The Four of Pentacles Tarot: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

The Four of Pentacles tarot card has everything to do with money. It can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. Stick with us and explore the meaning of the Four of Pentacles!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy Four of Pentacles tarot guide will help you understand what it means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

four of pentacles tarot

On the face of the Four of Pentacles tarot, a man sits on a stool outside his home village, clutching four pentacles close to him. He holds two between his feet, balances another on his head, and clings to another in his hands. The pentacles represent coins. The man is afraid of losing his money. But with his feet busy holding his money, he cannot go anywhere. With no friends or family to speak to, the man fixates himself on a single thing: wealth. The meaning of Four of Pentacles tarot card draws are rooted in the person’s relationship with money. It often includes his or her material possessions too.

What does the Upright Four of Pentacles mean?

Drawn upright, the Four of Pentacles tarot represents a chance for you to reflect on your relationship with money. Perhaps you are gathering a vast amount of wealth and investing it wisely while still spending some to enjoy yourself? Or maybe you are hoarding every cent, thinking that if you spend anything, you will not have enough, and you will lose that coin forever?

In the ideal position, drawing the Four of Pentacles tarot upright in a reading implies that you have recently coming into a great deal of money. You probably accumulated a lot of money by working hard to stay on track with your goals and spending very conservatively. You watch your expenses carefully. It is also likely that you focus on working towards a future with long-term financial security.

Upright Four of Pentacles in Romance

A savings plan is a good thing to have. So is a retirement plan, safe investments, and a family budget. This helps you protect whatever money you have built up. It also prevents you from succumbing to a life of wage-slavery and sets up for the possibility of long-term wealth for you and your family.

This does not mean that being a miser is a good thing. Obsessive saving and scrimping on expenses are the hallmarks of a scarcity mindset. You fear you may lose it all if you let yourself spend on anything but the bare essentials, so you stockpile and safeguard every coin you ever possess. It is possible that you fear that you will either lose it by spending poorly and not knowing it or that someone will rob you of it.

This scarcity will drive you to make a ruthlessly strict budget for yourself. Do not cut out many of the good things about life. Things like travel, parties, gifts, good food, or even your hobbies are important. That is no way to live life happily. There are more effective uses for your money. You should spend your money. It re-enters the flow of monetary circulation. Ideally, you should spend it on investments that make you even more money.

Remember that it is true that good partners like a person who manages their money well. You should also remember that it is true that the same people do not like the overly tight-fisted. It is much harder to find a good romance if you are miserly with your money. Building a romance when you are like that is even harder.

Upright Four of Pentacles in Career

You know in your heart that you are trading happiness and a fulfilling life to keep your coin. You approach life with a mindset almost obsessively focused on safety, financial or otherwise. The focus in your life is probably your career. This leads to you working too hard for your money.

If you relate to this, stop shaming yourself for spending your money. Find a healthy balance between spending your money, saving it, and investing it. It is possible to enjoy the sweet fruits of your work while still preparing for the future.

upright four of pentacles in career

Another way to read the upright Four of Pentacles tarot is that you place too much importance on material or monetary possession. Like the man in the card, you may have started to assess your career’s worth by your possessions. You might think you are only worth something if you work hard enough to have a car. A house. The ability to take a holiday somewhere fabulously expensive.

This is a Catch-22. A trap. You will start working harder to generate the income. That money needed to sustain your ever-growing self-worth. This will leave you no time to actually enjoy your wealth. This is a vicious cycle that happens when you value your money or possessions over anything else.

Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Buy them something nice and do not worry about what it costs when you get home, and most certainly do not tell them how much it costs.

The upright Four of Pentacles recommends you manage your financial resources carefully. Do not to live beyond your means. Never to attach yourself to it. You will only realize what is more important when you lose it. You could lose your family. Your friends. Your lover. Even your own happiness with yourself.

What does the Reversed Four of Pentacles mean?

The reversed Four of Pentacles tarot will often appear in readings in times when you are reflecting on what is really important to you. This is particular with your financial situation. Maybe you put too much stock in material possessions before and only learned now that only love can make you happy and fulfilled, not money. If so, you are probably starting to let go of a need to acquire more “things.”

Give cleaning up your home and a minimalist lifestyle a shot. It is important that money and possessions are not priority number one for you anymore. Take this good chance for you to re-evaluate your relationship with money.

Drawing the reversed Four of Pentacles tarot can also be a sign that you are becoming a spendthrift. Money is falling right between your fingers as your spending outstrips your saving. You might think spending this much will bring you happiness, but a low bank balance can only bring you more anxiety and uncertainty in life.

Reversed Four of Pentacles in Romance

Drawing the Four of Pentacles reversed tarot is a good sign in romance! It means that as you let go of your more material possessions, you start to connect more with your loved ones. Unlike the man in the card, you are starting to let the pentacle on your head slip off. Because of this, you are more connected to your spiritual and emotional self.

reversed four of pentacles in romance

Do not get too excited with this sign though. Drawing the reversed Four of Pentacles can also mean that you are becoming a spendthrift. Spend money happily in your romance, but not to the point where you have nothing! Evaluate your relationship carefully and do not let the fires of passion blind you to a suffering bank account.

If you’re in a good spot financially, take care to avoid being public with it. In the field of romance, you will want to avoid those who only start romances with you to get access to your money. Be careful how much of your finances they are aware of. 

Suppose you are in a bad spot financially. It may actually be easier to be honest about it with any prospective romances. After all, no gold digger wants to commit to someone who does not know how to manage their finances well enough to make more. But do not overdo it! If you are too open about how poorly your bank account is doing, you may drive away all prospective romances.

If you are married, congratulations! This card is a good sign for a potential development in your relationship. Take some time to discuss your financial situation with your spouse. It will help you understand each other and connect better. Be careful not to turn it into a shouting match or argument! 

Reversed Four of Pentacles in Career

This can also suggest that your relationship with money has become greed. You work longer hours, accruing more wealth at the expense of your loved ones and your relationships with them. Take some time to weigh the costs and benefits of your relationship with money if you relate to this.

The Four of Pentacles reversed tarot can be a sign to to slow down in your work. Re-evaluate if you are working too hard. Take your breaks! Use those vacation days. Your career is hard to recover if you lose it. It sounds scary because it means you will struggle to find money. But your body and mental health can be harder to recover if you work too hard.

Your career is important. But take the time to evaluate yourself and your career objectively. Are you happy with your work? Does your job pay well? Do you work because you are happy or because you are paid well? It is ideal to have both happiness and good pay. But it is very easy to fall for the trap of thinking that just one of the two must suffice. 

With regards to your salary, evaluate it honestly. Are you happy with the amount you are being paid? If not, find a new job that values your work better. Let’s say you are wrong. You will end up working a job exactly like the one you left. But if you are right, you are paid better. Reflect on whether you can take that risk.

Whichever you drew in a tarot reading, the Four of Pentacles is a call for you to examine how you treat money and those around you carefully. Reflect on your spending and saving habits. Give your expenses good thought.

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