Fertility Psychic Reading: How it works and how it can help

Having a child is undoubtedly one of the best things that could happen to any hopeful parent. But for those who are unsure or have problems, having a fertility psychic reading is a big help.

While anything related to reproduction is best referred to the medical experts, divine insight can still play a significant role in giving someone clarity and peace of mind. Additionally, it may even give you a glimpse into possible miracles the heavens have for you!

Are you ready to know what the heavens have in store for your future parenthood? Read on to find out!

Fertility Psychic Reading

What is fertility psychic reading?

This kind of psychic reading deals with questions that hinge on whether or not the person asking will have children. It can help people who want to conceive determine their prospects and give them the clarity they need.

A psychic will usually utilize a tarot deck for them to see through the celestial veil. Since this type of reading can get heavy, it also makes sense to use one of the most potent divination tools available.

How does a fertility psychic reading work?

The first (and the most important) thing in any psychic reading is asking the right question. However, the wording is crucial because it can define the quality of the answers you will get.

When formulating a question, you must be conscious of whether or not it is open-ended. Like any other tarot question, you must make sure that it is not answerable by yes or no.

Instead, you can start your question by putting “how,” “what,” or “why” at the start. For example, you can ask the following questions:

  • What is the probability of me getting pregnant soon?
  • How can I cope with my inability to conceive?
  • Why do I feel like my chances of having kids are low?

As you ponder on your chances of conceiving a child, so will your questions start to expand. Do not be afraid to ask your psychic the things that trouble you; you are seeing them for a reason!

After hearing your question, the psychic will start reading your cards (if they are using a tarot deck) or interpret whatever materials they use. Make sure that you will graciously hear out whatever they tell you; they are simply mediums that tell you what heaven wills at present and do not dictate whatever will happen to your future.

Is a fertility psychic reading accurate?

Both the psychic and client have to be aware that the future is full of endless possibilities. Just because your reading said you wouldn’t have kids, it doesn’t mean that you will be childless forever.

As said, the predictions that you will be getting are based on your past and present. They are also merely one of the many courses that your fate will be taking. If you continue doing what you usually do, there is a high chance that whatever your predictions are will surely come true.

But as always, anything that concerns the cosmos is best left to your free will. Of course, you will get some advice from the psychic, but they will not be forcing it on you.

Instead, they will encourage you to explore other courses of action if you do not feel like their original advice is worth taking. This may affect the outcome of your fertility prospects, but the choice is always yours.

What should I look out for in a fertility psychic reading?

You need to pay attention to whatever readings you are getting. Whether positive or negative, these are sure to affect you in the long term, so make sure you won’t miss out on anything!

Having biases is also unavoidable too. If you feel like the reader is sticking too much into one possibility, you may need to prompt them to explore the other options present so that the two of you won’t get also carried away by what you are seeing.

The same goes for you. If, for example, the reading says that you won’t have a child soon and it doesn’t sit well with you, don’t close yourself off to whatever forecasts your psychic has for you and instead listen to them attentively.

This is also the reason that you need to be emotionally aware of what is happening. Many people who go to a fertility psychic reading are in distress or upset, and they don’t realize what is happening or comprehending what the psychic is saying.

Thus, you need to put yourself in a state of mental and emotional clarity so that you will be able to receive the information well. Fertility and pregnancy are no doubt heavy and emotional aspects to have in one’s life, so being perceptive and open-minded is very important.

What can I consider as positive signs in my fertility psychic reading?

Positive Signs in  Fertility Psychic Reading

If your psychic uses a tarot deck, certain cards can help you determine that your possibility of having a child is as clear as day. These cards are the following:

1. The Empress
This is the most obvious indicator of impending parenthood, considering that the empress is seen as a matriarchal and nurturing figure. It also helps that she symbolizes fertility, ensuring a positive pregnancy experience in the future.

2. The Sun
Children are the light of their parents’ life, so it makes sense a card symbolizing the source of illumination in the world would also represent them. But, it also says that parenthood will happen in the future, just not now.

3. Ace of Cups/ Ace of Wands
These cards are also good indicators of fertility. They tell you that a child is going your way, and incredibly, you can expect your child’s gender through these cards!
The Ace of Cups heralds the coming of a daughter, while the Ace of Wands says that a son is coming your way. However, if your child’s sex comes out to be contrary (e.g., you pulled the Ace of Cups, but you gave birth to a baby boy), it only indicates that your child will be giving off more feminine energies than masculine.

4. Page of Cups
This card symbolizes children, so it also makes sense that it would also indicate a child’s coming. Child-bearing will happen sooner than you’ve expected, though!

Final Word

A fertility psychic reading is an excellent tool for people who want to have children. After all, having your own very mini-me is an equally exhilarating (and exhausting) experience.

However, this reading does not claim to be absolute. Things may change during the period between your reading and the time when you were supposed (or not supposed) to bear a child.

Thus, you need to open yourself to the infinite possibilities offered by the universe. Remember that not having a child ASAP does not mean the end of everything.

The heavens may still have plans for you that will get impeded if ever you will have a child soon. Or, maybe it’s time for you to get serious and consider the joys of parenting.

Whatever the case, keep an open mind and accept whatever the world has in store for you.

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