How to Clearly Interpret the Knight of Swords Meaning

knight of swords meaning

How does one interpret the Knight of Swords meaning correctly? This knight is one intensive figure in your spread. He can be seen charging ahead in full pursuit of his ambition, rushing through life. Not paying close attention to who’s around him. If he’s stepping over someone or something on the way to his goal. What he focuses on is accomplishing what he needs to do. That is where he is directing all of his energy.

The Knight of Swords tarot card meaning is asking you to slow down a little. Sometimes one gets so intense and focused on their own goals that they fail to look around. The knight is also beating on that horse, telling it to go as fast as it can. You can see the poor horse looking up in dread, so exhausted. This can be a representation of our physical bodies that need much-taking care of. So you must remember to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy life.

In this post we’ll go deeper into this tarot card as well as discuss the following:

  • What is the meaning of Knight of Swords, personality-wise?
  • The simple interpretation of the Knight of Swords tarot guide for beginners
  • Why you should be cautious when getting Knight of Swords reversed meaning
  • How to navigate safely through a Knight of Swords in a love reading
  • What is the Knight of Swords meaning in tarot for career and finances?

So let’s go ahead and get to know the Knight of Swords tarot card meaning! Enjoy!

The Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

This card shows a knight riding his horse into war without any hesitation. Sword drawn and ready to charge. Like other court cards, this tarot can represent a real person in your life. Or a role you are now ready to play, even a message amassed with interpretations.

This is an extremely active card. It can represent a soldier, some fearless crusader, or a young person that is going to quickly enter your life and give it a stir. Whoever it is, it will be somebody who will charge swiftly without second thoughts. You cannot hold them back because they are assertive, forceful, and works really hard in order to be understood.

This character is always on the move and often seen as impulsive and rash. Not that they act this way all the time, but he does think quicker than the rest of us. He is passionate in his thinking. And takes every option into consideration before deciding on the most efficient course of action. If you pull this card, you may have to make a decision fast and act immediately to make this happen. Know how to create your own path. Stop looking for the most common and easiest way. Or it will not work out.

Upright Knight of Swords Meaning (General)

The Knight of Swords is a person riding directly into the heart of the battle. Charging forth and standing up for what you believe in. Fighting with all they’ve got. It is someone wearing magnificent armor because your ideal is worth dying for. You defend your way of thinking so you are willing to slug it out. There will be huge obstacles that may come your way. But that will never stop you from trodding on and speaking out.

You have a tendency to tell people off. Having some trouble with detail and anything requiring prudence. Some methodical or slow action. This is someone who is very logical in putting up a good fight. You put all your energies into a task, a goal, or a vision. This can represent you navigating some complex project involving a lot of moving parts or elements.

It can also mean dealing with a forthright person filled with ideas. Sticking to their ideas with vigor and excitement. Your best course of action with this card is to engage and stand up for what you believe in. Jump in there and defend yourself, or others. Defend your project. People need you to lead them and you got all the tools to speak your truth.

Never back down despite strong opposition. Use all the abilities you have been blessed with. Carefully think things through before you put them into action. A lot of elements will be swirling around you but stand your ground. Take charge and have faith in yourself.

Upright Knight of Swords Meaning On Love

Be prepared because the Knight of Swords will enter your life boldly. Beware of individuals who are fast thinkers, fast talkers. If they want a relationship with you, they will waste no time in making it happen. It’s normal to get swept off your feet. But remember to trust your gut. Listen to your intuition because it will never lie.

For those in existing relationships, take heed from this knight. Quit beating around the bush and say what’s on your mind. If you keep dancing around an issue the person you desire might get tired and someone else could take your place. Be bold and clearly communicate what you want, what you need.

upright knight of swords on love - marriage proposal

This can be tricky since the Knight of Swords finds it difficult to commit to a partnership. They require lots of intellectual stimulation or else they get bored out of their wits. It can be someone who finds it hard to become too emotionally attached to another person.

The Knight of Swords tarot can also point to a situation wherein you need to muster all your courage and come up with decisions quickly. It can be about making a commitment or a marriage proposal. Or a last-ditch effort to save your partner from being the one who got away.

Upright Knight of Swords Meaning On Career and Finances

This card is all about action, getting things done. It has so much energy, so much vigor. They know their goals, what their targets are. What requires research, all the thinking, and actionable items that have to push through. The archetype of this knight is a person who leaves the castle with a mission to slay the dragon and actually does it. They are successful at what they do.

Workwise, this is someone who operates objectively, logically. Calibrating their actions to meet the set goals is of extreme importance. Unlike the Knight of Wands who mostly rely on their creative impulses, the Knight of swords operates things inside his head. He actually tests his ideas and theories. If they’re actually feasible or not.

This card knows you need to be good at organizing, dealing with systems and processes to get things done. His personality knows that in order to reach certain targets he needs to establish a clear and solid plan. They’re extremely good at troubleshooting and modifications. If something doesn’t work it’s automatically replaced by something that does. It’s hit and miss at times but they know how to deal with it.

Financially speaking this person is very focused on their finances at this moment. Perhaps you’re concerned with saving up for something very important, something big. Or make wise investments to double or triple your savings. You’re going to be needing a lot of energy to do this. Just stay focused and determined. In time you will meet your goal.

Reversed Knight of Swords Meaning (General)

reversed Knight of Swords

When the card is upside down it now represents carelessness, recklessness. Hurting others using your logic by cutting through, cutting deep. With force, thoughtlessness, and riding out of control. It may reveal a person retreating after a big opposition or conflict that they cannot handle. Someone who feels beaten down to a pulp. Or it may represent a fight that turned nasty, unsure of what to do.

It can also reveal nerves, anxiety, or a jittery feeling. You may be severing ties with someone you used to love. Or them severing ties with you. This could also mean removal from a project. Your plans turning upside down. It can be one or the other. Either it’s thoughtlessness and recklessness or simply retreating, stepping back.

So it can go to these extremes, and neither one is comfortable. The best course of action when this card gets reversed is to keep a low profile for a while. Keep your head down. Retreat, back off, disengage. Especially if you feel you don’t have all the information that you need.

If you force the issue the resistance you encounter may be too much for you to handle. So just pull out the reins for now. Slow down and cut off communication. Analyze why your plan has poor logic or is very weak. Step back until the environment shows some improvement. But stop fighting in general for now.

Reversed Knight of Swords Meaning On Love

Beware of the Knight of Swords when it comes to your love reading. The person may be controlling and aggressive, even be a bully. Always believing they are right, they force others to do the things they want, not minding if it is hurting you in the process.

These people have little to no understanding or sympathy. They love getting into endless debates and arguments. With the end goal of pressuring or scaring them off. If this doesn’t represent an actual person, the reversed Knight of Swords can simply imply serious disagreement. Arguments and conflict. Should these fights intensify, it may be in your best interest to part ways for now.

If you know you are the problem, dig deep and find out what you really want out of your relationship. Being right or loved all the time? Since love is a two-way street, it’s a world of never-ending compromise. You can’t get what you want all the time, neither can they. If you truly care for your partner, change won’t appear to be such a daunting task ahead.

Reversed Knight of Swords On Career and Finances

Careerwise, when this card gets reversed, it means the Knight’s process did not work. His theory has failed, so he didn’t pass and go to the next level. Things didn’t improve. He did do some serious research and took action with it. It simply did not work out in the practical realm. The idea may look good on paper, but when implemented his plan obviously fell short.

Therefore, his work needs reassessment. Another possibility of this card is someone who never learns from past mistakes. They’re well aware that their ideas and processes don’t make sense anymore and they will fail. Still, they insist on using these time and time again. When this happens to the upright card they would immediately evaluate the situation. Alright, how much of this plan didn’t work? Can we salvage some of it? Or scrap the idea altogether?

But with the reversed card this individual is too proud and stubborn to assess his situation.

Their ego can not take the idea of rethinking the process and tracing back their steps. To find out where they made the mistake. So how can they possibly improve? Or modify those thought processes to achieve the next goal? So imagine keeping doing the same thing and then wondering why on earth you are stuck?

You are clearly not using your intellect, and you’re being too emotional. It’s also a possibility you have a poor foundation to start with. If your ideas and theories are flawed, obviously they are doomed from the start. You cannot have scattered ideas then expect people to have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to come across.

Furthermore, you need to be good at articulating yourself. For how can you make other people do what you want if you cannot even express your thoughts clearly? You may also be fond of switching from one task to the next. Never getting anything done and you’re distracted so easily.

reversed knight of swords on career and finances

Financially speaking, you might be so focused on the money you no longer care if your behavior is acceptable or not. When this card is upside down you will stop at nothing to keep the ball rolling, to keep the cash coming in, no matter what the cost.

This can get you into trouble eventually especially if the dealings start to border on illegal activities. If this does not represent you, then somebody in your life might be playing the part of this reversed tarot. So be careful of the people you let in your inner circle.


The Knight of Swords is a great card because it usually indicates a form of unstoppable energy and that’s fantastic news. But the bad news is that sometimes this type of energy doesn’t really come out of wisdom. It stems from anxiety, feeling the need to move forward since you’re afraid to stay put, or something is bothering you. Instead of staying still and trying to get to the root cause of the problem, you just cry your heart out.

Looking at the trajectory there’s a possibility for fallout from this type of energy. So if you are feeling energized, have a great plan and you wish to take action, well and good. You need to take advantage of this because this energy is really good.

However, it’s even a better idea if you become mindful of the kind of motivation you have behind this energy. Is there anxiousness surrounding it? Like you can’t even sit still? If that’s the case then it may not be the best place for your energy to be stemming from. You may need to slow down.

Try to be more thoughtful and spend some time reflecting on it. But if your energy is coming from a place of calm and centeredness, then definitely move forward and take action. Good luck!

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