Heart Chakra Stones: Which Stones Lead You to a Life Full of Love?

heart chakra stones

Imagine living a life without love. Sad, right? Well, it could happen if your heart chakra is a whack. Your heart chakra is the center for love and compassion, for yourself and for others. But sometimes, there will be blockages. And to counter this, we could use heart chakra stones. 

This article will help you decide which heart chakra stones work best for you.  

In this article, you’ll know more about:

  • Things you need to know about the heart chakra
  • How to tell if the heart chakra is blocked
  • Which heart chakra stones are for you
  • Taking care of your heart chakra stones
  • And more

All about Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra is the fourth among the seven chakras of our spiritual body. It is in the middle of the seven chakras, thus affecting the chest and the heart. Because of its location, the heart chakra bridges the energy flow from the higher to the grounding chakras. The center, where our heart chakra resides, handles love, self-care, and compassion. An open and balanced heart chakra lets us live a life that is full of love, kindness, and care. 

The heart chakra is responsible for our ability to express unconditional love. However, this love does not only mean love for others. It also means love for ourselves. While it is important to keep our relationships bound by love, it is more important to direct love inwards. The love and care that we give to ourselves heal not only the current issues of the heart. But it also heals the traumas of our inner child. 

Our heart chakra plays a huge part in balancing our emotional body. As the center for love, empathy, and forgiveness, the heart chakra awakens our capacity to love. Thanks to our heart chakra, we get to experience love in our life. 

Signs of a Blocked Heart Chakra 

Are you feeling jealous and angry toward other people? Do you feel like love is no longer in your life? Then maybe there is a blockage in your heart chakra. It is easy to spot a blocked heart chakra. They show physical manifestations such as chest pain or difficulty breathing. 

A blocked heart chakra also affects your mental and emotional state. These show as isolation, loneliness, grudge, insecurity, and avoiding love. It may also show as putting up walls and distancing yourself from the people who matter to you. 

Living a life with a blocked heart chakra only leads to stress and anxiety. But there is no need to worry. There are many ways that you could heal your blocked heart chakra. 

10 Best Stones for the Heart Chakra 

Crystals are best because they come from the earth, thus making you grounded to the earth and nature. Green and pink stones are the best heart chakra stones. These precious stones radiate an energy that relates to love and compassion. 

These heart chakra stones below help clear the heart chakra. 

1 Rose Quartz

rose quartz

For peace and self-love

Rose Quartz is one of the most common heart chakra crystals. This translucent pink crystal means to love and show compassion. Rose Quartz communicates all kinds of love, and the most important of them all – is self-love. 

Aside from being an expression of universal love, Rose Quartz works wonders in healing blockages of the heart chakra. It heals the deep emotional traumas of the past for a peaceful present life. 

Rose Quartz has healing abilities, especially to the heart chakra. It sends off a deep vibration that helps align and reconnect our heart chakra. Rose Quartz is a great crystal that helps us feel centered and lead a life full of love. 

2 Emerald 

For divine love

Emerald is a gleaming green crystal that symbolizes divine love. This gemstone brings love and unity, qualities essential for unconditional and everlasting love. Over the centuries, royalties wore emeralds in their neck to protect them from being ill.

Its green color relates to the heart chakra. The Emerald’s gorgeous green shade heals the physical, mental, and metaphysical components. Emerald brings healing to all parts of the body, especially the heart. 

If you feel trapped because of dark and heavy energy, Emerald can help you. Emerald brings in a vibrant and rejuvenating energy that counters dark and heavy feeling. This gem can help open up the heart chakra which lets you love deep and wide. In matters of the heart, Emerald is one of the best chakra stones to foster genuine and divine love. 

3 Green Aventurine 

green aventurine

For luck and abundance

Green Aventurine is a form of quartz that means fortune and prosperity. If you seek a plethora of wealth or relationships, Green Aventurine is your best friend. Aside from this, Green Aventurine taps into your femininity and gives protection. 

The Green Aventurine is one of the heart chakra healing stones. When placed near the chest, it helps clear the blockages that keep you from being lucky and abundant. It gives off a vibration that gives you the courage to let go of unending repetitive issues. 

Its natural healing abilities allow a better flow in the heart chakra. Thus, enabling good fortune to come forth. 

4 Rhodonite 

For self-love and self-worth

Rhodonite is a pretty pink crystal that ensures you to prioritize your well-being. By aligning, opening and activating the heart chakra, Rhodonite cuts your unhealthy tendencies. 

Rhodonite has a deep connection to the heart chakra. Healing the heart chakra with Rhodonite helps you overcome anxiety, fear, and doubt. Its harmonious healing vibrations bring heaping self-love and self-worth. The power of Rhodonite addresses inner issues by reducing internal negative energy. And although it targets internal problems, its effects bring a spark that could light up a room. The healing abilities of Rhodonite help you move forward to a life full of love and confidence. 

5 Amazonite 


For hope and courage

Amazonite is a soulful green gem that brings hope and courage. Back in the day, Amazonian warriors put Amazonite in their shields as symbol of strength. This heart chakra crystal encourages you to fight for the things you are hopeful for. It keeps you standing firm to fulfill your heart’s desires.

Amazonite has metaphysical healing properties. Its green color, which relates to the heart chakra, soothes tension and enhances love. If you want to be hopeful and courageous in matters of the heart, wear the Amazonite as a necklace. This way, the healing crystal is close to the heart. 

6 Green Jade 

For prosperity and balance

The Green Jade is one of the heart chakra stones that was around throughout history for good luck. Good things from the universe come your way when you use the Green Jade. Using Green Jade promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

If you want to live a life full of luck and healing, then carry a Green Jade anywhere you go. The soft glistening green color of this stone negates harmful habits. It opens up the heart chakra and brings harmony and balance. This yields a deep connection with others and yourself. Green Jade attracts success while grounding you in nature. 

7 Malachite 

For love and protection

Malachite is one of the most powerful heart chakra stones that balances and clears the heart chakra. Its deep green hue relates to Venus as well as the heart chakra. This gem’s strong feminine energy allows you to divulge into your own psyche. You need to reflect, accept, and make needed changes to attract loving relationships. 

Another great property of Malachite is its ability to protect you from toxic emotions and negative vibes. Even in the olden times, Malachite was highly valued for its protective properties. Throughout history, Malachite protects people against evil spirits and negative energy. 

8 Rhodochrosite 


For emotional healing

For you to meet pure love, you need to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Rhodochrosite removes emotional blockages in the heart chakra resulting in a healed heart. This stone, ruled by Venus, heals the heart chakra. And a healed heart chakra is your way to genuine love.  

Rhodochrosite heals the scars of your inner child and encourages you to cut ties with things or people that do not serve you. When you are free from your baggages, pure and divine love will make its way to you. 

9 Prehnite

For peace and protection

Prehnite is a heart chakra crystal that has hues of light green with streaks of yellow or gold. It brings a higher level of peace and protection to you. Thus, creating harmonious and safe life. 

Prehnite is the heart chakra stone that heals the healer. It allows us to make space for ourselves first before we go and heal other souls. This nurturing stone is perfect if you are an empath because of its natural emotional healing. Prehnite gives you inner peace to protect you from the negativity of the people you heal. 

The saying you cannot give what you don’t have applies to this healing gem. Prehnite is your reminder to protect yourself first before you help other people. 

10 Peridot 


For positive energy

Peridot is a cheerful shade of green specked with gold. Its twinkling shade of green will for sure lift your heavy heart. Its healing properties bring life and light, especially to those who feel sad and down. This stone encourages you to let go of your problematic attitudes to make way for joy and bliss. The energy of a Peridot washes out negative emotions and brings in positive energy. 

Its green color associates it with the heart chakra, the place where love and trust reside. If you have difficulties building and maintaining your relationships, Peridot could help you. It sends  gleaming cheerful energy to heal and cleanse your heart chakra. 

Using Heart Chakra Stones

Heart chakra stones are excellent at strengthening the heart chakra and regulating emotions. These healing heart chakra crystals send off uplifting energy that inspires you to embrace the natural lover in you. But how can you use these crystals to maximize their benefits? 

Well, there is no need for you to carry big chunks of rocks to use them. Use these following tips to allow a flow of energy to your heart chakra. 

Incorporate in jewelry pieces

Using crystals does not have to be in conflict with your fashion statement. Wear your gems by incorporating them into your jewelry pieces such as pendants, earrings, or bracelets. This way, they are in contact with your skin or placed near your chest. 


If you have bigger pieces of your heart chakra stones, then you can use them in your meditation. Keep them close to your heart while you say your daily affirmations and manifestations. Or you could show your gratification to your crystals by making a gratitude journal. 

Use as home decor

It is no doubt that crystals are pleasing to the eye. Thus, you can use your precious stones as home decor. Place them around the house, most especially in the places that you and your loved ones frequent. Such as your bedroom, living area, and dining area. 

Storing and Recharging Heart Chakra Stones 

As precious stones, crystals need tender love and care. The crystals for your heart chakra require proper storage and recharging to keep them in top condition. You can follow these simple tips to preserve their potency. 

Put them in an altar

Assign a place where your heart chakra crystals can receive natural light. Make sure that your stones are in a clutter-free place or else they will absorb the messy energy. 

Keep them in linen pouches

gems in pouches

You can protect your gems in small fabric pouches, preferably cotton or linen. This will ensure that your fragile and pretty stones are safe and protected. 

Herb and salt cleanse

Crystals absorb negative energy, and crystals have limits. Keep the healing abilities of your crystals – cleanse them with different herbs and salt. You can use herbs such as sage, peppermint, or tea. Salt can also get rid of impurities in a crystal’s energy. But because it is abrasive, you can soak your crystals in saltwater instead. 

Sunlight and moonlight

Crystals are elements that come from nature. So does sunlight and moonlight. Recharge the energy of your crystals by letting your crystals absorb the morning sunlight or the light of the full moon. But be careful in exposing some crystals to the sun as it can alter the appearance of some. 

Bottom line 

There are different ways to clear up a blocked heart chakra. But one of the easiest ways is to use heart chakra stones. An open heart is the key to a life free from difficulties. The list of the best stones for the heart chakra for you to choose from. You just need to find the one that suits your style, personality, and needs. 

The heart chakra stones not only bring balance into the heart but are also beautiful charms to carry. The light that these heart chakra crystals opens the heart to love and compassion – something that everyone needs right now. 

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