What is the Juno Retrograde and how will it affect me?

While the Mercury Retrograde is often a hot topic in astrology, not many know about the Juno one. Perhaps, this is because Juno is reserved for those advanced astrology fanatics who’re already into asteroids!

Fret not, since we’re here to help!

We’ll unlock the secrets of the Juno retrograde, and help you prepare as you move forward. Doing so means you can seize this golden opportunity for change!

What is Juno Retrograde?

Juno Retrograde

Uncovering the secrets of the Juno retrograde cycle is quite a task. After all, this asteroidal movement is not something that you can come up with on your own, unless you’re a seasoned astrologist.

Even then, you can simply look-up for its date and take off from there. For this year, Juno Retrograde happens to be on April 12. Usually, it lasts for 10-17 weeks, so we’re still at its inception stage.

During this time, the backward movement of this asteroid can bring forth unforeseen changes in certain aspects of your relationship.

Generally, Juno is known to symbolize fairness and equality in relationships. But when it goes retrograde, issues of infidelity, separation, and conflict emerges. And depending how you look at it, these issues can become opportunities for growth.

Such issues can cause unforeseen discomfort and adjustments. You may suddenly hear issues popping out of nowhere, or become unexpectedly burned out in your relationship. Harsh words and negative perspectives come to light, as these problems come to surface.

By knowing the effect of the Juno Retrograde in natal chart, you can pinpoint when it will occur. And when it does, you can capitalize on this astrological event. With it, you can make relationships deeper and stronger.

Thus, it is crucial to know how the Juno retrograde affects your zodiac sign. Read on to find out more!

What does the Juno Retrograde mean for each sign?


Expect bumps along the road, Aries. Your personal or work relationships will be taking a hit. While your Cardinal energy inspires you to start something, now is a good time to take that much needed pause.

Not everyone may agree with your perspective, and that’s okay. You’re totally the type to simply express your thoughts, and that means conflict of all sorts. Though this will be a bloody trial, it is also an opportunity to preserve relationships worth keeping. Not everyone will agree with you. Even then, friends and partners must be true to you as you are to them.


This retrograde will prove to be a challenge for you, Taurus. Negative energies of jealousy and envy are lurking right around the corner. Be on guard, as others may stab your back. A business partner may suddenly run away with your investments, or a partner may be having an affair. Heck, even a family member may be plotting against you!

However, take this with a grain of salt. This is a great year for you, so focus on positive energies and worthwhile goals. Drop everything that’s slowing you down, even if it means letting go of a few friends. Reach for your dreams, and don’t let these negativities get the best of you.


You will feel the drastic effects of this retrograde, Gemini. Sharing the same mutability with Sagittarius, you’re bound to experience change in unforeseen levels. This can bring excitement, but it may be too much even for a Gemini.

For instance, the need to express yourself more will inevitably arise. While you’re known to be carefree, you’ll witness the urge to speak up against your peers. There is a brewing emotional discomfort from within, and you must express it in order to move forward. Don’t hesitate to express it towards people you can trust. After all, you might not trust yourself that much.



This retrograde is a good time for you to step back, Cancer. As a water sign, you are deeply connected with yourself. You constantly have those reflective conversations with your inner subconscious. And during this time, this tendency of yours will become even more powerful.

Bluntly speaking, cut ties if need be. Some people love to rely on you financially and emotionally. While it is good that you’re helping them, they might be leeching too much. Thus, try to assess which relationships are worth keeping. Remember, you can’t please everyone in the room. You also have to give time for yourself to protect your own sanity.


Your royalty will be challenged, Leo. While your aristocratic approach is good at gaining allies, this retrograde will showcase those who abuse your generosity. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. The same goes true with your relationships, with some becoming outright disrespectful and toxic.

We know that you love to keep things going, but now is the time to stop. Evaluate your relationships, and pay your dues. You might be keeping some connections out of guilt or sense of responsibility. Be sure to repay them in full, and move forward. This is the only way for you to take yourself to the next level.


This retrograde is an uphill battle for you, Virgo. Though you are known to be the “wheat bringer” among the signs, financial and material problems will surface. Disagreements with co-workers or business partners are right around the corner. Be on guard, and make sure to check the financials well. If not, someone will continually take advantage of your kindness.

Add to that, expect to have problems with your romantic relationships. If it isn’t built on solid ground, then it will probably be shaky. Even then, try to look at this as an opportunity to fortify the weaknesses of your relationship. You may need to distance a bit, so as to give yourself a good look of reality. With that, you can properly address these lingering issues.


You are the most diplomatic among the signs, Libra. However, during this retrograde, expect that the scales of balance will tilt. You’ll begin losing patience, and forego negotiations. Instead of mending what’s there, the urge to speak up becomes more apparent.

Don’t be afraid, and face that inevitable conflict courageously. You may end up separating yourself with others, but this is a good chance to improve your status quo. While your usual self may prefer to keep things in check, now is a good time to take that leap of faith. The gains will be much more worth it, especially on the emotional aspect.


Your emotions will certainly be in the way, Scorpio. While it is good to have that emotional aspect mastered, such mastery will force you to decide which relationships to keep. And much to your surprise, this retrograde will trigger some rationality in the decision-making process.

With that, try going back to your long-term goal. Are you seeking personal growth? Or perhaps, you’re focusing on finding yourself? Do you want a bigger house? These goals can heavily sway the decisions you’re about to make in the next few months!



This year’s retrograde happens to be in your sign, Sagittarius. Expect to feel it strongly, as the asteroid Juno will naturally move backwards under your sign. In this case, you’ll feel changes, especially in how you take action. Freedom is the main theme of this transition, so try capitalizing it.

While you may be a fixed flaming arrow, exploring other options wouldn’t hurt as much. If you need to pause and re-evaluate your personal growth, do it! Go to the mountains, or reconnect with the sea. Experience nature, and learn how to step back. Now is the time to reflect on your actions and know what’s best for you.


Mistreatment is the main theme for you, Capricorn. You may not notice it, but others are subtly making a mockery of you. You may be in denial, as you trust those within your circle. However, being true to your vigilant nature will lead you to better outcomes.

Thus, even if conflict ensues, stand tall and firm. Raise your head up, and try meeting others eye to eye. Don’t falter on your decisions, even if it leads to resentment and demise. After all, these may be ultimately necessary to bring in the wind of change.


Suddenly, you’ll find yourself trapped, Aquarius. Your fixation towards personal goals and transformational change towards mankind got the best of you. Perhaps, you’ve placed little to no regard for your relationships, leading to unprecedented problems along the road.

Fret not, for this Juno retrograde cycle can bring more good than harm. While you usually decide with a calm and composed demeanor, try listening to your heart. It may be speaking words of truth and wisdom that you’ve subconsciously ignored. Doing so means you get to balance your emotions and logic in a way that benefits you the most.


This Juno retrograde is a tough time for you, Pisces. While you’re good at hiding your true self, the retrograde will expose your true colors. While this is generally good, it might not be how you’re envisioning it.

Even then, carry on. You are the wisest among all the zodiac signs, so you should take the lead. Do not be afraid of transformational change, as these events elevate your inner self. Spiritual change may occur even before you know it. Even so, continue to express who you truly are. Those who will accept you now will stay for a lifetime!

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