Keeping the Fire Burning With the Future Love Tarot Spread

future love tarot spread

There are so many questions that go through your mind when dealing with the Future Love tarot spread. But the key is not getting overwhelmed. But instead ask the right questions about you, your future partner, and the relationship you will be getting into. In this post, we will be showing five examples of tarot spreads for love and relationships. As well as how you can successfully navigate through your romantic endeavors. We will also touch on the following aspects:

  • What are the things to consider for a future love tarot reading?
  • How to prepare your future husband tarot spread
  • What is the best future partner tarot spread?
  • Questions to ask for your new love tarot spread
  • How accurate is your coming love tarot spread?

So let’s get to it and see how to go about your Future Love Life tarot spread!

Future Love Life Tarot Spread: An Overview

The Future Love Life tarot spread is undoubtedly one of the most asked about spreads during a tarot reading. It can be pretty tricky when it comes to predicting timings as it is different for everyone. So these spreads are for those looking for true love, and things to do in order to keep this love they have found for a lifetime. So let’s dive into the first one.


       2  3

     4  5  6

Card 1: My true love in the future

Card 2: Will there be an instant attraction?

Card 3: What’s the person going to be like?

Card 4: The challenges to come

Card 5: Helpful tips

Card 6: When will we meet?

So card 1 gives you the energy for the kind of person of your fate. You will get a feel of what they’re like from this card. Or you might get something like that of the Eight of Pentacles, representing an artisan or tradesman.

Pay attention to card 4. This will show you the possible challenges you are going to face. These could stem from the past or an obstacle to why you’re not meeting your significant other right now. So pay attention to this card and the next one so they can show you how you can overcome these.

Card 6 will give out clues where, when, and how you could possibly meet this individual. Allow your intuition to flow and see what you can come up with.

Future Love Tarot Spread for Genuine Connection

When working on your tarot spread for future love, the first main concern is building a genuine connection. You need to remove those masks you wear because you feel vulnerable. Both parties have to trust each other totally if you wish to be loved for who you are. Not for how you appear to be, or what others think about you.

This tarot spread helps you identify areas in your life that are preventing you from connecting authentically. Since you insist on wearing a mask. So give your cards a shuffle and lay them out the same way you see on the image below.

future love tarot spread for genuine connection

Card 1 represents the question as to why you are keeping yourself hidden? What do you fear? It represents your fears and beliefs about being seen and heard. The things you are afraid of, people or things that are capable of hurting you.

At this time tarot journaling is a great help. Card 2 is what you are going to lose if you continue hiding. These are the pain and problems you are going to face if you insist on hiding your true self. On the other hand, Card 3 is the things you will gain if you continue to hide. Benefits may include safety, or not ever having to confront your failures.

Utilize this card to expand other benefits you think you get. Card 4 is another big one. What will you gain when you finally unleash the real you? This represents all your gifts, strengths, and positive things you get when you speak out, become visible, and let the real you shine. The only scary part about putting yourself out in the open is the possibility of getting hurt.

Future Love Tarot Spread for Forgiveness

1 2 3

It is very natural and it always happens, so you will need this tarot spread when it does happen. This is the tarot spread for forgiveness. Forgiveness is extremely hard. Especially when you are deeply, personally betrayed, hurt, manipulated, or even abused. By people you love or used to love.

Then again, you need forgiveness so you can finally put all the betrayals and painful memories behind you and finally move on. To become stronger and wiser persons. It doesn’t mean you just forget what took place. But you need to forgive. It’s heavy carrying that kind of anger within you. No one is saying you excuse the behavior, but try and forgive.

So this spread will help you identify the benefits you have taken away from your own painful experiences. It’s going to help you to finally leave them all behind.

How to do it:

Begin by asking a question before shuffling the cards. The question here is what is the event, situation, betrayal, person, or relationship from your past that you wish to leave behind for good? And not think about them ever again? You may want to rephrase it by asking, what are you incapable of forgiving?

Again, using a tarot journal will be extremely useful when answering such questions. Shuffle the cards the way you like then lay them as shown in the image. The question is, what is the positive lesson I have learned from such an experience? Yes, it’s hard to look back on, but there are many positives you can take from it, no matter how painful.

So this is card 1. Surely it hurt, but also made you stronger at the same time. Just try and focus on the positive lessons to take heart. Card 2 is asking you about the deeper reason why did you have to learn such a lesson? This represents all the strengths and wisdom you have gained from your experience. How you have grown, matured, and evolved because of what happened. Finally card 3. How can you find lightness and liberty once more? This talks about the specific steps you will take to finally move on.

Future Love Tarot Spread for Your Love Languages

This fourth tarot spread is all about a love language. Communicating your love in your relationship. Everyone has their own desires, needs, and preferences. So one of the biggest differences in our love language is the way we choose to give and receive love.

The idea comes from the best-selling book of Gary Chapman entitled The Five Love Languages. Outlining the five love languages are:

1. Words of affection

2. Gifts

3. Quality time

4. Physical touch

5. Acts of service

Words of affection may be words of encouragement. Telling that person how much you appreciate them. Whereas gifts would be buying them that soft blankie for no other reason than you like cuddling beneath those sheets.

Quality time may sound like going to the beach spontaneously. When you have no work and just want to spend quality time with that person. Physical touch doesn’t require you to say anything. A gentle touch, holding hands or cuddling whenever you’re together. Acts of service may be getting them a new coffee mug because their favorite one was accidentally broken by their fur baby. You know, simple acts of unsolicited service.

Bear in mind that each one has their own preferred love language. It’s nice to receive all five of course, but there’s that favorite one you’d like to give and receive. Not always, but more often than not.

So this spread helps in identifying your love language while reading through your spread. Also, think and consider how your own personal love language differs from the preferences of your loved one. So shuffle the cards and lay them out as shown below.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

The Cards:

Card 1: How do you feel about giving physical affection?

Card 2: Do you like giving gifts?

Card 3: Would you like to say loving and affectionate things to your significant other?

Card 4: Do you like doing favors for your loved one?

Card 5: Would you enjoy taking time off to spend some quality time with your partner?

Then what you do is flip the cards in a way.

Card 6: Do you like receiving physical affection?

Card 7: Would you like to receive gifts?

Card 8: Do you like to hear words of affection from your lover?

Card 9: Would you be pleased if they do unsolicited favors for you?

Card 10: Will you enjoy it if they spend quality time with you?

Note that some of these cards may not really match up to your feelings. This is a good sign, actually. It’s your cue for investigating further into this area of your love language.

So now we go to the most intimate and romantic part of all. Use tarot to boost your sex life!

Future Love Tarot Spread for Your Sex Life

So this might be one of the most anticipated parts of them all. The Future Love Tarot Spread for sex life! This would be a great help for getting creative. Increasing your drive, desire, passion, and performance aspect of your future sex life. You do this by focusing on your confidence, comfort, and loving attitudes. So give your cards a good shuffle and lay it out like the image shown.

future love tarot spread for your sex life

The Cards:

Card 1 asks you what you can do to help you feel more comfortable in bed. So you need to think about extraordinary ideas about how to make yourself be more comfortable inside your bedroom. This talks about the receptive energy you allow yourself to receive. It will be helpful if you journal the reasons, even situations that make you feel uncomfortable sexually prior to reading this card.

Card 2 asks you how you can be more confident in bed? While comfort is about receptive energy, confidence is your active energy. It helps you to think about how you can feel sexier, bolder, and braver in bed. How you can take initiative in sexual matters. Try journaling reasons why you might feel less confident.

Card 3 asks you how you can be more loving in bed. Towards yourself and towards your partner.

And finally, there’s card 4. What can you actually do to make you feel sexier in your daily life, not just in bed? This card helps you identify the many ways to feel comfortable, confident, and loving in your everyday life.

Yes, it may not have anything to do with your sex life directly. But these positive feelings will spill over all aspects of your intimate relationships. With yourself and others. So the more desire, joy, and pleasure you feel in your daily life, the higher the chances you will bring these feelings to the bedroom as well.

Needless to say, there are lots more tarot spreads that can be used for love and intimacy. A tarot spread for future love. But your tarot isn’t just good for sex or love concerns. It’s also for creativity, self-care, good health. 

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