Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Tarot Guide

queen of pentacles tarot card meaning

A woman with long, flowing hair sits on a simple stone throne on the face of the card. Decorations of fruit trees and goats adorn the throne. These symbolize material success and sensual pleasure. The Queen of Pentacles tarot card meaning has everything to do with that: material success and wealth.

Cradled in her hands is a gold coin. She looks down on it with a loving gaze, as if nurturing wealth and success itself. Around the throne, lush plants and flowers surround her. They symbolize that she has a connection to nature and Mother Earth. Because of this, she lives in abundance.

Another part of the Queen of Pentacles tarot card meaning is natural wealth. Next to her throne, a rabbit jumps around in the foreground. The rabbit is a symbol of fertility, which brings about good harvests and natural abundance that everyone wants. Her life and flow with the Universe are clearly in alignment, as suggested by the presence of the rabbit.

The tarot Queen of Pentacles meaning is that you generally embody the archetype of a working parent. Balance your domestic responsibilities with your family and create financial abundance. That’s your game right now. Your balance is healthy and admirable as you display mastery at caring for all of your practical needs.

Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

A queen is the mother to the kingdom she rules as a mother cares for her home and family. In that vein, the Queen of Pentacles is the nurturing mother of the material world. At home, her love for others means cooking healthy meals and maintaining a clean house. That doesn’t mean she’s a housewife; she also works a full-time job and financially contributes to the house.

Sometimes, it even means that she’s the family’s primary breadwinner. She’s fantastic at handling her work’s or her family’s practical needs. Support for others is never, ever something she’s lacking either.

If you draw the Queen of Pentacles in a tarot reading, you embody the working parent archetype. You care greatly for your family and lose nothing in the way of your work responsibilities. Financial abundance is still something that you handily create while still maintaining a great home to live in.

Your work-life balance is healthy, enviable even. By integrating the two, you’ve figured out a way to balance them and find your own flow and alignment. Working hard, you provide a safe space of care and support for your family and loved ones.

Another potential meaning is that you are trying to live independently and making time to nurture your loved ones. You’re trying to give it all in both domains and strike a healthy work-life balance. Meanwhile, you’re also looking for time to squeeze in for yourself in between all your other commitments.

What does the Upright Queen of Pentacles mean?

The Queen of Pentacles upright represents prosperity and security, which is good news for you! Hard work has brought you a comfortable level of financial security, so you can afford to be generous. Wealth and abundance are something you share generously with others in your life, like family and loved ones.

Using your wealth, you’ve built a secure and comfortable home environment. Investing in your family is probably as important to you as your personal financial wealth. Because of all these, you embody the archetype of a working parent who has it all together.

Balancing your work and life is very difficult, but you manage it somehow. Because wealth is something that the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes, it might mean that you have your own in abundance. Creating that financial wealth in itself takes everything out of most people. Making it and still making time for your loved ones is a superpower in modern times.

However, you must heed the call of the Queen of Pentacles. She asks that you maintain a compassionate and down-to-earth attitude when dealing with others. Focus on creating a balance and maintaining it while being resourceful and practical. These will help you when issues arise later, so you can deal with them straight away with no fuss.

The Queen of Pentacles can also represent a maternal figure in your life who loves and supports you. With much love and support, she helps you get past your past influences and grow into a better person. This person could be a counselor or teacher, usually someone you are close to. Of course, this person may also represent a part of you as you fulfill that role for someone.

Upright Queen of Pentacles in Romance

Queen of Pentacles love meaning

The Queen of Pentacles love meaning is a lucky one! You’ll certainly feel confident and secure in your present relationship, and you’ll deserve it. Hard work and commitment to your partner has earned you this romantic bliss for you two.

In light of this, it’s a good time to indulge yourself with your partner! Enjoy some of the finer things in life together and make sure to enjoy them to the fullest. Perhaps a fancy vacation abroad or a lovely dinner somewhere fabled and a mystery to you until today.

If the Queen of Pentacles represents a person in the relationship, then whoever’s in a relationship with them is lucky! The Queen representative is certainly very kind and nurturing. That person’s loyalty is also definitely unswerving and nobody can compete with their generosity.

Should you be single at the moment, that’s okay! Because of the wealth you’ve created, you can afford to be more selective when choosing your partner. You deserve a solid, committed relationship after putting as much effort as you did into building your success in life.

By the time a potential partner shows up on your radar, your confidence and capabilities will be great. Your partner absolutely needs to be on the same level as you and enrich your life.  It can also mean that you’re going to meet someone who has the qualities of the Queen of Pentacles.

Upright Queen of Pentacles in Career

Career-wise, the Queen of Pentacles is a great sign to receive! She’s the symbol of financial wealth, after all. Organized and capable, you’ll have a great time in your workplace with the Queen’s energy.

If she’s representing a person, the Queen represents a successful businesswoman. Such a woman could be your partner. That might mean her wealth of skills will benefit your career or business venture greatly.

It could also mean any other woman who would aid your career or business ventures even if not directly. Heed her advice and she’ll direct your path right to where it needs to go to succeed. Things will also go great for you in the way of money and investments when she appears. Enjoying the finer things in life when she appears is likely, but don’t waste money on poor items.

What does the Reversed Queen of Pentacles mean?

The Queen of Pentacles reversed tarot card meaning represents a need to get back in control. When the Queen of Pentacles is in the reversed position, dependence and failure are issues you’re struggling with. This is a general warning that you need to keep your feet on the ground or lose everything else.

A reversed Queen of Pentacles is a sign that you lack common sense or have an impractically chaotic approach. In a person, a reversed Queen of Pentacles can imply a mature feminine person who’s mean and shallow. Possessive and envious, this terrible person may even happen to be a social climber.

In the extremes, someone who took that energy too far can become a manipulative sociopath. They’ll step on anyone to get what they want. This dangerous representation can mean a woman who’s unpleasant or bad with money. That’s when they appear facially unpleasant, so you can tell from a long way off to avoid that person.

However, the reversed Queen of Pentacles can also refer to a different kind of woman. Such a woman appears charming and pleasant; however, there’s a sinister undertone. She may be disloyal or dangerous. Manipulation may be on the table for her, so beware of her charm.

In other contexts, a reversed Queen of Pentacles can imply that there’s a victim of sexual exploitation. That might mean a survivor of sexual trafficking or a prostitute. In worse spheres, it implies a neglectful mother or an unfaithful woman.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles in Romance

reversed queen of pentacles in romance

Beware yourself if you should draw the reversed Queen of Pentacles in a love reading! It might indicate that you are jealous or insecure in your relationship. You and your partner are suffering boredom with each other or you’re stuck in a rut. When this happens, you might express that insecurity through possessive demeanors.

If representing a person in a relationship, this implies that the person is lazy or boring. They probably expect their partner to do all the work in the relationship to make it interesting. Alternatively, that partner might be jealous or shallow. Such a partner could be a manipulator or a cheater at worst. Sometimes, this may mean a neglectful or unfaithful mother.

Should you be single at the time you draw this card, take some time to work on yourself first. You may be lacking confidence, or worse, hoping your partner will provide the things you want. Rather than putting the work in yourself to get such things, the worst among us leave it to our partners.

Don’t enter relationships for someone you think can do something for you. Entering it for the security they might provide you won’t go well. Generally, don’t enter a relationship for the wrong reasons. Even if they provided all you wanted, you will feel insecure and possessive about it. That’s because you’ll have a lot more to lose if they leave you or the relationship fails.

Work on yourself first so you can be worthy of the person in the upright Queen of Pentacles. People in healthy relationships don’t stop trying to be better for their partner everyday. Make your own achievements happen and be a full person on your own before you try your hand at romance.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles in Career

This isn’t a very good omen to receive in a career setting. The reversed Queen of Pentacles is a signal of you practicing business poorly or unreliability. If this is you, you really need to pull up your bootstraps and work harder. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in real trouble and only the Universe knows if you’ll get out of it.

The card may also represent a potential business partner. If so, avoid working with them! They’ll probably leave you to do all the work and claim credit anyway. Worse, they might run your business into the ground and leave you to pick up the pieces.

Alternatively, the reversed Queen of Pentacles can represent a two-faced person in your workplace. If you think this might be the case, avoid that person! They’ll seem charming to your face, but they’ll step all over you to get what they want.

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