Wild Queries For Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Answered

The relationship between the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman has always been a bit complicated. Wild and thrilling at the beginning, then their true colors start to come through. The Cancer woman’s mystery is her strongest suit, making her the perfect love magnet for Sagittarius man. He loves the race, she enjoys the chase!

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The important question now is, are Sagittarius man and Cancer woman compatibility a real possibility. Or is this an emotional apocalypse waiting to happen? Read on to find out the answers to some of your most  curious questions such as:

– Is the Cancer woman and Sagittarius man sexually compatible?

– Will the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman relationship last?

– Could the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman love horoscope serve as a sign to make your first move?

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman on Sex and Intimacy

This is one of the first things people want to know about Sagittarius man and Cancer woman compatibility. And this pertains to their sex life and intimacy. Which is normal since this is a crucial element in a relationship.

Initially, Sagittarius’ ever-changing nature can be quite confusing on Cancer. This is because of their need for emotional trust and security. But when trust is established between the two, major fireworks are expected in the bedroom!

The best way for these zodiac’s sexual combinations to succeed is for them to let go of their preconceived notions of what lovemaking should be. Both of them should be open to what the other person wants, and not just stick to what they’re used to. Each one must be honest regarding their expectations so as to avoid the future disappointments.

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman On Betrayal

This is a delicate spot for both parties especially since Sagittarius falls under the planet Jupiter. They are great lovers, but always chasing various goddesses, women, and nymphs. Sagittarius men have this reputation of practicing their seductive Fifty Shades 101 style. To whom? Practically anyone willing to be seduced!

Cancer loves Jupiter wholeheartedly. And yet, it is still very frustrating and difficult to comprehend why their partner needs to flirt with everyone around them.

By this time Sagittarius man is teetering on the brink of betrayal. If he’s not careful, he’ll be crossing a thin line and there’s no going back. Before he realizes it, he’s already broken Cancer’s trust. So be careful.

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Interests and Modes of Communication

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Interests

This part is really easy since both signs have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Their love for learning is one of the many reasons they never run out of things to talk about. Both love to be intellectually stimulated. And they never get bored because of their varied opinions on different subject matters.

There are times however when Cancer can be slow on the uptake which amuses Sagittarius no end. Sagittarius even finds this cute, while Cancer feels her partner is too philosophical at times.

Nonetheless, this is a good thing because they could almost read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences. This means one thing: problem-solving in life and love could be a piece of cake!

Sagittarius and Cancer Emotional Connection

Their combination of Sun signs rarely falls in love. One is a fire element, while the other is water. Unlike those having the same elements, it may take some time and an enormous amount of effort before these two hit it right. Love and passion are achievable, but each one needs to exert a consistent amount of effort to keep the fire burning.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. They are always taking big leaps and huge turns, compared to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is comfortable staying put, and doesn’t build relationships or share their feelings at a snap of a finger. These things are sacred to them.

For their relationship to last, one slows down while the other takes the time to decide how they really feel. If both are willing to give it a go, it has to be worth the risk after all.

Sagittarius and Cancer Values

Right from the start, both signs know they value different things. Cancer soon finds out that Sagittarius has a dire need to surround himself with friends and family. He’s always fun and flirtatious, easily gets bored, and has wandering feet. Even if a Cancer woman isn’t the jealous type, this type of action can switch her on to insecure and possessive mode.

Sagittarius men tend to feel trapped when a Cancer woman asks a lot of questions. One wrong move and hell freezes over. You know from the beginning that a Cancer woman has trust issues. The only way to pacify her is to give her constant reassurance of your love and devotion.

Money will be another issue. Cancer doesn’t like impulsive buying, which is the exact opposite of Sagittarius man’s point of view. Cancer is frugal and practical, while Sagittarius chooses life experiences over a fat bank account. Settle this once and for all. Choose to compromise. Both of you can’t have it your way all the time.

Sagittarius and Cancer On Shared Activities

Sagittarius and Cancer On Shared Activities

They can study or do research together. But it’s killing Cancer realizing it takes forever for Sagittarius to find what he’s looking for. Then eventually lose interest in the subject altogether.

There’s a great need to adjust to each other’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and sexual demands. They are created differently, paced differently. While the other enjoys things fast and furious, the other likes to taste and explore and savor each moment.

In the end, it all boils down to love. No matter how irritating things get, how impossible situations may be, if both of you truly, madly, deeply love each other, you will find a way. No matter what the stars say.


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