Page of Swords Meaning Tarot: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

Page of Swords meaning

The Page of Swords meaning has everything to do with having an abundance of energy. It can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. Stick with us and explore the Page of Swords meaning in this tarot card guide!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy Page of Swords card guide will help you understand what it means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

Page of Swords Tarot Meaning 

The Page of Swords meaning indicates new ideas and plans for the future. On the face of the card, a youth with a sword holds it skyward. He and his sword lean in one direction; however, he looks elsewhere.

The youth looks away as if to see what’s happening in his surroundings. Playful breezes dance through his hair and clouds dance through the sky. Dynamic energy arcs through the card and the man.

The verdant and fertile ground at the youth’s feet suggest that his ideas bring positive change and progress. The Page of Swords meaning suggests that you are also open to great positive change and dynamic energy. This is something you can take fabulous advantage of to grow in your love and career.

The Page of Swords meaning can mean more energy and ideas that push you forward. It can also mean a time where you lack action to back up talk and overly hasty actions. Read on to find out which of the two might be in your future!

What does the Upright Page of Swords mean?

The upright Page of Swords meaning suggests that you are full of energy and passion. Understanding the Page of Swords meaning comes with knowing that your energy and passion will lead you to new approaches. You probably feel you could do just about anything and you probably can!

Sprightly and dynamic, the Page of Swords represents someone who never seems to have a dry well of ideas. Sharp-tongued and quick-witted, you speak like the Page of Swords. Speech comes passionately to you in debates and the wheels in your head are always turning.

Upright, the meaning of the Page of Swords denotes an almost electric energy in you. Your energy seeps into your eagerness to do something you just thought up. Time seems to stand still next to the heated passion of your energy.

The Page of Swords meaning signifies the communication and sharing of ideas. It is a great time for you to be talkative and share your ideas openly; thus, share openly without fear. Whether it’s your ideas or someone else’s, talk right now is constructive for you. 

Remember that the tarot cards Page of Swords meaning rests in your hands! Explore new ways of thinking and don’t worry about mastery just yet. Your curiosity will help you bounce back and learn from your slip-ups.

Upright Page of Swords in Romance

What does the Page of Swords card mean for your romantic future? It reflects a curious intellectual in love; however, your nervous, nearly flighty energy can cause you and your partner anxiety. The upright Page of Swords signals a more cerebral relationship between you and your partner. Emotional intimacy is difficult for you.

As a lover, you prefer intellectual conversations with your partner over emotional intimacy. It can also mean that your partner’s or your emotional needs are not met. When this happens, evasion of emotional confrontations becomes a possibility.

The upright Page of Swords in a love reading can also signal an incoming petty dispute. Handle it carefully or it will grow into a bigger conflict. Do your best to be more mature and be kind to your partner; emotional intimacy never hurts your relationship either.

Upright Page of Swords in Career

upright page of swords in career

Innovation and ambition are evident in you! Dynamic energy and ideas run hot through your mind and you can’t wait to communicate them all. Share them openly and without fear; new approaches and perspectives are a great thing to get from sharing!

The upright Page of Swords in a career reading can indicate training or apprenticeship in your career future. Extra education can never hurt your chances of reaching your ambitions and goals; hence, walk into it with open arms. New experiences are definitely in your career future. Therefore, prepare to experience things you have never experienced before.

New projects in your present career are a sign from the Page of Swords to go for it! Challenges will be plentiful for you and not everyone will appreciate your ambition, but do it anyway. Following your passions and your true energy is a matter of utmost importance.

Use your natural gifts with talking to communicate your ideas and career plans to your workmates. Who knows? Maybe your verbal skill will land you a better position at work as a natural leader. Share your messages and prepare to progress your career!

What does the Reversed Page of Swords mean?

The reversed Page of Swords meaning in tarot refers to when you keep your thoughts and opinions private. Negative traits emerge from the Page of Swords tarot card meaning. Deceit and manipulation become the name of the game with the Page’s ability to communicate instead of open honesty.

Sharp and alert, the Page’s mind for communication becomes almost dangerous as her gift becomes a weapon. She lashes out because she lacks the maturity to understand the suffering she is causing. You might be using your gifts of communication to hurt other people or deceive them.

This gift of gab can also mean that you talk a lot but not of things with substance. Lack of action to go with those honeyed words is also something that the reversed Page of Swords can mean. Reputation damage is not far for those who don’t show the strength of action behind their words.

Be more careful with committing to promises if you aren’t sure you can keep them. If you make them, ensure that you can deliver on them. On that note, it isn’t unwise to ensure that others who made commitments to you give securities to those promises.

Reversed Page of Swords in Romance

Defensiveness and argumentative speech hurt romantic relationships. The Page of Swords can indicate that you lack empathy or sensitivity because you feel the need to “be right.” Being right often comes at the expense of harmony and care for others, especially in romance.

reversed page of swords in romance

Failures in communication between you and your partner are also a distinct possibility. Remedying this is very important. A miscommunication could easily become a misunderstanding that generates needless paranoia. Learning to tolerate each other’s views and gaining a strong desire to cooperate is very helpful in romances.

Don’t create conflict where it isn’t necessary. You don’t need to be on guard and defensive all the time; moreover, that defeats the point of a romance. Love is a space where you can be vulnerable and lower your defenses.

Remember that communication in love does not need to be right. The priority is honesty and caring for your partner. If you or your partner need to be defending constantly, reconsider your relationship carefully.

Reversed Page of Swords in Career

The reversed Page of Swords is a sign that you have plenty of energy, but no career direction. What you want to do in the future seems murky because you have no outlet for your boundless energy. A typical symptom of this is that you will job-hop from one to another. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you need long-term commitment to get the full experience of a career. Job-hop if you have to, but remember that it has to lead somewhere ultimately. Don’t waste your energy on a billion jobs that really didn’t make you happy or fulfilled!

This card can also indicate that you have plenty of ideas to offer at work, but never follow through. Remember that no idea happens without action, and an idea without action is a dead idea. Work is tedious but you have to do yours or nothing happens to anyone.

Mind your tongue at work too if you drew this card! It signifies that you might be using your ability to communicate to gossip or hurt others with your words. Instead of using your gift for that, use it to be kind.

Lift others in the office up instead of tearing them down. You aren’t enemies; in fact, as colleagues, you should make friends. Your gift of communication is a terrible thing to waste, so use it to be kind.

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