Famous Astrologers in History: Accurate Predictions

famous astrologers in history

Famous astrologers in history have often made predictions that later turned out to be true. It does seem weird, doesn’t it? How could they possibly have known that event was going to happen just by reading planets and stars? The surreal part of it all is how accurate their predictions were.

Events like Barack Obama’s and Donald Trump’s elections are some of the predictions of these famous astrologers in history. But what do these events have to do with astrology? The dots connect easier when you learn mystics like Baba Vanga and Nostradamus predicted it long before.

The stars above aligned in many different ways for not only these prophets, but all people. It is merely these famous astrologers in history that took notice of them and sought to tell us. They didn’t need to look to earthly things to see the future; the cosmos told them everything.

These famous astrologers that changed history predicted events before they happened. It’s worth betting on that you know at least one or two of these skilled cosmic readers. Read on to see the list of famous astrologers and their predictions!

List of Famous Astrologers

Astrologers are people who read the stars and planets to determine futures. Their predictions help people make better decisions for the future. Like any profession, some among them are famous astrologers in history for their contributions to the field.

Contributions to the field of astrology are wide in their scope. Some well-known astrologers in history contributed to the study with a codex or document. Others made accurate predictions for future events that would shake up history.

Of course, astrology is much more than just looking at planets and stars to make abstract predictions. Math is a critical component in the study of astrology. They write charts and do math to determine distances and times for certain planets and stars to align. It isn’t uncommon for a skilled astrologer to also possess great skill at math.

Planets like Mars or satellites like our Moon are easily visible from Earth. Even with the naked eye, these famous astrologers in history saw significance in these planetary bodies. They studied these celestial bodies diligently over years. All of that to make even the smallest contribution to the field of astrology.

Among the most renowned astrologers in history are giants like Claudius Ptolemy and Nostradamus. In the list of astrologers below, we go into who they are and what contributions they made to astrology. Read on to learn more about the most famous astrologers in history!

Claudius Ptolemy

Claudius Ptolemy
See page for author, CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Among the most ancient of these famed astrologers is Claudius Ptolemy. You could call him an astrologer or a polymath, whichever is more comfortable for you. After all, he was a towering figure in astrological history from the 2nd century onwards. His written works have found purchase even in fields like music and geography.

His fame comes from his attempts as early as the 2nd century to align astrology with science. Among astrologers over time, his works are among the few still taken seriously despite the time that has passed. His scientific bases in astrology made a solid foundational base for astrology.

He worked on creating the geocentric model of our universe. Even if he was later proved wrong by Galileo centuries later, Ptolemy absolutely got the principle of orbits correct as early as the 2nd century. Even in that ancient time, he had already discovered that our solar system circled each other in eternal orbits. The one thing he got wrong was what the center of that solar system was.

Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos is one of the few ancient astrological works that has survived the test of time. Writers translated it in a lot more languages over time . The Tetrabiblos is still widely read by aspiring astrologers. One could go so far as to say that the Tetrabiblos is a functional astrological Bible.

Alan Leo

Known often as the “Father of Modern Astrology,” Alan Leo played a major role in reviving astrology in the 20th century. His work largely affected the West, where his astrology revival centered. Alan Leo was a man of “thought power” and his astrological works include magazines and standard natal charts.

He founded many organizations in Britain, some of which still stand today. For example, the Astrological Lodge of London still holds meetings even today. His popularity as the Father of Modern Astrology stems from his efforts to make astrology more accessible and simplified. Students often struggled with astrological apparatuses too, so he sought to simplify them for easier use.

On top of reviving Western Astrology, he also provided a theosophic slant to the entire astrological system. By adding that slant, astrology became much more appealing to theosophist groups in Europe. They popularized astrology because of it, which was critical to Western Astrology’s revival.

Theosophists are people who believe that human purpose is spiritual emancipation. They also adopt the Hindu concept of karma and reincarnation upon bodily death. Theosophy doesn’t stipulate specific ethical codes. However, it does promote universal brotherhood and social improvement.

Evangeline Adams

Born in 1868, Evangeline Adams struggled in a world that was still not recognizing women as equal to men. She was a huge rebel at the time, to understate her severely. Evangeline took a passionate interest in exploring the world. Along the way, she developed a keen interest in Eastern Spiritualism and astrology.

Fortune-telling at the time was an illegal practice in New York, but she opened up her practice there anyway. Her success knew no bounds; predictions always found their mark and these paved the way for her to showcase the value of astrology. In fact, she accurately predicted that the market would crash in 1929.

People who ardently followed her listened to her predictions and were better off for it. They did not suffer the economic downturn as badly as those who never heard her prophecy for the market. Through her prediction, many people survived the suffering of poverty and economic struggle.

Baba Vanga

Hailing from Bulgaria, Baba Vanga made a name for herself as the “Godmother of Fortune-Telling.” Born in 1911, she lost both her eyes to a terrible storm. Despite three eye surgeries, she was permanently blind for the rest of her life. However, that disability didn’t stop her from gaining clairvoyance, which some would say is another human sense.

As early as 12 years old, she began to notice strange things happening to her. She could hear the voices of the dead and plants around her. Her clairvoyance let her sense things that would otherwise take much patience and talent for anyone else to sense. As she aged, her senses started allowing her to predict specific events and her predictions were often spot-on the mark.

Even before she was 12, she had already made predictions by the age of 7. Baba accurately predicted the death of the Bulgarian king in 1918. She even predicted the tragedy of 9/11 long before the event happened. One of her most important prophecies is that Barack Obama would be the last American president to hold any real power.

As we can see from the present political upheavals in the USA, we see that Baba Vanga’s predictions were right. Fewer and fewer countries openly ally or support the USA as America’s political hegemony over the world starts to crumble. One could easily say that Baba Vanga predicted the decline of American power over the world.

Before she died, Baba Vanga made one last prediction. She predicted that a 10 year old girl in France would succeed her. This girl would continue her legacy of predictions through astrology and soon the world would know her.



An absolute master and intellectual, Michel de Nostredame went by the pseudonym Nostradamus. This mystic wrote the book of predictions called “Les Propheties,” known in English as “The Prophecies.” Published in 1566, it is one of the most noted works in astrological history.

Les Propheties contains countless predictions for the future that have more often than not proven totally true. Particularly accurate are his predictions about America and India. He predicted: “From 2014 to 2026, a man will lead India. The people will hate him initially, but will love him so much afterwards. He will be engaged in changing the country’s plight and direction.” This prediction is proving accurate for present Indian Prime Minister Nahendra Modi.

Nostradamus also predicted that Barack Obama would be the “last president of America.” He could very easily have meant that Obama would be the last “good president” of America. It is not hard to see; America has started to lose its hegemony after Trump took and left office. All of this he managed by reading planets and stars to predict these events through astrology.

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