Root Chakra Affirmations to Keep Your Roots Strong and Steady

root chakra affirmations

Affirmation is for everyone. It is a useful strategy to boost your self-confidence and improve your root chakra. These simple root chakra affirmations can have big impacts on your life. Practicing them regularly could alter the way your subconscious mind works. 

This article will help you learn more about the different affirmations for the root chakra.

In this article, we’ll know more about

  • What the root chakra is and how to identify blockages
  • Importance of the root chakra affirmations
  • Examples of positive affirmations for the root chakra
  • How to properly use affirmations
  • And much more 

What is Root Chakra 

The root chakra is the first among the seven root chakras. It is at the base of the spine hence providing the foundation for all the other chakras. The root chakra relates to the Earth.  This means it handles grounding, stability, and safety. The root chakra, as the foundation of all the chakras, is the most important energy center of our body. Our accumulated experiences determine the strength of our root chakra. To make our root chakra stronger, affirmation is a helpful strategy to clear blockages. 

Signs of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

Humans as we are, our chakras can be quite fragile. An imbalance in the root chakra could overwhelm which could lead to instability. Our root chakras can be under-active or overactive. And we can manifest through physical and emotional issues 

Because root chakra grounds and stabilizes us, an underactive root chakra makes us feel weak and uncomfortable. A common sign of this is stress and fatigue. Another symptom of an underactive root chakra is self-doubt. A blockage in the root chakra affects how we see and believe in ourselves. This could lead to questioning your self-worth and having low self-esteem. Because you lack a foundation in your root chakra, your confidence also crumbles down. 

Having an underactive root chakra is detrimental, but having an overactive root chakra is also harmful. The physical manifestation of an overactive root chakra might show up. Because of the concentrated energy in the root chakra, one could be lazy and stagnant. Your physical body could feel heavy and stiff, and energy can’t flow properly. Too much energy in the root chakra could also make one egoistic and greedy. This causes you to lose perspective on the outside world and become self-centered. 

Problems in the root chakra affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can make you lose your grounding and distort your self-image. Practice positive affirmations if you suspect an imbalance in your root chakra. Use this easy and foolproof way to improve your health and well-being. 

Importance of Affirmations for Root Chakra

think positive

Affirmations are short positive remarks. They leave a lasting and pleasant impression on our subconscious mind. Sometimes we unconsciously express these remarks when we are feeling down or when we win in life. Affirmations can also give us assurance when we are feeling anxious and unsure. Expressing affirmations is a healthy way to communicate and express self-love. Although short, these phrases when incorporated into our daily lives can alter our behavior patterns. Replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations can improve our self-esteem. They motivate us to take action and be confident with them. So if you talk to yourself using negative words, it is time to change them into positive affirmations. 

Root chakra affirmations can help restore blockages. This leads to a balanced, grounded, and healthy body. Repeatedly expressing root chakra affirmations brings stability and grounding into our lives. There are many benefits if we incorporate these affirmations for the root chakra. The first is feeling safe and secure. The second is an increase in confidence and self-worth. Third is grounding and stability. And the fourth one is an improved intuition. 

Practicing root chakra affirmations could, no doubt, improve our holistic well-being. If you feel blockages in your root chakra, utter root chakra healing affirmations and you will feel better. 

Root Chakra Affirmations for Grounding

When you feel like losing balance in your root chakra, or on all your chakras, these mantras are perfect for you. These grounding root chakra grounding affirmations help improve your root chakra health. These words help you keep yourself grounded in the Universe, in the Earth, and in yourself. 

I am rooted to the Earth.

I appreciate myself.

I am blessed with abundance.

I am living a peaceful life.

My body is healthy.

I deserve respect.

I am independent.

I have the energy of the Earth.

I can overcome challenges.

I can let go of what doesn’t serve me.

I trust in the course of life.

I make wise decisions.

I am proud of what I have become.

I have a balanced root chakra.

I am safe and grounded.

I feel protected in this world.

I am at home whenever I am.

I release all my doubts and fears

With every breath, I release my anxiety.

Root Chakra Affirmations for Stability


The overwhelming chaos from the outside world could disrupt the root chakra. And we do not want a disruption to our root chakra. Powerful root chakra healing affirmations can give you a sense of security when life feels too chaotic and unstable. In messy situations, these affirmations could help you feel in control and stable.

I honor my connection with the Earth by making sure I have a healthy body.

I am connected to the Earth by the flow of energy that moves through my body.

I love and appreciate my physical body.

I am grounded and secure through the power of feeling connected to the peaceful energy of the Earth.

I feel a sense of safety and personal power.

I am successful and worthy of a happy and balanced life.

I have lots of reasons to be proud of what I have achieved so far in my life.

My imagination is limitless, my dream life requires me to take action.

I renew my faith in Mother Earth by embracing her healing energy daily.

I can overcome difficult situations through the power of faith, love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

The flow of life is continuously changing, but the love I feel for myself and others is constant.

Divine light and love fill me throughout my entire body.

I am comfortable in this present moment.

Every cell of my body supports my total well-being.

Deep inner peace is my natural state.

I am financially secure.

I am grateful for the strength that radiates throughout my entire body.

I sincerely appreciate my ability to remain calm in all situations

I trust myself

I am confident in my abilities

The Earth supports and nourishes me.

I feel protected in this world.

I feel ready to face challenges.

Root Chakra Affirmations for Self-worth


If you think how you see and think about yourself does not matter, you are wrong. The way we think, see, and talk to ourselves has a big impact on our confidence and self-love. Telling yourself affirmations could help you believe and trust in yourself. You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can always have control over what you say to yourself. And that is all that matters. 

Here are some of the most powerful root chakra affirmations to make you more confident in yourself. 

I have a deep sense of love and appreciation for myself

I am ambitious and capable.

I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them.

I feel ready to face challenges.

I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.

The only thing I need to control is how I respond to situations.

I can create positive change in my life.

I stand in my personal power.

I am strong, powerful, and confident.

I am aligned with my purpose.

I am worthy just as I am.

I am content with my life in my heart and in my mind.

I am kind to myself and my development

I am thankful for my unique qualities.

I genuinely celebrate the success of others.

I support my friends and loved ones who are doing well.

Jealousy has no place in my heart or mind.

I dismiss ant thoughts that entertain feelings of compassion.

The Proper Way to do Root Chakra Affirmations

Practicing affirmations is fast, free, and easy. It only needs a positive mindset and a little bit of patience. Affirmation is a great step toward personal development. But how do you do them? Do you just blurt random phrases and feel better in an instant? 

Affirmations work by replacing negative thoughts with positive responses in auto-pilot. Practicing positive affirmations change our habit of filling our mind with negative thoughts. It might sound absurd at first, but gradually, these root chakra affirmations will become your truth. 

Pick your affirmation

Picking the perfect affirmation to heal your root chakra is easy. The first step is to find the one that will serve your purpose. You could also put together words and come up with your own affirmation. To do so, you need to decide on your purpose. You should know what the purpose of your affirmation is. Are you doing it for grounding, stability, or self-worth? No matter what your purpose is, it should be authentic and genuine. Affirmations should be genuine for them to be effective. So put your heart out and pick the perfect affirmation for the root chakra. 

Decide how to use it


You are free to decide how to use your affirmations. If you want to say them out loud or in your head is up to you. Find a way to practice your affirmations that is comfortable for you. If you are at home, you can do it in your meditation room, in your room, or in front of the mirror. But what if you are out on a vacation and stay out of your home for days? This is when you get creative. The decision on how and when to practice your affirmations is up to you.

Practice everyday

When is the perfect time to practice these affirmations? Is it during the morning to start off the day with positivity? Or at night to calm you down from a long day at work? Well, the answer is up to you. You can choose to do it in the morning or at night. Or you can do both. 

Find the perfect time to practice your affirmations and be consistent with them. Make it a habit and discipline yourself to be consistent with your affirmations. Your mindset and behavior have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your positive affirmations. 

If you struggle with this at first, you can use mobile applications to send you notifications at the same time every day. Or use an old-school technique and use post-it notes around your home.

Bottom Line

An imbalance in the root chakra rattles our sense of security and stability. There is no one size fits all solution to this problem. But practicing daily affirmations could improve your overall health and thinking patterns. These powerful statements can influence your subconscious mind to respond positively during a crisis. Root chakra affirmations keep us grounded, healthy, and happy. Practice your affirmations daily and unlock a happier, and healthier version of yourself. 

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