Magic Runes 101: A Beginners’ Guide to Learning Runic Magic

Magic Runes are rooted in Scandinavian culture. There are already findings dating around 200AD- 1700AD. Surprisingly, these stones weren’t used well into the middle ages. First, it started out as a Scandinavian system of writing. That was its primary function: just a system of writing an alphabet.

Through the ages, however, it evolved into something much more than that. If you are a beginner and curious about what runes of magic are all about, read on to find out.

Stones of Magic Runes and Their Use

Runes are an extremely ancient set of alphabetic symbols that are engraved into a stone, wood, plastic, or even crystal. A set of rune stones has typically a set of 24 stones, even though they can range up to 30 stones depending on their origin.

magic runes

Most runes have a letter or a symbol from their Elder Furthark alphabet. It has a different meaning and a different interpretation of each symbol. Different rune stones can have different alphabets. Some sets even include a black rune stone but not all rune sets do.

Runestones can be used for a lot of different things. But the main thing that they’re used for is a future prediction or fortune-telling. Even decision making. Some just use it to get further insight into a situation that they need help with. Some people even use them to connect with the dead. And some people use stones for spell work.

Runes are believed to work along with your subconscious to produce effective results. They help you in the way that you need to be guided. And typically you cast your stones into a mat or cloth depending on your method. Some even cast them into a bowl. That is basically the description of what runes actually are.

Can Magic Runes Actually Predict the Future?

This is a question that has been so commonly asked. The answer is both yes and no. Same way as tarot rune stones predict the future as such. They can’t actually tell you exactly how things are going to pan out and happen like that’s exactly how it’s going to be.

Wiccans personally believe that you do not have a set path in life. Not everything is just decided. And this means that runes are obviously not dangerous. Runes really don’t have a dangerous stigma around them, much like tarots do. Runes and tarots are not dangerous.

Yet again, it is a common misconception that runes are used for future predictions. 

Using runes help you with the future by giving you spiritual guidance, or spiritual help if you have a situation you’re not quite sure on. Runes of magic just give you a better insight of the future or situation rather than telling you this is going to happen.

Runes tell you just like tarots what will happen if the situation doesn’t change. But a lot of people believe the stones are never selected at random. That in your subconscious you actually chose the runes.

So in a way you already kind of know what path you are going to take. The runes just kind of bring it to the surface and lighten you with it a little bit.

So the question is, why would you have runes and tarot if they do the same thing? Since both of them can be used for divination. Also, both of them tell the future. Like, this is going to happen if the situation doesn’t change.

You use runes or tarot depending on your situation. Tarot is sometimes used when you feel you’re in a little bit of trouble, and you’re not sure why. Tarot is usually better for general reading.

Even though runes can be good for it.  Even though you feel very strongly connected to tarot in every single way. Because they do give in-depth and very insightful things also. Sometimes you just feel runes are more appropriate for the situation you need help with.

Do Magic Runes and Tarot Do the Same Thing?

Tarot is a highly personalized way to connect with yourself and the universe. Runes however are usually a bit of the universe  Most of the time.  Like a stone, crystal, rock, or a bit of wood.

Rune readings can be a bit strange sometimes. Usually, they hint towards answers, but you have to work out the rest for yourself. The word ‘rune’ actually means whisper, secret, and mystery, which kind of answers that. So if you have a situation that you wish to go into depth, you edge towards runes more than tarot. Owning them both isn’t really a problem.

How Are Rune Stones and Wiccans Related?

Runes are basically known for having magical and protection properties as well. Runes are utilized mainly for seeking spiritual advice. When you need help with a situation, this is what many Wiccans use. Wiccans can also use runes for meditation. Just like what you can do with crystals, tarots, and other natural elements.

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There are times you do runes of magic reading and you cast a stone. Instantly you are drawn into it. You feel like you want to go further into depth, and what it means. You can always use some meditation with them like that. And yes, of course, runes can be used for spellcasting. Runes of magic are pretty much known for protection. So obviously you can cast protection spells with runes.

Runes are also very powerful and can be used to take control of your life. And see it from the outside and not have it in your hands. But runes can also be used for success spells and power spells. So if the runestone is relevant to the spell you’d like to do they can help you with that. Runes can be used whenever you feel like you need to use them

When it comes to the usual rune casting, do not repeat the question that you have. You have to trust the runes and what they have spoken. If you keep repeating the same subject over and over again, your runes will not be accurate. You just need to listen to what they say the first time. Use them for spells when needed. Or meditation if you feel like it. But just trust the runes.

So How is the Magic Runes Connection Achieved?

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a Wiccan, or just learning your Wiccan. If you receive something or got something. If you are going to use it in magic, spell casting, or future prediction, you need to connect with the item.

There’s a need to purify them from any unwanted energy. You do this before you do any rune casting with them. You can cleanse your runes in many different ways.

Some wash their runes using pure water. Do not use tap water. Some just leave them outside on a full moon overnight. They say that helps them get rid of any unwanted energy.

Some use the smoke method. You cleanse the runes using of course, smoke. You can do this when you feel it’s necessary to ward off unwanted energy. Or someone else has touched your runes. Or you feel you just need to spiritually connect with your runes again.

magic runes and tarot

You can do the same with crystals and tarot. Try carrying them for several weeks to a month at a time. Add to that, constantly keeping them with you can also do wonders. This is to get used to your pattern in life. You can also sleep with them next to your pillow. Also, try to use them as frequently as you can. In spells and in meditation. And for casting as well.

You can place them on your altar. There are those who choose to lay them out completely in their altars. This is how they get used to your patterns again. So it really depends on the person.

Where Can You Buy Magic Runes?

Getting from the internet is perfectly fine. You can also get them from specialized Wiccan websites. Some purchase from local pagan shops near them.

What’s the Best Type of Rune Stones?

There are various amounts of Rune sets made from different materials. It also does work a lot like tarot cards. You will be drawn to a certain set.

Some just have little plastic runes that they ordered online. Helps you practice and get started in runes. Also very informative. And they have the different pronunciation of the different runes in there.

But even if you practice a crazy amount of time with them, you may not be drawn to them. Sometimes you will feel the need to get a different set.

So if there’s a type wood, or crystal or any other material that you’re extremely drawn to, try to find some runes that are made of that. And yes, you can make your own runes. Just because it works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. It doesn’t work that way.

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