like rage, envy, selfishness, and moroseness are normal emotions that normal people feel every day. But some people feed and thrive on these emotions. Many, if not all of these negative moods can exist inside them very frequently, and a negative person will want to bring others down with them. Within this article, we list out the signs of negative energy in a person to watch out for.

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The Signs Someone has Negative Energy

As pointed out above, people with negative energy are dangerous because they like to bring other people down. You can accumulate negative energy by just being around them. It is impossible to avoid negative people in our lives. However, it is possible to look for signs of negative energy in a person, and to take steps to protect yourself against it.

We made a list that details just these signs, and do not fret! For as much as there can be negative vibes from a person, you can emulate positive energy to protect yourself and those around you. Maybe you can even help negative people with your own positivity.

There are 11 signs of negative energy in a person:

1. The Glass is Half-Empty

Negative people, expectedly, think very negatively. The easiest way to spot a negative person is simply to observe how they respond to questions and predict future situations. Because of the powerful negative energy that clouds their spirit, a negative person simply cannot think positively. Pessimism and a general bleak and dreary outlook is telling of a very negatively aligned person.

You can counteract this by balancing it out with a positive outlook and disposition. If someone bears a negative prediction, posit a more positive outcome to be possible. When a negative thing does come to pass, roll with the punches. Laugh through the pain, and you’ll influence people around you to do the same. When you show others that good things happen, and bad things happen for a reason, you’ll prevent negative people from bringing everyone down (including themselves).

2. Don’t Fret


Very much in line with their pessimistic nature, negative people thrive on anxiety. Worrying is less about being a ‘downer’: quite the opposite, it freaks everyone out. It’s normal for the human brain to stress on difficult problems and harmful situations, but negative people take this to the extreme. The excessive stress and anxiety that negative worrywarts can cause can create health problems, mental and physical, for those around them.

In order to repel that anxiety and help everyone keep a level head, you simply need to stay calm. An aura of calm rubs off on others the same way a tense air does. In particular, when the negative person who is the source of worry sees that his constant worrying has no effect on you, they will stop. Who knows, you may even rub off on them and become a positive influence in their lives, helping them calm down themselves. After all, the source of all that worrying is usually a cry for help from someone who cannot stop their negative thoughts.

3. Unsolicited and Irritating

Advice can be a good thing. The wisdom of our elders and those who have reached a spiritual zenith should not be so readily ignored. However, we all know a person in our lives who hands out advice that comes off as both unsolicited and condescending. People with negative energy often feel bad about their own lives, and so like to pick out mistakes in other peoples. This makes them feel better about themselves and their situation.

In truth, they are just as, if not more lost and confused as you are. Working around unsolicited advice is simple: carefully choose the circles you share your problems and personal life with. Keep to yourself when they are within earshot. If you don’t give negative people anything to pick apart, they won’t be able to. Being isolated from everyone else’s lives might give negative people the opportunity to sort out their own.

4. Hush Hush

Paradoxically, while negative people love prying into other people’s affairs and personal lives, they’re very quiet about their own. Being secretive on its own is not a bad thing, but a person with negative energy stays quiet for different reasons than a normal person. Normal people don’t want to overshare and take a while to trust before they share. A negative person is distrusting to a fault and always assumes the worst of people. They worry that if you learn details about their personal lives, you’ll use those against them.

When a negative person keeps hush about their personal affairs, it shouldn’t affect you at all. However, it affects their relationships with other people, being unable to form close friendships because of their reclusive nature. This adds to their negative energy, and in turn, their negative behavior. Remedying this is simple, protect the secrets of those around you. When you show negative people that they are in a positive environment with good vibes, they will be less distrustful of your motives and might open up.

5. Bearer of Bad News

bad news

Face it, we all have to bite the bullet sometimes. Bad things happen. But when someone delights in spreading bad news and seeing your negative reactions, watch out. That is one of the signs of negative energy in a person. When a person overflows with negative energy, they like to seek it out in the world. ‘Misery enjoys company’, as they say, and likewise, negativity attracts negativity.

As easy as it is to feel bad and let this kind of thing bring you down, don’t worry. Always remember that there is plenty of good in the world, and sometimes, bad things just happen. It’s part of the world. To continue spreading and nurturing positive vibes, for every piece of bad news the negative person in your circle spreads, share a good thing that happened. It can be something personal, or something good that you read about online. In a world where negative people want you to believe in a bleak, grim tomorrow, remind everyone that the sun still rises.

6. Everybody’s a Critic

Surprisingly, despite the fact that negative people love criticizing others or giving unsolicited advice, they despise it when the same happens to them. Negative people are very sensitive to criticism. They respond to anything they even perceive as criticism violently. The negative energy that takes over their lives prevents them from taking criticism constructively. Often they will shoot hurtful comments right back, regardless of how well-intentioned or innocent the criticism or comment was.

This is a difficult behavior to deal with. Ultimately, just starting a conversation with a negative person can lead to consequences. Avoid criticizing negative people altogether. In a workplace or academic setting where their performance influences your work, posit your concerns through a superior. With a personal setting, celebrate their victories, and only criticize them if approached. Like this, they might just see that you aren’t trying to tear them down, and are a friend just trying to help.

7. Whine, Whine, Whine

Among the signs of negative energy in a person, few are more obvious than their tendency to complain. They complain about everything under the sun, and everything is out to get them. Worse still, they refuse to look for solutions, and it’s always someone else’s fault. Even when they themselves are the reason for their misfortune, they have someone to blame and something to complain about.

Try to put humor in the situation, and put a positive spin on things as usual. When they see that not everything is a battle, they’ll feel less inclined to complain. Maybe your humor will even rub off on them. Especially do this: exercise gratefulness whenever you can. It’s hard to be negative when we stop taking the things we have for granted.

8. The Downside


Very much in line with their pessimistic nature, negative people will see the bad in every good, the negative in every positive. Sometimes, a person can have so much negativity that being positive does little in the face of their negative energy. This is among the most concerning signs of negative energy in a person, due to how telling it is of their spiritual state.

Due to their tendency to turn every good into bad, being a positive influence will not help. Instead, take the neutral ground and be a realist. Oftentimes, their constantly negative perceptions defy probability, they’re warped and unrealistic. Calling out how unlikely their outcome is to happen will hopefully get them to wake up.

9. Painfully Comfortable

You should never force a person out of their comfort zone. People stay in their comfort zones because of many reasons. Maybe they need time to grow, maybe they’re perfectly happy where they are. These are all valid reasons we can and should respect. A negative person, however, will stay in their comfort zone because their inherently negative viewpoint prevents them from seeing anything good outside of it.

This is harmful for them more than anyone else, but still accumulates negative energy within themselves. In order to help prevent them from festering inside the small world they’ve trapped themselves in, get to know them! Spend time with them inside their comfort zones, and then share your own joys from outside of it. If they can relate to you from the safety of their comfort zone, they might be willing to try and relate to you outside of it.

10. Tired and Weary

Positive people approach life with a sense of excitement. The average person at least has hopes and aspirations. Negative people on the other hand, dread what life may bring. Terrified of change and lacking a sense of enthusiasm, negative people drone about in resignation. Their gloomy nature often gets others around them down just by being in the same room.

Weariness is more of a side-effect of negativity than a behavior. When they are no longer full of negative energy, negative people can approach life with the same enthusiasm as everyone else. Even with this in mind, however, there are ways to deal with the aforementioned gloomy behavior that risks bringing everyone down and spreading more negative energy. Celebrate small victories, meticulously count your blessings. People respond to the spiritual vibrations of those around them, and an energetic aura is bound to perk up even the moodiest of souls.

11. Unfulfillment


Reclusiveness and a fear of exploring new things ultimately lead negative people to deep sadness. Sadness rooted in being unfulfilled. Limiting themselves purely by themselves, negative people don’t believe they can do much better than what they currently have. You will find many negative people wallowing in self-contempt, and yet blaming others for their lot.

Don’t bother telling a negative person that he shouldn’t settle for less. That’s too many steps ahead of beating their negativity. Instead, encourage every little thing they do to better themselves. Promote healthier habits. Like many other solutions in this article, you’ll find that simply being there and counteracting their negative vibes does the most help.

Some Final Words of Advice

What exactly is negative energy? Energies or auras are manifestations of the spirit. Our spirit is in sync with our mind and body. That is to say, when we think negative thoughts, and lead unhealthy lives, our spirit aligns in kind. Negative people tend to exude negative auras, which works in the opposite direction. ‘Bad vibes’ subconsciously push us into bad habits and negative spirals with our thoughts.

It’s not your responsibility to care for others. Nor is it your responsibility to ‘fix’ negative people. You can’t fix everyone, and not everyone even wants you to fix them. But to protect ourselves, it’s important to exude positive vibes and good vibrations. This prevents negative energy from accumulating within us, and ultimately, makes the most difference. In ourselves, and in others.

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