The Seven of Swords Meaning And Interpretation

seven of swords meaning

First off, what does the 7 of swords mean? Essentially, the Seven of Swords meaning has many interpretations depending on the context. Thankfully, you can easily tell by looking at the card itself.

When you look at the Seven of Swords card, you can immediately see the figure of a squire. He seems to be running away or sneaking off from a camp of sorts. In his hands are five swords. Behind him, you can see two swords sticking up from the ground. Already, this card narrates a tale of deceit, traitorous intentions, hiding, and getting away with something.

Looking closer at the squire’s face, he seems quite pleased with himself. Perhaps he is confident that he will succeed in his goals. However, theft like this seldom goes unnoticed. The card signifies this with the figures on the left. 

Here, you can find what seems to be a small contingent of soldiers. Most of them might have already wised up to the theft that happened. In fact, one of them has their weapon or flag in the air. It goes without saying that this group of soldiers is gearing up for a chase.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When you look at it as a whole, the seven of swords upright is a card that speaks of deceit and traitorous intent. Drawing this card often indicates that either you or someone that influences your life is trying to get away with something. Specifically, that you or they may be in danger of being found out.

The Seven of Swords meaning implies that there are certain unavoidable circumstances in life that force us to do less than savory things. Of course, no one wants to get caught out doing something they shouldn’t, so we may have to hide our intentions.

Otherwise, we may run the risk of being exposed. With this exposure, we have no choice but to face the consequences of our actions. This may come in the form of public embarrassment, a punishment of sorts, bodily harm, or even worse.

When times get tough, it may be tempting to try and sneak your way out of it. After all, when things stop going your way, who doesn’t want a free ticket out of all the consequences that come with failure? This feeling may come from a hope that things will work out in good time. Maybe no one will notice and ultimately hurts no one in the end. Of course, this also runs the risk of making the already bad situation even worse.

Here lies the million-dollar question that the Seven of Swords wants you to think about. Is it really such a good idea to run away from the situation or will it just make things worse? Contrary to the general energy you might be feeling, there are times when walking away from the situation is the best option. But you still have to weigh this option against the consequences of running away.

Upright Seven of Swords In Love

Unfortunately, this card is rarely a good look when talking about love. The seven of swords in a love reading speaks of lies and trickery in your interpersonal relationships. 

Regardless of circumstance, now would be a good time for you to keep your eyes and ears open. While it may feel like going overboard, sometimes a little caution goes a long way. This is especially important if you have just recently met someone new.

Something’s going on with either you or someone you consider to be within your romantic circles. Chances are, someone isn’t being very honest in your relationship. It may be something as small as an omission of facts or it could be something as serious as unfaithfulness.

If your gut is telling you that your partner or your romantic interest may be lying, you should listen to it. In times like these, it may be best to confront the issue head on. This Seven of Swords meaning should warrant a straight approach, after all. So it’s best to have an honest conversation with the parties involved.

However, if you are the one sneaking around and being dishonest, consider this a powerful sign. Think about what you are doing. Now would be a good time to reflect on the possible long-term consequences of your actions. Even a small lie you tell can have far-reaching consequences in the future. You might think that you are doing well, but good intentions can blind you to what’s really happening.

Specifically, if you’re still single, take stock of your situation regarding potential romantic partners. Have you been too suspicious of those who try to get close to you? Otherwise, are you being straightforward with your intentions? You never know, you might be accidentally leading someone on or overstating facts about yourself.

Upright Seven of Swords In Careers


What does the upright Seven of Swords have to say regarding your work life?

In a nutshell, stay alert regarding the people you work with. This card brings tidings of unexpected deceit and lies from places or people you never saw coming. You may be working with some people who are working against you. There might be people looking to discredit you to your bosses at work. They might be spreading gossip about you. Also, they could even be trying to steal your thunder and claim your work as their own.

A good way to keep yourself safe is to be selective about the people you trust. The people closest to you are often the ones that can betray you in the worst ways. Aside from that, this card also encourages some forethought into how you get your work done. Sure, there may be others who have superior resources or are more entrenched. But now may be the time to make some clever moves of your own to get ahead.

Upright Seven of Swords In Finances

When it comes to finances, the Seven of Swords meaning dictates that you keep an eye out on the flow of your resources. There may be temptations and trickery around you and they can come from anywhere.

Be aware of the people who handle your resources. Not to say that someone is necessarily out to steal from you, but there may be issues you need to know about. This can come from little things like accidental waste that builds up over time or worse. It could even extend to actual theft done by someone you trust.

If the threats are not from outside, they could be within you. When you get this card, take a long hard look at your own intentions. You might want to be more careful and take fewer risks with your resources. Think long and hard about whether your latest risky investment is just a get-rich-quick scheme or an outright scam. While you’re at it, maybe stay away from gambling too.

After all, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

When reversed, the Seven of Swords casts a wide net and can have many interpretations. Its true message relies on the context provided by the other cards you draw during your reading. The seven of swords tarot guide shows an interesting relationship with its upright form. While many cards’ reverse forms also share a reversed meaning, the reversed Seven of Swords represents an extreme as well. 

If the upright form deals with the creation of trickery and deceit, the reverse form deals with trying to shed the guilt of such actions. Instead of trying to get away with sneaky actions, the reverse Seven of Swords speaks about facing the consequences head-on.

Specifically, you or someone in your life has already committed deception and now wants to repair the damage done. While the desire to avoid or remedy the consequences is the same in both cards, the approach is wildly different. The reverse form speaks more of working with the affected parties instead of running away from them. Instead of slinking away from responsibility, there is a confession and a plan to make amends.

Reversed Down Seven of Swords In Love

When it comes to love matters, the presence of the 7 of Swords reversed is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it signifies damage done and that deception and lies have already taken root in the relationship. However, on the other hand, the seven of swords love meaning also brings forth honesty. Finally, the streak of lies may end in the near future.


If you are the one who is being dishonest or deceitful, it may be time to stop. This could be your sign that maybe things could still be salvaged. The weight of having to lie all the time is hard to carry. It can cause anxiety and make bad situations even worse. Over time, the ability to make amends can outweigh the pain and loss of confessing your wrongdoings.

This card also has something for those still seeking a relationship. You may feel the temptation to pretend to be something you’re not. Chances are, you might already be in the middle of these situations. When you draw this, it might be time to think about the intentions behind your actions. 

Consider this Seven of Swords meaning as a wake-up call to stop playing games and putting up airs. After all, it’s much more fulfilling to be yourself in a relationship. It’s much better than changing yourself constantly just to find a fleeting love.

Reversed Seven of Swords In Careers

The reversed Seven of Swords is a sign of many revelations in your career.

At this point, you can expect facts to come to light that can uncover long-standing lies in the workplace. Hopefully, you haven’t been up to any sneaky stuff lately or you may be due to face the consequences. On the bright side, if you find yourself struggling against someone else’s misdeeds, this might be the justice you’ve long been waiting for.

Regardless of whose faults become known to all, there are a few things you can always count on. First, the perpetrator of deceit will face shame and guilt for their wrongdoings. They may feel so guilty that they confess out of a need to let go of a heavy burden. Second, you can still work towards repairing broken connections and lost progress. However, only if the deceptive party is truly sorry for their actions and willing to work to make amends.

In a less dramatic sense, this card can also be a sign that your current tactics and plans of action just aren’t what you need right now. Instead of following the beaten path, perhaps it’s time to be bold and get creative. If you’re already working on something fresh, this might also be a warning that your shiny new idea could use some tweaking to work properly.

Reversed Seven of Swords In Finances

There is a common saying that there are only two constants in this world: death and taxes. Now the reversed Seven of Swords meaning is particularly interested in the taxes half, or at least the judicious distribution of your resources. 

Take this as an urgent reminder to look over your finances. Ask yourself: Have I been honest in my transactions? Have I acted in good faith at all times? Have I paid my taxes on time? These questions can be the difference between smooth sailing and terrible trouble. So get to checking yourself before you wreck yourself!

In more particular terms, maybe you’ve crossed paths with a fraudster or a scammer once. It goes without saying that you probably came out with some significant financial damage. If this is the case, then this card might just be the good news you’re looking for.

As the sign of revelations, facts and truths relating to your unfortunate circumstance might come to light in the near future. You might even get your lost money and resources back if you’re lucky. But even if you aren’t, these revelations often mean that your scammer can’t go on to hurt others in the future.

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