Phone Psychic Readings: Safe, Accurate, and Effective!

Are you new to the world of spiritual guidance? Maybe you have been to more psychic sessions and tarot readings than you can count! Either way, did you know how phone psychic readings work? It’s not that hard to understand. It works a lot like the Internet. Come along with us and let us explain!

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Psychic readings are a staple in spiritual guidance. Often, a psychic is someone who is experienced in reading the emotions of others. They are also well-connected to the spiritual plane. This qualifies their guidance. A good psychic understands that everyone has an energy field. That same energy field connects to everyone else’s energy field through the astral plane.

Psychics also employ the Akashic records to determine fates. Those are books that contain all universal thoughts and emotions. It also contains all words and events in the universe. This includes the past. The present. Even the future. Psychics have a great deal of tools and skills at their disposal. Personal meetings and seances are not the only means by which a psychic can read your fate. Phone psychic readings are also possible.

Now, about phone psychic readings. They are just psychic readings like normal but done over the phone. It is easier to understand it by thinking of it like the Internet and the way it connects us. The internet exists even without a physical form or location. There are millions of portals to log into it. Phones work. So do tablets and computers. Your energy field is like that. A skilled psychic can access it just like the internet. It is a collection of energy accessible to anyone, anywhere.

How accurate are phone psychic readings? 

Phone psychic readings are just as accurate as regular psychic readings! It may help if you better understand how the psychic receives and processes your information as energy. Seeing visions and using a tarot deck are just two of these possible portals. They could also have their own spirit guides or just use incredible intuition. If they are channeling information for you, a psychic will not need to be with you. It is the same whether you are personally with them or not. After all, spirit guides and angels are not bound to three-dimensional planes like ours. The psychic can access them while you are in a different place just fine.

Think of it like a conference call. Everyone can chime in at any time from their own location. It’s just that only the psychic can hear the angel or spirit guide. The psychic serves as the relay between you and this guide.

psychic is using a tarot deck

What if the psychic is using a tarot deck or a different divination tool? That works just fine too. They can relay their findings over the phone to you and tune into their intuition on your behalf. You do not need to be physically present at all to most fortune-tellings. You would need to be present when the method is palmistry. This applies to any method of fortune-telling that would “read” your body to tell your future.

As for psychic readings by phone, the guide does not lose any accuracy just because you are not physically present. The best phone psychics are very intuitive too. Their intuition can tell them all they need to know about you just through hearing your voice over the phone. Of course, it helps that they have a spirit guide or an angel.

How does birth data come into play?

It is necessary for a psychic if their method is astrology or Akashic records. On the other hand, birth data is unnecessary if the psychic is reading your energy field. They can read your energy field or body instead. Your energy field exists with your physical body. But it also exists beyond it on the astral plane. This interdimensional energy is accessible to the psychic. When it comes to psychic phone readings, the psychic only really has to read your energy field or use intuition. This is frequently done if the psychic is conducting long-distance healing. It is also for any other method where the client does not have to be present. 

All a psychic has to do is place their consciousness on the astral plane. They can see you from there as easily as seeing you online on social media. This way, they can see you as easily as if you were right in front of them. You won’t need to give the psychic your birth data for most kinds of readings except for methods that expressly need them. 

Can all psychics do phone readings?

psychic readings by phone

Not all of them! Some psychics do not do energy field reading. Others rely on physical methods like palmistry to tell fortunes. It is true that phone psychic readings are just as effective as any other form of psychic reading. Most psychics with a decent intuition can tune into your energy field just from hearing your voice over the phone. After all, the voice can tell a lot more than a person means to.

It is wise for you to ask if your psychic can do phone readings. However, please do not be harsh! A psychic that cannot do phone psychic readings is not necessarily a bad psychic or a fake. It probably just means they have a different skill set as a psychic. If you ask, it is likely they dabble in palmistry. They could also perform astrology or use Akashic records. Most psychics will have practiced well at their craft.

What is the benefit of getting a psychic phone reading?

There are some advisors who feel that phone readings are more effective than personal readings. There are fewer physical distractions that could take away from how the psychic reads you. Type of dress and physical presentation can be a distraction for some psychics. This does not suggest at all that physical readings are less effective. However, phone readings are at least as effective at getting results. It is worth remembering that psychics can tap into your energy from anywhere. For a select few psychics, it is accurate as they can read your energy field better. For those few, their intuition and ability to read body language does not clash.

This is especially useful in today’s context as personal psychic readings became difficult to organize. The pandemic makes physical meetings dangerous. Phone readings are a great way to get an accurate read without endangering anyone. 

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