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pluto in scorpio

Pluto in Scorpio is between November 1983 to November 1995. So people born during this period make them not only millennial (born around 1981-1996), but members of the Pluto in Scorpio generation too. In this post we will not only delve into the Pluto in Scorpio meaning but touch base with the following topics as well:

  • Is the Pluto in Scorpio personality generally pleasant, mainly toxic, or both?
  • How long does a Pluto in Scorpio transit last?
  • Why should you look forward to Pluto in Scorpio in love?
  • What does it take to be a Pluto in Scorpio man?
  • How challenging is it being a Pluto in Scorpio woman?

So let’s get right to it and discover the real Pluto in Scorpio meaning!

Pluto In Scorpio Meaning

Pluto stays in Scorpio for nine years. In this time there is a very powerful, strong, and magnetic presence within you. At the same time, you may come across as someone who is stealthy, but controlled and focused. Even though you’re often quiet. You may also radiate a sense of charisma, which is a part of your charm. This is one of your best assets- your allure.

At times, however, you strike people as someone defensive or standoff-ish. Every time you’re going into or approaching a first encounter with someone else. Getting into a brand new experience, even. You have a certain aura or demeanor about you which says, don’t come near unless I say otherwise. Don’t mess with me. Or, back off before you come too close or regret it later.

If someone invades your privacy or personal space, you’re really quick on the trigger. Telling that person to take a hike, asap. You may also possess an extremely low tolerance for shallow, slow, fake, or phony people. So in this aspect, you’re least likely to waste your time on the said types of individuals. However, if you are in a committed relationship or friendship circle, people that you really like, you tend to stick with them.

Essentially, you don’t waste your energy and resources. On people and situations that don’t really hold much intrinsic value or cause. Because really, what is the point? On that note, it’s very possible you’re going to live this life looking through a deeper lens. A lens filled with profound and meaningful moments, memories, relationships, and experiences. Anything less than that simply won’t cut it. It is what it is.

The Ability to See Right Through by Pluto In Scorpio

You have no trouble cutting off someone during a conversation. Whether it’s telling lies or trying so hard to impress other people with their fabricated stories. You hate forced recognition and attention. So when other people are all out grabbing your attention, you will be turned off and walk away. You simply cannot stand phonies.

The ability to see right through their illusions is quite impressive. Digging deep into their inner roles is your specialty. Down to their psychology, all their hidden facets, deep in their souls. Since you seek out only what’s real and true. You believe scratching beneath the surface is the number one requirement in getting to know a person better. Their physical appearance is merely a snippet.

Of course, you do acknowledge it if a certain lady is beautiful, or that dude has a strong sex appeal. But more than that, you’re really interested in seeing what lies beneath. Like, what are their experiences? Are they kind-hearted souls? Or should you avoid them at all costs? You will stop at nothing to answer these questions just so you can have a clearer picture. Behind their so-called ‘image’. Beneath the makeup, designer outfits, and fancy cars.

The Profound Intuition of Pluto In Scorpio

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From the very start, you’ve been using your intuition to sort things out. Like when you get this weird, unsettling feeling about someone, there’s that alarm that goes off. A siren signaling danger, telling you to be alert. There is something of so what should you do? Run, attack, or climb under a rock?

Then there are times you get this strong feeling saying this person is alright. They’re someone you could really get along well, have a good relationship with. You could develop intense, passionate feelings which could bring you exhilaration. So yes, expect these feelings to come up, but not merely as an association with other folks.

You see, the same thing goes for your association with work. Or the type of house you’d like to live in, or the kind of destinations you would love vacationing in. But basically, your intuition is your compass in life. It’s what leads your life to move forward.

A Blast From the Past With Pluto In Scorpio

Be that as it may, you may also want to look deep within yourself. Try going back to your own childhood. Could it be possible that you grew up in this environment filled with secrets? Secrets they hid from you? Like secret love affairs, or secret exchanges of vast wealth or resources?

How about secret health issues? Or the possibility of hidden deaths or disappearances? Maybe some family members could even be part of a secret organization or society outside of your home. Or a secret language utilized by family members, like protection of your family from danger. To protect you from something deeply disturbing.

Growing up, did your family reinforce to you the importance of keeping certain things private? Perhaps as a way to protect others within your environment. This may have resulted in a very tightly knit bond between the members. Still another possibility is your exposure to death at a very tender age.

This could be a death of a loved one, or a close friend. Or seen on your tv screens while growing up. Maybe they allowed you to play violent video games at a very young age. This could have developed your fascination with death. All these things could have manifested through the activities you took part in. Even your physical appearance. Or maybe the death of a dearly beloved totally turned your life around.

Pluto In Scorpio: Making Sense of It All

All these things that happened put things into perspective for you. Soon it became clear who and what really mattered in life. If this was the case, it’s totally understandable why you’d have little to zero tolerance for people who are all caught up in their ‘image’, so to speak. Then, there’s also that possibility that you witnessed acts of abuse or violence as a child.

Such experiences could have been traumatic for you which made you want to hideaway. If not, caused you to ball things up. Or led you to the wrong crowd when you were younger. Since your home life growing up became too turbulent. So that made you wish to go out and seek environments that make you feel safe and secure.


Then again, these environments you have ended up in may just have been as chaotic and disruptive as the one you left. Another factor could also be your upbringing. Have you experienced some emotional manipulation? Lies skillfully laid out to you about certain situations? Things that you couldn’t handle yet, emotionally and psychologically. It may be the divorce of your parents or a dire financial crisis.

There may also have been another tactic. Individuals who make you feel awful for bringing up certain information. Especially if it made them feel uneasy. Or if your mom and dad were in a bad mood, you’d shift into this mood with them. Sort of feeding into the entire powerplay dynamics. It may also have been a parent or relative that has been upping you up emotionally.

What does it look like? Say you feel upset or happy about something. Then they come along and undermine your feelings by claiming theirs was far greater or stronger. Maybe there was also a domineering parent in the environment. Someone who was demanding and controlling of other people’s valuable time and energy. Regardless if it’s for better or worse.

Emotional Triggers of Pluto In Scorpio

On the other hand, there could have been someone who knew just how and when to push those buttons. They knew which buttons could rile you up emotionally very quickly. These people had a way of getting into your nerves, right where it hurts the most. They loved toying with your feelings and enjoyed internally torturing you tremendously.

The power struggle between your parents could also be another factor. A lot of fighting and stubbornness were present. How they’re always right and never wrong. It was extremely difficult for them to reach a compromise. So it is possible that at a very young age, you learned to read people as a mechanism, to defend and protect your own well-being.

Through the years you have developed this attitude. I’ve seen them all before, I have lived through it. I know all these chapters. Even pinpoint the precise emotions associated with these specific chapters. Basically, you learned that you can trust very few people. And whenever someone betrays your trust, you’re the one ending up with a fool in your eyes.

On Locking Things In

After all that you have been through, you have become someone who takes life very seriously. And whenever you make up your mind about someone, a goal, a decision, or aspiration- that’s about it. You’re locked in and there’s no way anyone can sway your opinion. Neither is there any confusion on the matter? In this respect, your stubbornness is at the highest level. Sometimes it is to your benefit, other times to your detriment.

You’re keen on preserving your energy and using it only when needed. This could be true about your emotional realm, where you have developed the discipline to keep things in control. Even in the face of crisis, danger, or emergency. In all probability, you have learned to do this because of all the forces that tried to control you as a child.

There are also times when you put on that poker face. This is your way of refusal. No one will ever dominate you. Fitting nicely into this whole powerplay act. Maybe you believe that showing or expressing your feelings is a sign of weakness. Because this is what you had to do in the past in order to survive.

A Journey of Self-Preservation

This suggests that preserving and controlling those emotions is a coping strategy. So you go on living life, and as you meet with new people and situations, the importance of you being in control is further reinforced. Learning to be independent and keeping crucial information private. But what you may find as you grow and evolve through the years is that you will go through many distinctive endings and beginnings.

One example is your need to end a relationship since you had no choice but to cut your losses. Regardless if you are a man or woman. It may be a very toxic, violent, and explosive bond. Very disruptive as well. Or, this may be a beginning of a brand new relationship. This one is very obvious as a commitment, in being official.

All of a sudden you have this whole outlook of what are we? Why should we be doing this? Are we committing? Good! You know exactly where you stand. Another example could be ending a job. Perhaps you have become redundant, or you’ve been fired in the past. It’s also possible that your previous company was very corrupt.

Subsequently, this could be the start of a new career. In here you’ll start as a supervisor or a leadership position right off the bat. The same could be said about your living situations as well, and all your other obvious, new stages in your life.

The Death and Rebirth Process

Essentially it is you who experiences what seems like disastrous and destructive moments. Only to be catapulted into a resurrection afterward. This is also famous for being the death and rebirth process. You go through all these colossal transformations. Whether it’s your physical appearance, your attitude, or your way of thinking. Give yourself that very sharp and noticeable aura.

All these things are very visible, even threatening to people who are intimated by your presence. Or surprising to those who never expected it coming. In this light, there’s always a layer of mystery surrounding you. Also, it only proves how you can go to extremes in nature. Whether your character or overall demeanor.

You take these things to their limits, to their furthest point. Then just as abruptly, you decide you don’t like it anymore. So you take the other extreme or just destroy everything altogether.

This can be a very obsessive time for you. Super obsessive you may give the impression of being a competition. This may result in feelings of resentment or jealousy. Like a friend getting that new Tesla, or that Monique Lhuillier dress you’ve been dying to have.

Then you catch yourself. You remember that you are more than your desires, and you’re never shallow. So when these feelings come, you’re pretty good at hiding them. You remember that showing these emotions to other people will give them power over you. And that is the last thing you want.

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