Queen of Cups: Your Best Friend for Navigating Through Love and Future!

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is viewed as a contemplative and heavenly woman sitting on the throne at the edge of the shore. Compared to the majority of the cups found in the Suit of Cups card, this one is closed- proving that her Majesty’s ideas and emotions emanate from the depths of her soul and subconscious mind. 

The Queen knows how to take care of herself and of others. There’s a great difference between knowing and doing. Learning what to do without any action is immature and foolish. Learning and taking action on the other hand is considered fearless wisdom. 

Put yourself first. You must make sure your needs are met before you take care of others. This is non-negotiable. The Queen is empathic and deeply loving, yes, but she’s also tough as steel. These learnings come from her self-care lessons and taking action on them without compromise.

The Queen is seated alone, allowing her to think. The calm skies and deep blue waters reflect the serenity of her thoughts. Her feet never touch the water, showing that everything she thinks and feels comes from the outside. 

But exactly what does the Queen of Cups mean? How big an impact can it make in your life when you follow its upright and reversed interpretations? How can it help you blossom in your relationships, career, and even guide you in navigating the future? Read on and find out!

The Queen of Cups Upright Meaning

The Queen of Cups is ‘motherly’ in nature because of her loving, caring, and compassionate ways. Seeing her in Tarot readings means you are always empathetic towards others. You allow them to be the most genuine and sincere versions of themselves while expressing their thoughts and feelings. But despite allowing them such freedoms of expressions, you do not absorb their fears and negativities. You are calm, confident and have set walls for healthy boundaries.

Upright Queen of Cups Love Interpretation

a stone heart on which it is written the word love

The Queen holds herself to a higher standard and expects everyone to do the same. This is an indication that a long and lasting relationship is headed your way. If you are currently in a relationship that you want to grow and deepen, then you need to step up and do the work. 

It is not a healthy relationship if both of you just give 50-50, and not a hundred percent. Remember that you cannot control your partner’s actions, so focus entirely on your own effort. As a partner be loving and honest with your behaviour, words, thoughts, and actions, one hundred percent of the time. Approach each conversation with an open and compassionate heart. 

Maintain and defend your boundaries, hold both yourselves to high standards, and be kind, all the time. With each interaction you can expect your relationship to grow deeper, stronger, and more fulfilling.Be a partner who is honest and loving with your thoughts, actions and behaviour one hundred percent of the time. Make every conversation an open and compassionate one. 

Consequently, the Queen naturally has plenty of admirers due to her kind, supportive and sensitive nature. She can always be depended on for a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. However, this can be a two-edged sword because some people may end up being too dependent or clingy on you. 

Thus, it is imperative that you create boundaries so as not to become emotionally draining for you in the end. Let your intuition be your guide so you can relish more meaningful and deeper connections.

Upright Queen of Cups on Finances

It is possible that you are currently utilizing your financial resources for other people’s benefit. The Queen of Cups tugs at your heartstrings to participate in worthy endeavors, such as helping friends or families in need. Usually when the Queen becomes visible, it is a reminder that money is not the end all and be all of everything. Yes, it is important, but ultimately not prioritized at the expense of more crucial matters.

Upright Queen of Cups Career Meaning

When the Queen of Cups becomes visible when it comes to your chosen profession, it can mean several things. This serves as an active prompt, reminding that the things you are doing must fulfill not just your financial aspirations but your emotional needs as well. 

As for your workplace setting, this card may pertain to someone who took on the role of compassionate and sensitive individual amongst your workmates. It is also hinted that the guidance and mentorship of this person may be of value to you.

The Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning

Queen of Cups Meaning

The reversed Queen of Cups may be a sign that you are too engrossed in other people’s emotional needs. You may have established some mutual dependency that is not necessarily healthy for either one of you. It’s either you’re giving way too much, or taking too little in return. 

Take this opportunity to give yourself some space and time to listen to your inner voice. Consider how you can still provide emotional support without draining all of your own energy. 

Reversed Queen of Cups Love Interpretation

If you’re always on the giving end you may find yourself burned out. This goes to show that you’re putting in way more effort as compared to your loved one. Try to talk it out between the two of you  so a balance can be created, because there is absolutely no point if it is only one person in the relationship who is trying and giving their all.

Reversed Queen of Cups Finances Meaning

The appearance of the reversed Queen of Cups in your financial situation may be a red flag. There are times when you find it difficult to differentiate between wants and needs. You may have been indulging yourself a little too much lately, spending unnecessarily. Do not spread yourself too thinly, as your loving and giving nature may lead you to a downward spiral financially. 

Others are extremely generous to a fault. They have savings, they have investments, but when a dear friend or family member comes knocking at their door, begging and crying for help, they give in. Whether it’s an illness that needs emergency medical attention, an untimely death or accident, they forget themselves, their own needs, just to accommodate these people. Sometimes they give everything they have, even if there’s nothing left to themselves.

Reversed Queen of Cups Career Interpretation

When the reversed Queen of Cups emerges pertaining to your career, there may be some emotional concerns at work that need to be addressed. Stressful projects or a toxic work environment can lead to serious mental and emotional exhaustion. Don’t be too focused on pleasing your boss or co-workers that you forget your own well-being at work.

The reversed Queen of Cups can be used as an indicator that you are too emotional, which hinders you from seeing things in a logical manner. It’s okay to empathize, but be careful not to let your feelings rule over your life. If you’re comfortable, talk to a trusted friend or therapist so you can see things from a wider perspective. 


The Queen of Cups is considered to be a ruler of emotions. She wants you to love completely, but without giving too much of yourself. It is not about denial or self-dependent love.

The card usually represents somebody significant in your life that is compassionate, loving, and sensitive. However, it can also mean a role you are ready to play in your life or a message you’ve been longing to hear.  You can use your close relationships and even community to look for inspiration. 

Learn from the Queen of Cups’ behavior by keeping strong personal boundaries before giving away your time and energy to others. When you are confident that you can protect your boundaries, then there’s nothing to fear about loving deeply and with utmost joy.

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