Judgement Tarot Card Meaning: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

judgement tarot card meaning

The Judgment tarot card meaning is about reflection about yourself. It means introspecting and assessing your past and present actions. It can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. This is the 38th tarot card in any deck and it is an important one to know about. Stick with us and explore the Judgement card meaning!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy Judgement tarot guide will help you understand what it means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

Meaning of the Judgement Tarot Card 

On the face of the Judgement tarot, the archangel Gabriel comes down from Heaven. He blows his trumpet, which is a signal of an incoming judgement. Gabriel is a messenger of God and a symbol of authority. The face of the card is not unlike the famed last judgement portrayed in the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

Nude men and women rise from their graves and answer his trumpet’s call. Their arms spread open to receive Gabriel and the message of God’s judgement. They are ready for their actions to be judged and take whatever fate may come their way. Come hell or heaven, they prepared themselves for the judgement of God. The mountain range in the back stands snowy and imposing. It is a sign that the judgement is inevitable. This is why the men and women receive it so openly. They are well aware that there is no escape or denial. Acceptance of judgement is the only thing left to them.

What does the Upright Judgement mean?

The upright Judgement tarot card meaning represents a chance for you to reflect on your past and present behavior. Check your personal values and beliefs. Are you acting in a way that reflects them? Have you acted in ways that reflect your deeply-held personal values? Will your actions bring you to your personal goals and purposes? You have to have a clear image of who you really are. Remember that this does not always mean who you want to be! It is possible that you are not quite on the way to your goals and purposes. You might not even be acting in a way that is reflective of your core values and beliefs.

When assessing the Judgement tarot card meaning, it pays to note whether it was upright or reversed. Another possible meaning of the upright Judgement is that you may soon have to make unavoidable choices. Do not forget that your past choices will always affect where you are in your life right now. However, you should face the consequences of those actions with an open mind and accepting arms.

Closing your mind and arms to the consequences of your actions is denial. Denial is one of the many ways you stop yourself from progressing and growing from your past. So is justifying your actions instead of accepting that they may not have been as right as you think. If others judge your actions to be wrong, do not be so pig-headed as to stubbornly insist that you did nothing wrong. Take some time to reflect and seriously consider their judgement. While you cannot change the past or your actions before, learning from them and being better is your best bet at moving forward. Do not shackle yourself to your past misdeeds. Walk forward.

Upright Judgement in Romance

The meaning of the Judgement tarot card in love and relationships is about evaluating your romances. The card hints that it is time to reflect on what you really need in a relationship. You may need a lover who is attentive to your emotional needs, not one who is overly affectionate physically. It could also apply vice versa. The romantic needs of people are wide and multi-varied. It will take a good look at yourself to understand what you really need in your romantic relationships. If you figure yourself out, the unique combination of things that you need in a lover will become clearer to you.

upright judgement in romance

Another possibility in the Judgement tarot card meaning is that you and your partner are important for each other. However, you do not fully appreciate the other. Perhaps you are treating each other too harshly for certain mistakes? Maybe you are stuck in the past, unable to fully appreciate the relationship at the moment without seeing it in the lens of your partner’s past actions? Communication is the name of the game. Do not belittle the positive effect that sitting down and talking it out with your partner can have on your relationship. Listen to each other’s views and feelings without interrupting. Learn about their needs and let them learn about yours. This will truly help you two figure out what is best for each other and how you can best meet each other’s needs.

If you are single, take your time! If you draw the Judgement tarot card meaning love in your reading, evaluate potential partners carefully. Do not choke down the first one that tries to get cozy with you. Reflect carefully on what you are looking for in your romantic relationships. 

Upright Judgement in Finance and Career

The Judgement tarot card meaning for your career is that your bosses are watching and evaluating your work. This is a good time to go the extra mile at work and be conscious of how you present yourself. It is very likely that you will receive a positively glowing evaluation. If you worked hard, your efforts will stand out to whoever is conducting your evaluation. That could mean your boss or human resources. But if you have been letting your work slacken lately, this is a wake-up call. Pick up the pace! Do damage control before your career is irrevocably judged in the evaluation to be over.

As for your finances, the Judgement tarot card meaning is that you are about to receive new contracts and good cash flow. However, it also cautions you against impulsive spending and snap judgements in your expenses. Do your research and look around on the market before you buy that new laptop or car. It is wise not to let your newfound spending power cloud your judgement when it comes to spending.

Of course, the Judgement card also advises you to be careful and comply with any and all laws or regulations. Even minor violations will negatively impact your financial growth and you do not want that. Hefty fines are unhealthy for anybody trying to grow their career or achieve financial security. Your career will also indubitably suffer if you commit any major violations. Jail is never a good thing for a person’s career future. Unless you are the boss of a very successful drug cartel with more spending power than some countries.

What does the Reversed Judgement mean?

reversed judgement tarot - self-doubt

When drawn reversed, what does Judgement tarot card mean? It often means that you are doubting yourself too much. The flipside of reflecting carefully about yourself and your values in relation to your actions is you can be too careful. This over-reflection leads to self-doubt and this will adversely affect your state of mind. It will also make you hesitate or withhold on making decisions that would otherwise have led to great opportunities for you. You end up stuck and unable to make your next move. To get this wagon rolling again, you need to get your strength and confidence back! Take action today!

It can also mean that you are much too harsh when you judge yourself and that fills you with the thought that you cannot do what you must. This tends to happen when you cling to your past, especially when you lost many opportunities and made many mistakes. Try not to see them as your weaknesses or personal failings. Those terms can cause a defeatist attitude, as if you cannot rectify them or grow from them. Rather, think of them as lessons that make you stronger. Forgive yourself. Let yourself start again cleanly, but do not forget the lessons taught to you by your mistakes!

Reversed Judgement in Romance

The Judgement tarot card meaning for romance implies that you are hesitating with a decision concerning your romance. You may be thinking too hard about whether you have judged your own needs correctly in relation to your romance. It is also possible that you are hesitating to try and fulfill your partner’s needs because you think you cannot do it. Harshness may even be pervasive in how you judge yourself or your partner in this relationship. Do not cling to the past mistakes of your partners and let it cloud your judgement in how they are acting now. Most certainly do not make that mistake yourself either.

Often, it is those who are most afraid of messing up in their romantic relationships that end up messing it up beyond repair. Hesitation is costly in romances, which reward confidence. People who keep shaming themselves over a mistake they made tend to be unable to grow and learn from their mistake. You do not want to be that person. Be vigilant, surely! Learn from your mistakes and do not make them again. This can only really come after you have soundly judged yourself and when you know yourself well.

There is little that turns off romantic partners faster than someone with a defeatist attitude. Someone who hesitates too much about doing the right thing does that too. It seems cute and sweet to worry so much until the anxiety it causes is no longer endearing. It can cause your partner to feel anxiety too. Your partner will not know if you will actually push through with anything when you worry too much about doing it to actually do it.

Reversed Judgement in Career

reversed judgement in career

The reversed Judgement likely means that you are hesitating to do something in your career. Do not overthink what will happen if you bring it forward. You might be worrying about what might happen if you ask your boss for a raise. Well-deserved, that’s what you feel. Because you worked really hard. But you are afraid of what will happen to you in the office if he says no. This could also readily be true with respect to a project that you are eyeing. Joining it is appealing to you. But you worry that you will not be able to carry your weight and you will inconvenience the project.

Nostalgia can also be dangerous to your cause when looking for a new job. Looking at your past job experiences is not a bad start to determining where to progress your career next. But it is dangerous to make past experiences the only basis to judge whether you take this new step in a career. For example, you might have had a terrible experience at your last job that caused you to quit. You did not quit because you did not want to do the job anymore but your overthinking leads you to misassociate that line of work with the bad event. This might lead you to avoid any jobs in that line of work in the future even if you love doing that work. Do not overthink the past of your career to the point that it kills your passion. The world could always use more people doing what they really love and your hesitation to do that serves nobody and hurts you.

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