The Most Masculine Zodiac Signs Listing: Which One Are You?

most masculine zodiac signs

Are you astrologically masculine? Or are you leaning more towards the feminine side? Your planet’s signs have a lot to do with this. A lot of people are shocked to discover that they are more feminine or masculine than they thought. Usually, you only identify with your sun sign to get a sense of whether you’re more masculine or feminine. But this could be misleading. Since the sun sign is sometimes overwhelmed by your chart’s other signs. Thus, it’s crucial that you get a very accurate reading from your chart. This will determine if you belong to the most masculine zodiac signs.

By the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of the following:

  • Exactly what masculine means
  • Discover the most masculine sign
  • Learn if you belong to the most masculine zodiac sign
  • How masculine are you?

The Most to Least Masculine Zodiac Signs

Before anything else, here’s a list of the most to least masculine zodiac signs:

  • Aries- Cardinal Fire
  • Leo- Fixed Fire
  • Sagittarius- Mutable Fire
  • Libra- Cardinal Air
  • Aquarius- Fixed Air
  • Gemini- Mutable Air
  • Capricorn- Cardinal Earth
  • Taurus- Fixed Earth
  • Virgo- Mutable Earth
  • Cancer- Cardinal Water
  • Scorpio- Fixed Water
  • Pisces- Mutable Water


There’s a reason why these three are on top of the list of the most masculine zodiac signs. You’re always focused on the finish line, crushing all obstacles and distractions in achieving your goals. You tread on fearlessly, with little consideration to the risks or repercussions at hand. Emotional baggage is the least of your problems. These are cringe-worthy thoughts that need not be addressed. You are direct and straightforward and expect the same from other people. Clueless is what you are, regarding how other people feel about you.


The second runners-up who made it on the list of the most masculine zodiac signs are these three. Getting things done is more important to you than proceeding with caution. There’s an attempt on your part to take into consideration other people’s feelings. However, rarely do you understand the depth of people’s emotions.

This is because getting emotionally involved makes you uncomfortable. You’re too objective and rash at times, that communication is no longer a two-way street. Often you speak, but rarely do you care to listen.


These signs are not afraid to ‘stop and smell the roses’. They have no qualms about savoring the best things in life. For them, it’s more important to live in the moment than furiously tread on. Always in a rush, always chasing after something.

These signs are very careful in making important decisions. Especially if you know how serious the consequences are. You’re totally aware of how you feel, as well as the effect you have on others around you. Considering other people’s feelings are your utmost priority. 


Take a look at the list of the most to least masculine zodiac signs. These folks are at the bottom of the barrel, and for good reason. They feel things deeply and empathize more than any other sign. Every person, every feeling, every situation means something to you.

You’re always careful about moving forward, trudging on with the utmost caution. If you get even a subtle whiff that something simply doesn’t add up, you won’t push through with it. Your communication lines are always open, and try to listen more than speak. Always putting other people’s feelings into consideration before making decisions.

Masculine VS Feminine Signs: How Different Are They?

Masculine VS Feminine Signs

There is a need to understand the most masculine zodiac signs. To do this, you need to learn exactly how different they are. And in some aspects, are they practically the same? Basically, their differences lie in how either one directs and focuses their energy. Masculine signs possess an outward, active, and pushing nature. While feminine signs have this inward, passive, pulling tendency.

Feminine signs process energy by taking everything in and experiencing everything from within. This is how it goes for the earth signs, as well as the water signs. This unconscious processing goes into the deepest, most primal level. Words can hardly explain how this goes on internally. 

On the other hand, masculine signs only reflect their surrounding energy. Subconsciously, they’re trying very hard to protect themselves from incoming energy. Instead of absorbing all this overwhelming energy, their intellectual responses push them away. This is true for the air signs. Consequently, the fire signs utilize their intuitive responses. It is there automatically and unconsciously. They simply resist the energy and put barriers so they won’t come through.

Because of this, the feminine signs appear slower, and calmer in demeanor. While the masculine signs seem faster, and more agitated. Energy comes to a feminine sign and is then absorbed, slowly, and thoroughly processed. On the contrary, when energy moves towards a masculine sign, it simply bounces off. Either by intuitive action or intellect.

Interpreting Astrological Femininity

In order to truly comprehend the most masculine zodiac signs, first you need to understand their counterpart. Feminine signs have a careful and cautious nature. This takes on a serious tone for people having a heavy astrological makeup.

Their actions are always geared toward self-preservation. They take people’s opinions seriously and never make decisions lightly. However, there is a tendency for them to think that things may actually go wrong. Which at times could lead to panic or anxiety.

Those who are astrologically feminine tend to live in the gray area. Wordless communication is very common, as well as reading between the lines. They comprehend, and more often even enjoy nuance.

These signs avoid confrontations because they could be dangerous. So instead they utilize body language and subtle verbal/non-verbal communication. This way, there’s more time to look for and consider information. It has become evident especially during intimacy. Feminine signs always prefers you whooing and luring them.

Feminine and Masculine Signs: The Daily Grind


Moving towards your goals is never easy. Thus, we use strategies or techniques to boost us and catapult us forward. Feminine signs like their defensive strategies. While the masculine signs tend to lean on more offensive strategies.

Sine the feminine signs absorb energy, they’re naturally more cautious. Regardless of the kind of energies they encounter. Masculine signs on the other hand could simply push them away.


Feminine signs are more used to receiving than simply taking. This is how they want to be perceived by the outside world. Taking what you want without taking into consideration other people’s thoughts and feelings. To them, this is simply reckless.

Furthermore, feminine signs have this great ability to receive what they want and need. All without having to appear rash, pushy, or having to use toxic behavior. They use their magical charm, grace, beauty, gentleness, and wit to get what they want.

On the other hand, masculine signs would rather take than receive. They can be so impatient you would think the world only revolves around them. These signs push through and tread on, regardless if they appear crude or selfish. Public opinion is no big deal to them.


masculine signs

Of course, everyone has feelings. Who doesn’t? The difference lies in how you process them. Feminine signs process their emotions deeply and internally. They won’t stop until they truly know what’s going on and have the best solution with the best outcome.

Masculine signs usually repel these feelings before they could do any possible harm. A lot of times, they speak or do things without even thinking. Not caring if they could get themselves into trouble, digging an even deeper hole they can’t get out of. This is something they really need to work on.


Again, this list of the most masculine zodiac signs does not mean to devalue or criticize the capabilities of the masculine signs. The comparisons were carefully made. Only then can you see how the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine zodiac signs could bring peace and harmony to the life of a person. As everyone knows, too much or too little of something is never good.

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