Questions to Ask an Astrologer

questions to ask an astrologer

Did you know that you can seek the help of an Astrologer? There are actually people who do astrology for a living and clients go to them to seek guidance and advice. If you want to gain some insight into your life through star positions, there are questions to ask an Astrologer. 

In this write-up, we will walk you through the different questions to ask an Astrologer. If it’s your first time seeking an Astrologer for advice, need not worry, we got you covered. We will also tackle the following:

  • What is Astrology Reading?
  • Questions to Ask an Astrologer
  • What do astrologers do
  • How to make the most of an Astrology reading

What is Astrology Reading

Before we head on to the questions to ask during astrology reading, it is important to know what Astrology reading is. We see different people who openly talk about Astrology reading sessions and how much it benefits them. 

An astrology reading is when a person uses the sky’s map during the time and place of when you were born. Moreover, you need a professional to read it for you since the chart is very accurate. 

Furthermore, Astrology uses certain star positions and how planets move that affect the lives of humans, as well as their personalities. In addition, there are different types of Astrology Readings.

#1 Birth Chart Analysis

The birth chart analysis is when the locations of the planet when you were born. These are used to give ideas or insights on your qualities, weaknesses, etc. In addition, it is also called a natal chart.

#2 Couples Reading

Astrology is also good for couples. Moreover, it is also used for relationships. This kind of analysis or reading aids you in knowing more about your relationship. During this reading, your sun, ascendant, and moon are being read.

#3 Transit and Progression 

In transit and progression, this is where you will get a glimpse of how much you have matured over the past few years mentally.

#4 Astro Counseling

Astro Counseling is somewhat life couples reading, it gives you an idea of what problems may affect your relationships. 

Of course, Astrology reading sessions differ from one person to another. Moreover, there are times that you may go over the mentioned types. However, an Astrology reading’s main purpose is to help guide a person in understanding their Astrology projection.

What does an Astrologer do? 

If you want to seek guidance using Astrology, you need to seek a professional who is trained to do your Astrology reading. Moreover, you will need a professional Astrologer. 

An Astrologer is a person who looks at the position of the stars to get an idea about their client’s personality. Moreover, they spend a lot of time charting the planet and stars before telling their client what they saw. 

In addition, they do not instantly provide answers. Astrologers focus on providing clarity. They do not want to fully make the decisions for you. However, they only want to aid you in decision-making.

It is not an Astrologer’s job to tell you what you should and should not do. Their readings specifically aim to give you more options in making wise decisions.

Furthermore, an Astrologer gives guidance and advice to clients. They act as the counsel and aid their clients in developing themselves. Moreover, they also must have a good relationship with people since they do help clients overcome rough times through star and sky reading.

Questions to ask your Astrologer

Asking the right questions can help you gain the right projection when reading Astrology. Moreover, it is not bad to know what you want to ask beforehand since there are frequently asked questions in Astrology. In addition, it is better to ask the right questions during an Astrology reading so that you will be given a clear idea. 

Here are the different questions to ask an Astrologer. 

Ask about your relationship with money

relationship with money

You might think that it is kind of rude to ask or talk about money during an Astrology reading. However, according to the Astrologer, Lisa Stardust, it is related to self-esteem and confidence. 

Moreover, asking about your relationship with money signifies growth.

You can ask about your hidden talents

Different people have different talents. If you think you do not have one, there is a possibility that it is just hidden. One of the questions you can ask an Astrologer is about your inner talents or gift.

Moreover, talents and creativity often stem from the planet Venus and a person’s fifth house. If you are in doubt about what special abilities you have, it is great to consult an Astrologer and help you out.

Ask about how a birth chart can evolve as time passes

Birth charts can evolve or develop. Moreover, you can ask about it your Astrologer and they will definitely say that it is possible for a birth chart to develop. 

Furthermore, Lisa Stardust said that one can go from a Cancer to a Leo which is shown in the progressed chart. Do you ever get that feeling that as time passes by, you feel and act differently from your astrological identity when you were born? That’s because of how your birth chart evolves.

Professional calling questions

Yes, you can also ask your Astrologer questions about your professional calling. According to Astrology reading, each person has the tenth house on their Astrological Chart. The tenth house is responsible for a person’s professional calling.

Moreover, the house also shows the career that you will pursue as well as your goals. In addition, the tenth house shows how well you do in the real world. 

Questions about your past life

past life

We’ve all been curious about what we were like in our past lives. You can ask for guidance from your Astrologer to find out about how you were before. In Astrology reading there is what you call The South Node of Destiny. It represents people’s past lives including lessons acquired in the past. 

Furthermore, the South Node of Destiny is a security blanket. This allows people to achieve lessons in their present life because they cannot move on from their past.

A way for an Astrologer to determine your past life is through your planet’s connection to the Node of Destiny.

What you should learn during your current lifetime

This question revolves around one word, Fate. And according to Astrology, a person’s fate stems from the North Node of Destiny. The North Node of Destiny is about the kind of energy you are bringing into your present lifetime

Moreover, you are able to ask your Astrologer about what you should learn in your current lifetime. There are some people who are quite confused about how to go about their lives currently and asking an Astrologer can help.

Health-related questions

Yes, you can ask health-related questions to your Astrologer. A person’s health can be determined through the sixth and eighth houses. Moreover, you can even get a glimpse of chronic health issues and more.

Questions about giving and receiving love

There are questions to ask an astrologer about love since people are often confused with love. That is why they tend to seek guidance from other people. You can ask your Astrologer questions about giving and receiving love. Moreover, your birth chart can show exactly when you will decide to be with someone romantically. 

Your birth chart’s seventh house, Venus, and the moon are responsible for giving you the idea of the kind of person you are keen to go out with.

It is important to remember that by the end of the day, Astrology revolves around Projection. The more you are sure of the idea the more it is likely to happen to you in real life. Moreover, the stars and planets are just there to guide you, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to make things happen.

How to make the most out of an Astrology Reading

Now that you know what questions to ask an Astrologer,  it is time to know how to make the most out of an Astrology Reading. It is important to be able to get the whole gist of your Astrology reading session since it is for your own good and guidance. 

Here are 4 things you can do to make your Astrology Reading worthwhile.

#1 Take notes

take notes

Astrology readings take a full session of an hour to even two hours. Moreover, your Astrologer will be filling you in on different information. That is why it is important to take down notes so you will not forget.

You can use the classic pen and paper or you can even record the session with of course the permission of your Astrologer. Some people do not like taking down notes because it seems too tiring, that is why most people opt to record the session. 

 Furthermore, taking down notes can help you remember details that you should not miss. This will allow you to look back and contemplate the things that have been said during the session. 

#2 Participate

An astrology reading is more of a dialogue or discourse between two people. One is asking about clarity regarding his/her life and one is providing clarity. Furthermore, an Astrologer specifically likes it when a client holds a conversation. 

Ask questions, ask for clarity, and hold a conversation with your Astrologer. By doing those things, your session with your Astrologer will be worthwhile.

#3 Be Open

The Astrology reading is for YOU. There won’t be a session if you do not open up. Moreover, you should also be open to assessment. There are areas that you need to improve, that is why be sure to accept them and do something to improve on them.

It is easier for your Astrologer to offer guidance and advice if you are open and allow yourself to be assessed. However, if you are hesitant to be open, it is suggested that you do not continue with Astrology reading yet.

#4 Focus on Clarity rather than answers

Your Astrologer is not giving you orders. They are merely guiding you on the things that you should consider doing. Moreover, it is important to seek clarity rather than answers. 

When you seek Clarity, you are asking for ideas that can help your choices. But when you focus on asking for answers, it is like having your Astrology projection decide for you.

These are only a few of the things you can do to make your Astrology reading session worthwhile. Make sure to do these things so that you can fully grasp the conversation and session you have with your astrologer. 


Astrologers are there to help you and guide you in understanding your Astrology projection. Moreover, they are people who will not judge you with whatever questions you have. Astrologers appreciate it more if you have an idea of what you want to know during your Astrology Reading. 

Knowing the different questions to ask an Astrologer is beneficial to hold a substantial conversation during a session. This will ensure enough understanding and as well as give your Astrologer an idea of what they should tell you.

The key here is to not be hesitant in asking questions. If you really want to know about something, go and ask. There is no harm in preparing good questions to ask an Astrologer beforehand. 

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