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eight of wands tarot

On the Eight of Wands tarot, two doves sail through the sky with eight wands. Speedily, they fly through the clear sky. Below, a beautiful river flows and gives life to the landscape. The flight of the doves and the wands on the Eight of Wands tarot suggests movement and change.

Flighty wands may also suggest that air travel is in the future of the person who draws this card. Their heads angle down, implying that the wands are arcing downward from their parabola. Coming down fast, this suggests that change is coming to your life and quickly at that.

Both the flowing river and arcing wands on the Eight of Wands tarot imply that movement is coming in your life. That movement is possibly a physical movement like changing your home. It might even be a spiritual movement like a prayer epiphany. However, it may not imply the same thing when the card is in reverse!

Learning about the Eight of Wands tarot meaning can be confusing for beginners. So don’t worry! This guide isn’t just simple; it also guides you specifically on the card’s implications for your romance and career. Read on to see the Eight of Wands tarot explained in this easy-to-read guide!

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

This Eight of Wands tarot guide separates the meaning into two parts, like with any other tarot card. Every tarot card has a meaning for when the reader draws the card upright or reversed. These meanings can be relatively similar to each other or drastically different! That’s why it’s important to distinguish between the two.

With that said, the Eight of Wands tarot advice you’ll receive depends greatly on which version you draw. The essential meaning of the Eight of Wands tarot is that it invites you to move forward with your plans. Whatever your plans are, this card is a sign that it’s time for action, not words.

Expect to be busy, and in a good way. Flying wands like in the Eight of Wands tarot not only imply great action on your part. It also implies that change is imminent in your life. Further, it means that it will come from the way you decide to go about your plans. As to plans and what this means for them, read on to learn how this card will impact your plans!

What does the Upright Eight of Wands mean?

Upright, the Eight of Wands tarot means that your struggle with the Seven of Wands is over. Freedom and space to progress with any of your plans is yours again. This card contains a dynamic energy that will push you forward to pursue your plans with renewed vigor. 

As mentioned above, this means you can expect a healthy kind of business. Your enthusiasm about the progress you’re going to make is certain to show and it’ll bring you great vibes. Cards like this mean that it’s time to go with the flow. Don’t fight it and let the fast movement carry you forward to your dreams.

The Universe’s energy should flow through you and propel you like a rocket towards your goals. Don’t slow things down just because you don’t feel ready or you’re scared of the unknown. That will just waste the opportunity that this card is inviting you to take. Push forward and seize your dreams without fear!

Upright Eight of Wands in Romance

There’s no waiting with the Eight of Wands around. Energy flows hot and fast in this card, so take the shot if you’re looking for romance! The iron is hot and it is time to strike. There isn’t going to be a better time to take your shot at your crush and ask them out.

upright eight of wands in romance

Naturally, you’ll have to focus yourself on doing that. The Eight of Wands doesn’t reward half-heartedness, so move decisively if you want romance to manifest. It also means that you aren’t as likely to find a good romance if you wait. So don’t sleep on the opportunities!

Because the Eight of Wands also suggests air travel, it means that a foreign romance may be in your cards! Be forward and polite, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find love while you’re abroad. Manifest that energy and let the Eight of Wands lead you forward into a bright new romance!

Upright Eight of Wands in Career

Charge forward with your career! Now is a great time to be bold and push forward with your career plans. If you were planning to find a job, your energy is surely high and your search will be more successful. A promotion is also something you can definitely seek, and your high energy will reward you.

Of course, you need laser focus to push your career or finances forward. You won’t get anything out of yourself or your career if you’re half-hearted about it. Opportunities for better jobs or more pay won’t just land in your lap either. So you have to be active about it and find them for yourself!

With air travel on the cards, this can also mean that you’re bound for a business trip abroad! Prepare to make the most of your trip abroad; opportunities to advance your career and finances will be plentiful. Remember that this card works best when your previous tasks are complete and when you maximize your energy. Maximizing your energy means ensuring that your broader career goals align with your activities. Investing in the right things is helpful too.

What does the Reversed Eight of Wands mean?

When the Eight of Wands is in reverse, this suggests that you should employ caution as your plans commence. You might have a plan or two, but this card’s position suggests it’s time to slow down for a second. Haste makes waste, as they say. Poor decisions are almost always because it was too late or in haste, and you don’t want to be hasty.

You might rush into things without a clear plan or waste time on trivial tasks that don’t further your goals. Ever hear about goblins in fantasy settings? They have a condition called “bright shiny object syndrome.” Goblins pathologically start digging after one shiny piece of gold only to catch another glint in their periphery. Then, they’re off to dig after that instead of finishing their first dig.

Don’t let yourself fall for that syndrome with regards to your plans and ideas. If you start implementing one idea, don’t switch focus until you’re done. It’s the only way things really get done for you. Make sure you finish your plans before you start new ones.

In reverse, the Eight of Wands can also suggest that you are resistant to change. Don’t try to fight it; get your energy moving again. Fighting change is like fighting the flow of energy; it just doesn’t work or end well.

Significant delays in fast-moving plans are also another possible meaning in the reversed Eight of Wands. You might have plenty of energy to push your plans forward, but obstacles bar your way. Impatience may grow in you, but you can find other ways to progress your plans!

Reversed Eight of Wands in Romance

Don’t run in too fast, Romeo! Remember one of the most frustrating things about the play of Romeo and Juliet? It was the fact that a little impatience killed Romeo and Juliet. A few more seconds of grieving and Juliet would have woken up in Romeo’s arms.

With that said, don’t rush into romance! This human relationship is one of the most difficult things to navigate even when you’re patient. Undue haste can only make this harder. So take a step back for a second and analyze whether you really should shoot your shot. Gathering a little reconnaissance about the person you plan to move on is never undue.

After all, if you rush in and that person is already taken, what are you going to do? Don’t just drop a romance you’re in already because you see a shiny new one either. Not all that glitters is gold.

Reversed Eight of Wands in Career

reversed eight of wands in career

Patience will serve you well in your career if you draw the reversed Eight of Wands. Plan carefully, because haste will almost certainly be dangerous to your future career plans. Your finances will depend on that greatly as well, so plan with that in mind.

Don’t just drop your current job for a shiny new one either. A reversed Eight of Wands cautions you against that because you might not have thought the switch through enough. Take some time to see if the job switch is really for you before you drop your current job.

If change has come to your career plans and your employment is up for termination, don’t fight it. It’s a waste of your energy, energy that you could use better to move in a new direction. Let yourself flow with change and the Universe will always lead you well.

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