What You Need To Know About The Monarch Butterfly Meaning

monarch butterfly meaning

Are you curious about the monarch butterfly meaning? Does it have any significance in your life? Do you want to know the unique personality traits it possesses and the path in life it will take? In short, what do you need to know if you have it as a totem? 

In this post we will answer all your frequently asked questions about the monarch butterfly spiritual meaning, as well as shed light on the following: 

  • How does the spiritual meaning of monarch butterfly affect one’s life?
  • What does the monarch butterfly symbolize about your personality traits and characteristics?
  • Why the monarch butterfly represents royal majesty
  • What does it mean when a monarch butterfly lands on you, especially on your darkest days?
  • When did the significance of monarch butterfly begin? 

So let’s get right to it and discover the monarch butterfly spiritual meaning!

Monarch Butterfly Spiritual Meaning: An Overview

This all began when monarch butterflies were named for his majesty, King William III of England. He was originally the Prince of Orange which is now part of Southern France. According to legend back when he was still a prince, the European settlers from North America loved him very much. So much so that this beautiful orange butterfly was named a monarch. 

Butterfly historians cannot guarantee this a hundred percent, however, the legend endured for so long which made it symbolically valid. So for those wondering, what does it mean to have the monarch as a totem? Moreover, what is a totem in the first place? 

So a totem can be an object, plant, or animal that serves as an emblem for a clan or family. It serves as a reminder of one’s ancestry. Just imagine having a totem whose name represents adoration, royalty, or sovereignty. Feeling like kings or queens in one’s relationships. 

And we don’t mean that in a haughty or obnoxious way. We’re saying that your friends and loved ones love and adore you, and they feel honored being with you. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning In Your Career

Careerwise you’d love for other people to see you as the one with the knowledge and experience to be an authority in your chosen field. Its color orange is significant because it is directly connected to creativity and productivity. You wish others to see you as royalty in your creative realm and appreciate your creations. 

Unfortunately, this is also the main reason why you are not actively creative or productive. You easily become anxious since your identity relies heavily on how you are viewed. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning In Personal Aesthetics

Your physical appearance comes as a top priority. It can either make you happy or drive you crazy, depending on the situation. You are someone who makes it a point to always look physically stunning since beauty is of utmost importance to you. And when you feel you don’t look your best, your mood can change suddenly. You become anxious and irritable because your physical attributes are directly related to your security. They feel ill at ease if they cannot stand out or are not admired. 

The amazing thing about butterfly people however is their fountain of youth. It doesn’t matter how old they get for they never lose that youthful and ethereal quality to them. Over the years they have perfected their sense of style. They know what type of haircut will look most flattering to them, and know which type of clothing or jewelry will suit them best. All these things are chosen on purpose to catch people’s attention. 

Being a monarch person you are innately regal and truly deserve all the perks that go with it. However, you are often full of self-doubt and you tend to be too hard on yourself. You need to find a way to overcome such emotions. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning VS The Viceroy Butterfly


This self-sabotage pattern can be linked to the viceroy butterfly. You see, monarch butterflies can be deadly when consumed by the majority of vertebrates. Throughout history, people believed that the viceroy butterfly evolved in the same manner. In their evolution, they developed similar coloration so predators would not go near them. This event is called Batesian mimicry

Recently, however, studies have shown that the viceroys not only have a similar color to the monarch, but it turns out they are also poisonous. Thus, it is called Mullerian mimicry. This is where two species who are equally toxic mimic each other and benefit from the process. Now their fellow creatures know that they are both dangerous so they choose to leave them alone. 

Now we can look at the setup of the monarch and viceroy. There are two rulers; one is the monarch who truly owns the throne, and the other one is the viceroy, who acts as a representative of their majesty. Both are treated like royalty. But there is a huge difference between the two. 

For monarch people you may think there are so many individuals doing the same thing as you, garnering the same accolades, and may seem more productive than you. But the thing is, viceroys don’t nearly have the same life cycle compared to the monarch. Viceroys spend a big chunk of their lives in the hibernation period where they do absolutely nothing. 

The point is, if you are a monarch person, stop comparing yourself to others because you are the real deal. Yes, they are doing great work and deserve to be noticed. But you are the best of the best. The presence of the viceroy will never in any way diminish your monarch status. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning: Productivity VS Stagnation

We already discussed monarch people’s feelings about not doing enough or failing to do things in the highest form of excellence. This is increased by their contrasting colors of black and orange. There are times when they can be enthusiastic and vibrant. Other times they just want to keep quiet and retreat into the dark. 

Understand that they will need to undergo some period of dormancy to keep them going. Then it is followed by bouts of serious activity. They can experience mad alternating periods of hyperactivity and creativity, followed by some downtime. And during this time they blame themselves for not being able to accomplish anything. 

Monarch people need to understand and appreciate peace and quiet so they can recharge and rejuvenate. Afterwhich, they will have the strength to get back to their frenetic activities. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning: Dealing With Extreme Highs and Lows

Part of the monarch’s cycle is bouncing from one form of extreme to another. Monarch people need to alternate intense activity with idleness. However, you need to determine your reason for switching. Are you doing it because it feels good even if it doesn’t make any sense to you? Or is it because you are afraid? You need some time to step back and consider the things that you are afraid of. Patterns that serve you are not always the same patterns that serve others. 

Moreover, orange is connected to allowing others to get extremely close versus pushing them away and putting up all these walls to protect you from the outside world. Naturally, this will confuse the people closest to them, especially the people that they love. But if you care for the monarch, you know better to let them be. They will come around eventually. 

The Monarch Butterfly Meaning: A Picky Nature


The monarch caterpillar is extremely selective, the same way that monarch people are. These picky people go through stages where they require certain conditions to satisfy them. So a lot of people who are with them find it difficult to understand their wants or the lifestyle they choose. It’s hard to understand how certain things can anger them or appeal to them at various times. 

A lot of this confusion has something to do with their physical constitutions. They do what they need to do so they can feel a semblance of balance and calm. Just like the safe milkweed protects the monarch, being very selective protects the monarch person’s physical and mental well-being. 

You need to understand that just because something is good for you, it doesn’t mean it won’t be toxic for other people, and vice versa. Try and figure out how to handle such situations. You need to because this is how you are wired. 

When The Monarch Lands On Your Shoulders

Every time a monarch butterfly lands on its shoulder, they think about love, light, and serenity. And for the most part, this is true. You see, monarchs can also be toxic to other creatures once they are ingested. 

As a monarch person, you are bound to live a life different from other people. Yes, you radiate light and joy, color, magic, and inspiration. But believe it or not, these attributes can be seriously toxic for some people who get dangerously close to you. 

These are the people who are not prepared to live vibrant, magical lives themselves. Those who are set on remaining victims for the rest of their lives. People who believe that happiness is only a matter of luck. They are not willing to learn how to become optimistic, intuitive, or creative like you. 

What happens then? Slowly they become sick of desire, anger, and envy. They don’t understand why things that are so hard for them to achieve come to you naturally, without even trying. Instead of being inspired, your light only emphasizes their perceived darkness within themselves. Causing them to be their own worst critics, falling deeper into a rut,  to a point of no return. 

The sad truth is, that you should not worry about trying to fix this. It is not your fault that they feel this way about you. Those who are ready to soar will make you their inspiration for living happy and abundant lives. Never stop being you. 

Monarchs As Souls Of The Dead

monarchs as souls of the dead

This may sound creepy, but the native Purepecha Indians believe that monarchs are the souls of the dead. They believe they are their deceased ancestors who came to visit briefly. Thus, monarch people usually have wisdom they could not possibly have. Things they could not have learned in their lifetime because they haven’t experienced them yet. Yet somehow they know this because they can retrieve wisdom from their ancestors compared to the rest of us. are air creatures, and the air is linked to thought and logic amidst an ecstatic flow of creativity. 

Monarchs As Creatures Of Contrast

Again, monarchs are all-or-nothing people. They’re either going about doing a million things at once or doing the exact opposite- nothing. There are days when they couldn’t even accomplish the simplest chores. This makes them miserable because they are constantly tuned to patterns of being active or inactive. But once in their life, they need a big trip. 

Most butterfly people tend to be restless, always going about somewhere, even if their journeys are more mental rather than physical. They may decide to go somewhere unusually far for a couple of days. This will allow them to unplug from the hustle and bustle of their daily life, relax, and even meditate. 

Even if they go with a bunch of people they remain focused on themselves. This trip could become a big turning point in their life, something to help them understand their authentic being. 

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