Shining Perspective On the Real Nine of Swords Meaning

nine of swords meaning

What is the Nine of Swords meaning? Is it as grim as it appears to be? Or is there more than meets the eye? Is there a reason why you feel so defeated lately? What is this card trying to tell you?

In this post we will go through everything you need to know about the Nine of Swords tarot card meaning and also try to get to the bottom of these concerns: 

  • What is the meaning of Nine of Swords trying to tell you
  • How to recognize what does the 9 of Swords mean in love and relationships
  • Is the Nine of Swords reversed meaning something to look forward to?
  • What to expect with the 9 of Swords upright
  • How to go about the 9 of Swords yes or no

So let’s get to it and understand the Nine of Swords tarot card meaning!

Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The Nine of Swords meaning is a representation of worrying excessively, and compounded anxiety. You’re someone who loves going through events over and over again. Spending your nights wondering, beating yourself up if there was something different you could have done to make things better. Not only are you reliving this negative experience, but you’re also filled with “should haves, could haves, would haves”. 

You feel a deep shame and self-blame for not being able to get yourself out of a situation. There is a sense of hopelessness and focusing on everything you do not have and cannot do, instead of appreciating everything that’s right in front of you. 

The card shows a woman sitting on her bed while holding her head in her hands. It’s possible she had been crying or just woke up from a bad dream. The Nine of Swords can be seen displayed on her wall. These sharp objects represent fears stabbing through them. On the flip side, the swords could also indicate help, to help the person cut through their difficulties in life. 

Nine of Swords Meaning Upright (General)

In here there are tormenting thoughts, recurring nightmares, even. A feeling of absolute terror that enfolds you. 

In an earth reading, this can indicate weariness over financial or job security. There could be a feeling of regret, or that something awful is about to happen because of office gossip or hearsay. It may also be worried about something you’ve done, whether wrong or right. You just know that there will be consequences involved. 

For air-based reading, the card means you will have interaction with somebody who also has mental health issues. They could be suffering from severe anxiety or panic attacks. Or worried about their physical health, or a family member. They could be losing sleep over this and may act out in strange and unpredictable ways while in this state of crisis. 

In a fire reading, you are well aware of the crisis that is going on. Now it’s time to find the solution for it. You need to stop panicking, take a moment to breathe, and put things in perspective. Minimize all types of distractions so you can think clearly. Know all your emotional triggers so you can handle them better or avoid them altogether. 

For water-based reading, this can indicate fear and loathing. If you’re single this could mean some radical attachment, gnawing fear of dying alone. It could also be a desperate need to love or be loved. Do not be too hasty in making decisions at this point for you may regret it later on. If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner so you can thresh things out. This is infectious and can turn into a deep wound. Don’t allow it to fester, nip it in the bud instead. 

Nine of Swords Meaning Upright In Love and Relationships

fight and argument

The Nine of Swords love meaning points to someone who has turned into a basket case. It means you’re deeply troubled and things aren’t going well, romantically speaking. Fights and arguments are breaking out more frequently, putting a ton of pressure, stress, and anxiety on your relationship. 

What you can both do is take a step back so you can determine if things are as bad as they seem. Sometimes you get so engrossed in your thoughts and emotions that it’s hard to see clearly. When things can be resolved with a heart-to-heart talk. 

On the other hand, if you’re single at the moment, it could mean you’re still stuck in the past. You still have this wishful thinking that if things have been different, if you said this or done that, you might have saved the relationship. 

The truth of the matter is, that some things are better left alone. Accept that the past cannot be undone and all you can do is move forward and live your best life. Learn from your past mistakes so you know what to bring and not to bring to the table in your next relationship. 

Nine of Swords Meaning Upright In Health and Spirituality

This pertains to both your physical and mental well-being. You might have been suffering from pounding headaches and panic attacks recently but try your best to ignore them. You should go see your physician as soon as possible. 

Bear in mind that a lot of people get into deeper trouble by self-medicating. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is wrong. There are other forms of coping mechanisms and this is not one of them. Do not be ashamed in asking for help. It takes guts to reach out and admit this to someone, but know this is the bravest thing you can do for yourself.  

Nine of Swords Meaning Upright In Career

You’re dealing with tremendous stress and pressures at work right now. Tasks are piling up and the deadlines are so tight you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. But believe it or not, things aren’t as bad as they seem. You just need to learn how to pace yourself. Take breaks once in a while to avoid total burnout. 

Zoom in and find out what is causing so much stress and anxiety. Do you need to talk to your boss about it? Or perhaps you need to voice out some concerns to your peers who aren’t pulling their weight? Remind them that your work requires a team effort, therefore it is paramount that everyone put in an equal amount of time and energy if you’re to come up with any substantial output. 

Work-life balance is crucial if you plan to stay in this job for years to come. It’s not enough that you find it bearable, you need to be able to enjoy it and find purpose in what you are doing. Money cannot be your sole motivator because it can only take you so far. 

Nine of Swords Upright In Finances


Again, your financial troubles are real, but so are the concrete steps you can take to solve them. Are you neck-deep in debt? Know that they will continue to mount up in interest unless you take action now. Talk to your creditors. Don’t ignore them, don’t run away from them. Assure them that you are taking full responsibility and are dead-set on paying them off to the last penny. 

Talk to your bank, reach out to a financial advisor, and even a close friend whom you trust can put in their two cents about your situation. Do your best to pay these debts off, even if it takes longer than expected. And once you’re debt-free, make sure you don’t go back to square one. Manage your budget, and study how to have multiple income streams so you’re not just relying on your 9/5. Avoid unnecessary spending, and most importantly, create a budget and stick to it. 

Nine of Swords Reversed (General)

You finally decided to wake up from this awful nightmare that you’re in. You have finally decided to release your worries and the dark thoughts that you’ve been having are slowly dissipating. Slowly you are getting rid of this habit of being too hard on yourself. You realize if you are going to accept and forgive others, acceptance and forgiveness must start from within, by accepting yourself. 

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. So start being more intentional, more self-conscious about your thoughts, words, and actions. By all means, avoid all forms of negative self-talk. Stop obsessing about your past faults. Counter them by counting all your blessings instead. Wake up every day and remember all the things you are grateful for. Certainly, these will outweigh all your so-called “misfortunes”. 

Nine of Swords Reversed In Love and Relationships

Finally, you have decided to stop being passive-aggressive and be honest with your partner. There is no point in suffering quietly for the sake of peace and harmony. How can there be tranquility outside, when on the inside you’re brewing and ready to burst anytime? Moreover, your partner may not even have the faintest idea that this is how you feel. So when you finally explode, they will be so shocked and hurt, which isn’t fair, don’t you think? 

Marriage is hard, and a relationship is hard, so you both must carry the load with love and compassion in your heart. Both of you need assurance that you do love and care for each other deeply and are willing to support them and ease their anxieties. 

Keep your communication lines open. Everyone needs to be heard and seen, especially by the people they love the most. For singles, take it easy. Continue working on yourself. Remember, you need to have a life before you can be someone else’s spouse. You need to be happy and confident in yourself, you cannot expect your partner to become the source of your happiness. Both of you must be happy and whole before entering into a relationship. 

Nine of Swords Reversed In Health and Spirituality

You have finally realized that health is wealth. And when we say health, we mean holistically. You have to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to function properly. Let go of the things that only bring stress and anxiety into your life. 

Leave toxic relationships, even if it’s easier said and done. Abuse comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. It can be deceiving and sometimes it is disguised as love, jealousy, or too much dependence. See BS as it is then flee as far and as fast as you can before it’s too late. 

Nine of Swords Reversed In Career

team effort

You’re slowly figuring out how to get to the root of the problem and finally realized the importance of team effort. Things aren’t as bad as you think, rather, certain changes simply needed to be made. Perhaps, even a shift in your mindset. The bottom line is, that you have finally decided to express how you feel to everyone you’re working with. 

However, it can also go the other way. If your boss or colleagues refuse to listen or be open to suggestions on how to make things better, perhaps it’s time to rethink your options. Maybe it’s time to switch careers or look for better opportunities. Or this may be your sign to kickstart your own business you’ve been dreaming of for many years but never had the time or drive to see go into fruition. 

Nine of Swords Reversed In Finances

You’re done doing a reality check and now you’re faced with a rather dire situation. So the choice is yours if you’re going to live under a rock, pretending everything is okay, or go full throttle in fixing your financial troubles as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do your research as so much of the information you need can now be found online. Learn about financial literacy and pass it on so you can break the cycle of poverty and remain debt-free for the rest of your life. 

Nine of Swords Yes or No

Here’s the thing, the Nine of Swords has a lot of negative implications for your spread. As we have discussed, this indicates a lot of stress, pain, anxiety, and a lack of coping mechanisms. So in your spread of Yes or No, the answer is a no. 

Don’t make any rash decisions. Instead, carefully examine what’s going on within. It is only when you truly get to the root of the problem will you know how and when to move forward. 

Nine of Swords Course of Action

Pain, anxiety, and unhappiness in your physical and mental situation will only get worse if don’t take action soon. Compounded stress will lead to sleeplessness and isolation. Accept that you’re too far down a rabbit hole it’s virtually impossible to claw your way back out on your own. Quit being so stubborn and ask for help. There is no shame in this for it requires a tremendous amount of courage and strength to do this and admit you are afraid. Seek help now before it’s too late. 

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