How to Deal With the Tension During Saturn Square Uranus

saturn square uranus

A lot of people get a bit edgy because they are not sure how to deal with Saturn Square Uranus. Because they know that during transit Saturn Square Uranus they will be torn from the tugging of the old and new and they would not know how to respond. Don’t worry because Saturn Square Uranus 2021 is not as complicated as you think.

In this article we will discuss some important key points during the Saturn Square Uranus transit such as the following:

  • When is the first Saturn Square Uranus?
  • Is the second Saturn Square Uranus more intense than the first?
  • What can you expect from the third Saturn Square Uranus?
  • Things to remember during transiting Saturn Square Uranus
  • How to prepare for the Saturn Square Uranus transit dates

Transit Saturn Square Uranus: An Overview

Saturn Square Uranus will happen three times this year. The dates are as follows:

First: February 17, 2021

Second: June 14, 2021

Third: December 24, 2021

Since the first and second transit Saturn Square Uranus has come to pass, take some time to reflect on them. Can you think about decisions you made or defining moments that were vital for you? Did you make choices that helped you change for the better? Are old and bad habits thrown out of the window?

Were you really being totally honest back then? Or were you still holding on to your past? Perhaps you’re trying to prevent yourself from feeling the pain and discomfort. You know that it will be there when everything you’re used to comes crashing down.

Every time a planet turns retrograde, ‘review’ becomes the main keyword. These are past choices, decisions, or thoughts that crossed your mind. Did it do more damage than good or vice versa?

What to Expect During Saturn Square Uranus

Zodiacs Strongly Affected

June and July are where the tension between the old versus new are highlighted. Between change versus what you are accustomed to. And it is primarily because of this tension-inducing influence between two raging planets. Saturn, which is the planet of the familiar, and Uranus, which is the planet of change.

Bear in mind that this energy is going to be crucial for the Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius zodiac signs. Especially if you have points or planets(as in ascendant), that are around 11-14 degrees to those signs.

During Saturn Square Uranus there’s a feeling of wanting to change but it’s not clear what, why, how, or why. There may even be resistance to the change. You find yourself discharging a particular issue or being stubborn about some change going on around you. Regardless, you know there is tension and frustration. The important thing to understand is that change is coming whether you like it or not. 

The Collision

During the Saturn Square Uranus, the square’s aspect wherein these two planets are to be the work of Mars. Widely known as the planet of strife, battle, tension, and conflict. There is no sunshine or roses in here. So when you have planets forming that square aspect, expect them to take on a combative quality. Why? It’s because one planet is going in one direction while the other is taking the opposite route. They are in each other’s way, which results in a deadlock. You can try and exert as much effort as you like. But until one of those planets dominates or compromises, nothing good comes out of it.

Needless to say, these planets are highly uncomfortable with one another. And it’s not really because of this aspect. It has more to do with the nature of these planets themselves. Saturn is all about familiarity, structure, and things that have been tried and tested over a long period of time. Time definitely symbolizes Saturn. The discipline, regulation, and obedience to the rules. It is slow, steady, and wants to make sure that if they do a certain thing, a specific result will come out of it.

Then comes its exact opposite- Uranus. It is fast, furious, and highly volatile. Not only is it obvious, but it’s also disruptive and destabilizing. There is a violent clash between old ways and thinking, versus freshly innovative concepts. What makes this even more difficult is the nature of the fixed signs. They are not really comfortable with the concept of change, particularly Taurus. This fixed earth sign has an active resistance. As the Pearl Jam song goes, “Push me and I will resist!”

You Dominate, You Win


Looking at these planets, it is now obvious which one has the dominant position. Unquestionably, Saturn wins, hands down. Because Saturn is in the site, it is ruling, and therefore forming also the Superior Square over Uranus. The adage goes like this: If you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always gotten. However, there are also varying elements on how far a person is willing to go in certain situations or dynamics in your life.

What can this actually mean for you? For one, before you could embrace some of the changes you want, which is Uranus, you need to be willing to do some Saturn things first. This could mean abiding by the rules, applying due diligence. You need to tick all those boxes, dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s. Following these rules is a must if you wish to rebel against them later. You will realize there is comfort in the containment, in not cutting corners.

Saturn Square Uranus On Love and Career 

Let us take an example. Say you’re dying to leave your current job. The wise thing to do is to stick with it until you have something that is far better. It’s definitely negative energy if you just said, ‘Oh to heck with it. I’m quitting my job and just see how it goes.’ It’s not saying that this will not be possible. It’s just it is not the wise thing to do under the current skies.

When it comes to romance, maybe you’ve been wanting to end your present relationship for the longest time. But before you do, try doing some Saturn stuff first. Try going over some old territory and see how you can refresh or revive your relationship. There are tons of other life examples. Just remember that looking to the houses that contain Aquarius and Taurus are the signs that will be greatly activated with said aspect.

On The Sky’s Other Levels and Layers

Right now there are other levels and layers to the sky. What you have now is not just Saturn forming its superior angle towards Uranus. There’s also Mercury in Gemini. Mercury is another planet that loves fast movement. However, it’s currently on the go slow because of the retrogradation. Another reason is the overcoming difficult aspect that Saturn is building on Mercury.

So right now it’s really all about emphasizing, drawing out, and making Mercury with Gemini stuff take a slow turn. You need to revise, rethink, and redo. There is a need to draw out a plan, a strategy than taking hasty actions you will regret later on.

Then here comes another level to throw in the mix. And that is through Mars in Leo. Mars came into Leo in June and spent a month and a half in the sign of Leo. Take note that that is another one of the fixed signs. Then you have Mars in July that built up to oppose Saturn and the Square Uranus. This adds an extra level of dryness and heat in various qualities.

What exactly does this mean? Mars in Leo possesses a ‘me first’ or ‘what I want’ kind of planet. Not only is it brave and courageous, it’s also ready to go out on a limb or be noticed in some respects. This will be taking its cues from none other than the Sun. Moreover, the majority of the Mars in Leo journey, Mars will be looking to the Sun in Cancer. But just because Mars is in Cancer, doesn’t mean Mars likes to be in Cancer.

Tips For Navigating the Current Skies

Embrace the Slow Burn

This may not sound too appealing, but you need to be able to embrace the ‘slow burn’ concept. This best describes Leo who is a fixed fire sign. And especially since Mars is putting its efforts every day or for long-term endeavors. So start taking small steps towards change. Keep in mind the long game despite all the tension that may come your way. Go forth despite how you feel. Remember, Mars will be looking at the Sun in Cancer for a big chunk of this time.

Don’t Throw the Baby With The Bath Water

What does this tell you then? Do not throw the baby with the bathwater. This is an advocate error which means rejecting the favorable together with the unfavorable. Keep your long-term goals in mind. Even if it means doing some things you have never done before. Naturally, the tension between familiarity and change will erupt. The tension between wanting something that’s different, but not wanting the same thing as well.

Get Curious

When you are confronted with such square and opposition there is definitely going to be lots of tension as well as confrontation. The best thing to do is to get curious. Ask a question of somebody else, or of yourself. When you feel uncomfortable, again, be curious. Try and get into the feelings and examine these kinds of things. Be open to the idea that perhaps things aren’t always going to be how they have been in the past. And that the future may not look exactly how you foresee it.

Double Down On Your Saturn

Be comfortable with the idea that there are times when there will be too much fixity and rigidity. You may feel that there’s absolutely no room for improvement. That there’s not a lot of wiggle room to work with. When this happens again, go ahead and get curious. Double down on your Saturn and practice some due diligence. Take the longer-term approach. Slowly but surely. This will help you get the end result you need.

Do Not Underestimate Your Baby Steps

Just understand that the changes that are taking place are simply going to take longer than you thought or hoped for. So be flexible and stay curious about that. Do not be afraid to take baby steps. Before you know it you will look back and realize how far you have gone in your journey towards change. Because remember, if you continue to do what you have always done, naturally, you will get what you have always gotten. Therefore it might be your compounding decisions of small everyday actions in March in Leo. This will help you solidify your change or the direction of the change you wish to make as you move forward.


There is a possibility that you may feel overwhelmed at this point. That everything may seem urgent. Therefore it’s crucial that you take things in stride. The third and final Saturn-Uranus square is going to be the strongest one. But this won’t happen until Christmas Eve. Although you may start to notice how this aspect will manifest itself for you right now, you will not have the whole picture until December. So begin taking those small steps towards change. And get ready for growth because it is going to be a big year.

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