What It Truly Means To Have A Mercury In Capricorn Placement

mercury in capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is not a dreamer. They are very much in the real world and are all about making concrete results. This placement is focused on contributing to society and making a difference in the lives of others. They have the kind of leadership that is the perfect recipe for success. 

In this post, we will answer the question, what does Mercury in Capricorn mean, its personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses? To inspire you some more, we’ll go over a list of the most successful celebrities in this placement. Also, all your confusion about the Capricorn Mercury retrograde will be addressed. We’ll also shed light on the following: 

  • What are the things to do and not do during a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn?
  • How will the Mercury in Capricorn meaning affect their relationships?
  • Is the Mercury in Capricorn woman far more complex than her male counterpart? 
  • How does a Mercury in Capricorn man recover from failure? 
  • What do the Mercury in Capricorn celebrities have in common? 

Let’s dive in and discover what a Mercury in Capricorn is!

Mercury In Capricorn: An Overview 

The Mercury in Capricorn knows how to communicate in various arenas for many things. They won’t allow their life to be complicated since they take absolute control. This sign is the captain of their ship. They know how to delegate responsibilities especially when they need things done right and fast the first time.

This placement is very ambitious and industrious. They also have the kind of patience that many people do not have, sticking out with something until the end. To see things through until they get the results that they want. They can be likened to an Australian shepherd who is responsible for keeping the flock together. A good leader who knows how to keep their composure under extreme pressure is what every company needs. 

Capricorn Mercury Celebrities

Before we move on with Capricorn Mercury traits, let’s first check out these amazing celebrities who share this placement. These are: 

  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Denzel Washington
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Michelle Obama
  • Hayley Williams (Paramore lead vocals)
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Taylor Swift
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Brad Pitt
  • Amal Alamuddin-Clooney
  • Kerry Washington
  • Phil Collins

Mercury In Capricorn Traits (Man and Woman)

This Cardinal earth sign has Saturn as its planetary ruler and The Seagoat as its symbol. The following are its specific traits. 



These people approach things with caution, logic, and realism. Saturn has a lot to do with this since it serves as the father figure of all the planets. It likes structure, tradition, and limitations. Not to say that these are negative aspects, but it’s exactly the adult you need when every other planet is going out of their mind. 

Saturn brings them back to reality, a trait that is channeled into Capricorns since again, it is ruled by the planet Saturn. And when Saturn meets the planet of thought and communication that is Mercury, it brings about an individual who thinks efficiently and realistically in any given situation. It’s somebody you can count on getting out of any predicament they’re in. They are really great at planning and organization as well. 


They say what they mean and mean what they say, as in, what you see is what you get. Unlike other people who sweet-talk you when you’re around then stab you in the back, then talk nasty about you. They say things as they are, bluntly and straightforward, with no bells or whistles, whatsoever. This placement won’t bother to beat around the bush or attempt to sugarcoat their words to spare your feelings. They’re not mean, they’re simply straight and communicate sincerely and with pure honesty. 


Capricorn Mercury seems to have an infinite amount of patience and will commit to things and people they want.  Compared to other mutable signs like Mercury in Sagittarius, they don’t find it difficult to pin down one plan or thing at a time. Once they put their laser-like focus on something, you can be certain it will be achieved. 

It’s part of being a steadfast and resourceful earth sign who thinks about long-term goals instead of temporary or fleeting pleasures in life. They hate wasting time and energy on things that will not directly affect their ‘master plan’. 


Mercury in Capricorn is also known for their strong and unwavering foundation. They don’t easily get swayed, discouraged, or distracted. Thus, the seagull symbol which stands for Capcricorn’s tenacity, and its ability to make it through difficult terrain, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their way. 

Empowering the Mercury In Capricorn

Now that we’ve talked about their greatest strengths, here are some of their weaknesses and how to power through them. 

Keep the Fire Burning

When they feel their passion fading in making important actions or decisions, they must find a way to keep the fire burning, and not allow their inner spark to die out. If ever one of the biggest challenges comes and they start to feel they have lost their purpose or lost the true meaning of life, they need to stop, breathe, and get away from it all for a while. They must allow themselves to recharge and rejuvenate until they regain their composure and can again keep their eye on the target. 

Improve Communication

improve communication

They need to work on their communication with themselves and with other people to improve the quality of their lives immensely. Beware of other people’s reactions toward you. Is the way you’re speaking to others calloused, lacking gentleness or civility? Do you lack the emotional expression needed to convey what you truly feel? Or are you being dismissive of other people in general? Beware since Mercury in Capricorn is known for this. 

Sometimes your authoritative mindset will get in the way of effective interaction with other people. Be careful because you can blow off people unnecessarily with your actions. So try to communicate better, and express yourself better so you can create a happier, healthier environment for yourself and those around you. 

Capricorn Mercury Retrograde

Exactly what does it mean if you were born during Mercury retrograde? Are you cursed? Can you not communicate properly? Could you be dumb? No, not all. For years, Mercury retrograde has earned the reputation of causing chaos, destruction, and even doom. Fear not, because your life is not going down the drain. Yes, it can get pretty chaotic and uncomfortable but if you know how to work with it, you’ll be perfectly fine. 

What Is a Mercury Retrograde Anyway? 

From the earth’s vantage point, it looks like this planet of intellect and communication seems to be moving backward, when in fact, it is merely slowing down. Nevertheless, it is not the right time to begin new things because the direction of our minds and our life is not working in a linear fashion. So what do you do in the meantime? 

You will be more productive if you deal with things from the past. Go back to your novel’s rough drafts, and reorganize those shelves you’ve been putting off for months on end. Unforeseen circumstances have popped up, therefore, it’s better to deal with things that have already come up,  than frantically try to keep up with the manic pace of moving forward or starting new things. 

An Internal Journey Is Taking Place 

When you’re experiencing Capricorn Mercury retrograde there is an internal journey that is happening, with the way that you think and communicate. This retrograde in the cosmos is an invitation from within to go on a journey with your mind and speech patterns. Are you obsessed with making sure that everything that goes out of your mouth is the right thing to say? 

This is a good thing. However, this can also be detrimental because it gets you in a state of analysis paralysis. Overthinking and overanalyzing keep you from grabbing onto new opportunities that may come your way. So be aware of these thoughts and feelings or else you may get stuck, for good. You are paranoid about the thought of people judging you by the things that you say so you end up not speaking at all. Know that as long as you are being authentic and sincere, you are doing nothing wrong. 

Dos and Don’ts During a Mercury Retrograde

Is there such a thing as do’s and don’ts during a Capricorn Mercury retrograde? Absolutely. Here are five of them to keep in mind. 

Do Not Sign Contracts


This applies to everybody. Do not sign contracts, delay them and wait until this retrograde is over. It’s not recommended because this deals with communication, it is legally binding. This is a time to reflect, not a time to start something new. If you sign this contract now, things may be okay for a day or two. Then you will notice will take a turn for the worse in the succeeding weeks or months. 

There might be legal implications that could get you into trouble that you don’t know about. It can mean losing money and other financial troubles. So no matter what happens, do not sign any contract during a retrograde. 

Do Reflect On Your Past Contracts

So what you should do during this time is reflect on the past contracts that you have signed. Whether it’s a business contract, a contract for a house or a car, etc. See which ones worked and find out why they did work. Read and reassess the things you’re doing right and wrong when it comes to communication. 

Do Not Get Involved Romantically

Thinking about starting a new relationship at this time? Don’t. This is a super notorious time for your exes to suddenly show up, call, or slide through your DMs. The planet Mercury is asking you to focus on what did not work out in the past and why they didn’t work in the first place, so as not to make the same mistakes in the future. If you force a new relationship at this time, it may work out for a while, but don’t expect it to work in the long run. Your mental discernment is not in the right place at this time. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Do Reflect On Your Past Romances

What you should do now is reflect on your past romances and your past relationships. Expect some of the worst of them to hit you up during this time. Do not give in, do not give them a second chance. 

Do Not Start New Jobs, Careers, or Business Endeavors

This is not the right time to get a new job, start a new career, or business endeavor. Yes, this is a tough call because who doesn’t need a job? Who can afford not to work? However, starting a new job or career at this time will not be beneficial for you in the long haul. You are not at your mental peak at this time, you do not have mental clarity because you’re in this foggy Mercury phase. Do not make such a huge decision only to watch it crumble and fall sooner than you think. 

Do Assess Your Present Career Situation

What should you do in the meantime? Reflect, and reassess your current job or career situation. Think about it, manifest it, the things you want to happen, even write it down, but do not act on it just yet. This retrograde gives you a chance to really think things through. Sometimes it will make you do a double take. It can really look good at first, but when you look long and hard, you realize it’s not and you are just bound to get stuck in a rut. 

Do Not Force Anything To Happen


This is a very fickle period. You want to be productive, you want things to get done quickly and right the first time. So Mercury is asking you to slow down and pause because your energy is not flowing smoothly. The biggest mistake one can make is that instead of going with the flow, you’re going to force things, simply because you want things to go your way. So what’s the ending? Total catastrophe. 

Do Surrender to the Universe

If things aren’t meant to be, they will not happen, no matter how hard you try. So the best thing you can do for now is to accept things as they are, surrender to the universe, and just calm down. Allow things to simmer down and take this time to restore your energy. 

Do Not Rely On Technology

Retrograde is infamous for gadgets breaking down, technology having glitches, things not working, files getting lost, and car accidents happening, among others. This is because Mercury rules technology, business, logistics, cars, and other types of vehicles. 

Do Have a Back-Up Plan

The best thing to do at this time is to be careful and practice vigilance. Have your hard drives backed up, and back your files in the Cloud, just in case things crash down. Don’t be surprised if your watch, phones, laptop, or other electronics suddenly stop working. Furthermore, car accidents are common during this time, so please be extra careful. 

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