Everything You Need to Know About the King of Cups Meaning

king of cups meaning

The King of Cups meaning is something everyone should know about. Because this symbolizes the part of you that is capable of mastering your feelings and emotions. And this card knows that your feelings and emotions serve as fuel. It has the ability to add to your life’s experiences and enhance them. Allowing you also to get to your destination if you know how to harness them properly.

The King of Cups tarot card meaning tells you that it is not outweighed by the emotions surrounding him. He’s not drowning underneath those waves. As a matter of fact, he stays on top of them. Right on that rock-solid platform that’s keeping him stay above the water. There’s also that ship behind him symbolizing a vehicle. A vehicle that lets him navigate through life by utilizing that water element.

In this post, we will tackle how this card is telling you to harness your emotions and feelings towards positive outcomes. How to look forward to where you’re headed. Then touch up on some of these points as well:

  • How you can maximize the use of King of Cups tarot guide
  • The ways to get the positives out of the King of Cups reversed meaning
  • Discovering your strengths through the King of Cups upright
  • Finding hope and looking forward to the future with King of Cups in a love reading
  • How to weigh the pros and cons of the King of Cups tarot card

So let’s dive in and take a deeper look at the meaning of King of Cups!

King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The King of Cups tarot card meaning shows you a master of love, loyalty, and commitment. A great counselor and guide who oversees their domain with tolerance, dependability, and kindness. This King is a calm influence whenever there is trouble. He loves supporting the arts, music, loves nature, and doing activities in the home.

You can see him sitting on a floating throne, holding a cup in one hand, a scepter in the other. He has mastered the emotional realm and rules using a firm hand. All the while showing compassion, kindness, and commitment to his family.

Just like the other court cards, the King of Cups typically stands for a real person in your life. Basically a generous and loving individual. A man or woman who happens to be a wonderful partner and outstanding parents. Given the right circumstances. It could also mean a role you are presently playing in your current life model.

Upright King of Cups Meaning (General)

The King of Cups is a representation of someone that is emotionally mature. Someone who is open, trusting, generous, and compassionate. A person who can handle with ease complex interactions and situations. You usually possess an intuitive understanding of what others need.

This is someone who has the ability to tune in to what you need to do in a given situation. So they must have mastered this craft through years of experience. It is a mastery of not only connecting with others but also a mastery of your own self-expression. It is possible that there exist some turbulent emotions that are playing a role in your motivation. But you know how to keep these things at bay, keep them under control.

Additionally, this card can also pertain to a person who has their hands full taking care of a lot of people. Someone who is very insightful. This individual knows how to provide much-needed counsel to those who are lost and confused. Someone who keeps their integrity as their highest priority. You always decide for the greater good.

People have to understand that you are most likely looked upon as a good leader. It is something very crucial especially when it involves other people’s emotions. You know exactly what to do because you know what is in their hearts. So you must find a way to commit to your vision. Be responsible in your behavior because people look at you as an authority figure. Love with all your heart, but do it with your eyes wide open. Stay true to yourself, your relationships, and your vision.

Upright King of Cups Meaning On Love

upright king of cups meaning on love

The King of Cups makes a great life partner and an amazing parent. So if you’re someone longing for a loving and rock-solid relationship with a good and committed person. Someone who is looking forward to sticking it out for life, then this card is obviously a great sign. Your King is definitely on the way. If you’re just into one-night stands, then this card is not for you. For the King is not interested in fleeting desires.

They want time and desires a long and committed love relationship. If you belong to a struggling relationship, you might make this the model for your behavior. Because day in and day out, he is like this to everyone in his life. He is dependable, trustworthy, and faithful. It’s like this in personal and professional relationships.

So ask yourself, can people rely on you to become open, honest, and dependable? Are you fiercely loyal? There is a good thing if all your relationship are grounded, and respectful. Because these standards are going to seep through your romantic partnership. Know that you are part of making this relationship work. If it is not working, it is your responsibility to decide if you should stay or go. You always have the power to choose.

Upright King of Cups Meaning On Career and Finances

If you’re an artist and wish to travel the globe for business, then try selling your art internationally. Go for it and conquer the rest of the world with your gift! With everything you have achieved, this is an amazing card to see. Anyhow, the King of Cups is a master regardless of his profession.

If this card is a representation of an actual person in your life, then it could be somebody in a leadership role. However, if there’s no King in your professional life, don’t go around waiting for them. Be the King yourself!

In order to do this, you must act the way Kings do. Believe what Kings believe, think of Kingly thoughts. You cannot merely think your way through this. There is a need to transform your beliefs, actions, and your view of the world.

Financially speaking, the King of Cups pertains to some level of financial stability on your part. This has resulted from careful decision-making over the years. If you are in the middle of big transactions, purchases, or investments, this can be your reminder. Take calculated risks and make sure you have a fallback position in case some things don’t work out.

Reversed King of Cups Meaning (General)

reversed king of cups

This tarot card could mean disagreements or discord. Or flat-out being at war with someone for being hurt in love. Being down and out. Or being jealous of someone being dishonest and deceitful. It might be you who is being dishonest.

Such can indicate someone who is extremely manipulative, emotionally speaking. Or a person who is using sensitive information for leverage. So they can control someone, or steer a particular situation in their desired direction. At the same time, it can merely reveal that you’re still a work in progress. Nearing completion but not quite there yet.

What to do then? Understand that there could be deeper, more challenging, or turbulent emotions that are rocking the boat. It is important for you to work on them so you can have a better understanding of what is happening. Or why it is happening in the first place. This may be a sign for you to not take responsibility. Or not try and control someone else’s response.

Remember that there is no way you can control other people’s feelings or their reactions. So may need to become a little bit more discreet with your emotions. Some situations only ask you to observe, since not everything deserves a reaction. Nor do you have to share everything.

Try to be prudent and discerning when it comes to your emotional truth. Be wary of people who are dishonest. Especially those who have a tendency to become jealous and end up twisting the truth.

Reversed King of Cups Meaning On Love

This is someone who is very insecure and jealous. Thinking that they are able to buy love, even own people. And this kind of selfishness often stems from the fact that they need lots of attention. This is usually the reason behind for doing such things. They can be controlling and demanding in relationships.

These people can become very exhausting for their partners. Being with them sucks the life out of you. So instead of enjoying their company and being friends, forget it. It’s like dating the enemy when you’re around someone like this personality.

Additonally, they are so needy and insecure that they play the guilt game all the time. They keep doing this to elicit reactions from people. Always having a dissatisfied look, looking miserable because well, they are. And if they cannot get what they want, neither will anyone else for that matter. It’s very childish but this happens all the time.

It can get so bad that they even try and break other people. Other people’s relationships, or wreck families just for the heck of it. They are extremely toxic.

Reversed King of Cups On Career and Finances

When King of Cups is reversed they are unable to show all the positive qualities it had when it was upright. Now it is lacking in motivation. They somehow believe the world no longer needs them, no longer wants them. Or perhaps they have lost faith in this world but are unable to express their emotions. This can lead them to feel negative and harmful feelings within.

reversed king of cups on career and finances

Oftentimes these are really dark emotions. And because they feel misunderstood this can create a lot of fear and selfishness in their work environment. These are fears of rejection that lead to bottled-up emotions. And these things are usually manifested physically. Weight gain is one thing. Addiction problems also arise when things get really bad.

When this card is reversed it means lacking positive leadership. You turn into somebody really hostile with a hostile mentality. There’s also a great intolerance you develop with other people. Especially those with different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. You cannot see eye to eye with them.

Financially speaking, your spending is spiraling out of control. You are no longer able to make logical and well-informed decisions. Needless spending is starting to become a habit. Do not let uncontrolled emotions make financial decisions for you. Seek help before it’s too late and everything blows up in your face.


The King of Cups reminds you of the importance of balancing your intellect with your emotions. It is important to not only feel but understand as well. When you have mastered the art of balancing your emotions and have the ability to control them, you’re good to go. This means you not only have a deeper knowledge of yourself but awareness as well.

When you come face to face with challenges that could normally throw people off balance, the King of Cups will remind you to act the way he does. Never fly off the handle, or fall into despair. Learn to tame your emotions so you can navigate through reality. Evaluate yourself to determine and find out how you can have a stronger awareness of your inner self. 

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