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the moon tarot card meaning

A full moon blooms in the twilight sky between two tall towers. This moon on the face of the card symbolizes intuition and the unconscious. Light coming from the moon is dim compared to the sun. Because of this, it only slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness between the two towers.

The Moon tarot card meaning is that not everything in your life is as it seems. After all, moonlight is just reflected sunlight; the moon itself doesn’t actually shine. A small pool shimmers in the foreground, representing the watery nature of the subconscious mind.

One tiny crayfish crawls out of the pool, symbolizing the infancy of consciousness and its development. At the center of the card, a dog and wolf howl together at the moon in a grassy field. These two canines represent the tamed and wild aspects of our mind respectively. 

The Moon tarot card meaning has everything to do with your own unconscious mind and your fears. As far as the tarot card the Moon meaning goes, inner turmoil is the struggle that it’s predicting.

Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

For the tarot card the Moon meaning, fears and illusions often come out when you project that fear. Whether it’s into your present or future, your projected fears come from your past experiences. Painful memories may cause you emotional distress or even trauma.

When that happens, the meaning of tarot card the Moon implies that you pushed those emotions down. Rather than confront those emotions, you repressed them. They didn’t die or go away, of course; emotions don’t do that. 

Repressing emotions often means that they’ll come out later in uglier ways. This is psychologist Sigmund Freud’s take on what happens when you don’t confront your emotions. You’ll bury them in your subconscious rather than express them, but that doesn’t mean they won’t reappear.

Emotional influence doesn’t disappear by pushing your emotions away. They turn up anyway in a different guise. Take for example a person who was in a school shooting and survived. He may get scared or anxious at the concept of coming back to school or seeing someone with a gun.

So what does the Moon tarot mean? To remedy your repressed feelings, you need to reconnect with your subconscious mind. Release the fears and anxieties that are holding you back and express them truly. Therapy or some spiritual healing might help this process along, but you have to make the move. You have to be the one to express your own feelings and release them.

Given this, what does the Moon tarot card represent? It represents a call to action for you to reconnect with your subconscious and face your emotions. The Moon tarot interpretation implies that you have emotions to face.

What does the Upright Moon mean?

upright moon interpretation

Upright, the Moon tarot interpretation indicates a time of uncertainty and illusion for you. Nothing is quite as it seems and hasty decisions may cause unwanted consequences. You might later realize when you made such a snap decision that you only had half the facts you needed.

When things aren’t quite as they appear, it pays to trust your instincts. They’ll help you see through the illusion and make the right choices. Trust your intuition to help you feel your way past situations rather than thinking your way past them.

Negative self-talk and conscious mental blocks are lead walls that prevent you from seeing through the Moon’s illusion. Do away with them and let your intuition guide you forward into a wiser decision. Dreams and your intuition can guide you to a higher level of consciousness than sheer mental work can. Listen to your intuition’s judgement to interpret the messages you’re getting from your subconscious mind.

When you draw the Moon in a tarot reading, take care to mind the lunar cycles. Attune to the Moon’s divine power through ritual or tarot readings. Connecting with the divine feminine aspect of the Universe’s energy will help you uncover deeply intuitive insights.

On new moons, set your intentions and plant the seeds of opportunity for you to take action. For full moons, honor your achievements and look at what you need to release for new aspects to shine. All of this depends on your connection to the divine feminine aspect to see visions lying beyond your everyday life.

Upright Moon in Romance

The meaning of the Moon tarot card in love and relationships is that you must feel your way around it. Let your intuition guide you rather than overthinking conventions about romance. If you feel like talking to your romantic prospect instead of following the three-day rule, you should talk.

Right now, you probably feel like romance is an uncertain concept for you to try doing. You also probably feel like nothing is really as it seems in your romances. Maybe you made a decision to date someone recently only to later find out that he wears a wedding ring.

Don’t rush or make hasty decisions. Making choices too quickly after drawing the Moon tarot is a surefire recipe for disaster. Take your time to figure out what’s going on and whether it’s real before you get deep into it.

As far as romance goes, you’ll do better if you trust your intuition to help you see through illusions. Illusions projected by your subconscious mind can also make romance difficult. Given that, check how you’re reacting to certain romantic prospects. Are you preventing yourself from being totally honest with how you feel? Where does this fear of sharing come from?

Address the source of your fears so you can see past the illusions of the Moon. Only when you honestly trust your intuition will seeing through your own projections be possible. Plant your intentions and harvest them with the lunar cycle to see the best results in your romance.

Upright Moon in Career

The upright Moon’s meaning in finance and career implies that you may be fooling yourself with something. Perhaps you are preventing yourself from taking a job offer due to a fear of incompetence you’re projecting? Maybe someone’s not quite paying you right and they’re putting up an illusion that they are.

Remember that the Moon tarot’s meaning is that you have fears or illusions that you’re projecting out. Examine yourself carefully to see if the blocks you placed on yourself are just projections. 

What exactly is stopping you from taking on that job offer or promotion? Do your instincts say that you can actually do the job? It’s easy to fall for the traps that anxiety and negative self-talk place in your career path.

Dormant insecurities that you repressed in the past may also be resurfacing now in your career. Do you feel like it was right for them to pass over you for a promotion? Why? Because you feel that you weren’t worthy of that promotion?

Don’t let your insecurities run your career show. It’s easy for shady or opportunistic people in the workplace to take advantage of that. They may be doing it by engaging in dodgy deals or even illegal behavior. 

You might know about it, but refuse to do something out of fear that they’ll hurt your career. However, your own insecurities will do that if they’re caught and it’s revealed that you knew and did nothing. Don’t be the one doing illegal things either; the Moon warns you to clean up or someone will expose you.

What does the Reversed Moon mean?

The reversed Moon

The reversed Moon signals the release of fears and clearing out of negative energy. This is a great sign for you! Drawing the reversed Moon also indicates that a lie or secret is close to exposition.

If you’ve been feeling scared or anxious lately, this is a sign that such feelings are about to subside. Loss is also something that the Moon understands. The reversed Moon signals that you may find something that you recently lost.

In general, the Moon is an Arcana in the tarot that means self-deception or delusions. You may have deceived yourself about your role in creating your current predicament. Separating your deceptions or fantasy from reality may also be quite the struggle for you.

On a more auspicious note, the reversed Moon is a sign that your depression or mental health issues are lifting. Light is coming; all you have to do is hold out just a little longer, like you’ve always been doing. You’ll find that you can work through issues you’d previously repressed with new confidence and clarity.

It’s also possible that the reversed Moon means clarity on a certain decision you’ve been waiting on. If you were ever awaiting a certain decision or thinking about making one, clarity will come to you soon. Then, you can make a much better decision than if you had hastily made a choice.

Reversed Moon in Romance

In a romantic reading, the reversed Moon can signal that a lie’s exposition is forthcoming. This might mean that one of you is having an affair. It might even mean that one of you has lied about something important, something that should have been honestly communicated.

As the Moon refers to deceptions and illusions, your own delusions about the relationship are a possibility. Maybe you’ve been fooling yourself about the current state of your relationship. Perhaps you chose to be blind about certain traits or attitudes your partner has.

If so, you should prepare for an epiphany; the reversed Moon is a signal that the truth will come out. The true character of your partner or the state of the relationship is up for exposition. How you respond to it once you know the truth or your partner does will make all the difference.

On the chance that you’re single, the reversed Moon signals that you may be recovering your confidence. After a period of uncertainty, you might be in a better position for romance. It can also indicate that you’re ignoring signs that a certain prospect is not quite suitable for you. Signs like the ones that signal that the prospect wears a wedding ring are definitely ones you shouldn’t ignore.

Reversed Moon in Career

reversed moon in career

The reversed Moon implies that you’re currently experiencing a creative block in your career. Maybe you work in a creative or artistic workspace and your writer’s block is frustrating you. For more general contexts, uncertainty or instability in your career is about to abate. Stabilization in your career path is coming right up.

Uncertainty in your career path is also something that the reversed Moon contemplates. Fortunately, that uncertainty is about to clear up and you’re about to feel a lot more confident about your direction. Confusion about your career choices as well as your finances will clear up.

The reversed Moon signals the arrival of clarity and the shattering of deceptions. Be wary about investing money into something at this time, as it is possibly a deception or illusion. More commonly, you might be the victim of fraud if you don’t trust your instincts. Let your intuition see first if the offers you’re receiving are really on the level.

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