How You Can Make Sense Of Your Dreams About Snakes

dreams about snakes

Do you wonder why you often have dreams about snakes? What does it signify about your reality, your life, and the people you deal with? There are many symbolisms behind snake dreams and they can represent some serious situations. However, not all snake dreams are bad. Some of them can signal a positive turning point in your life. 

In this post, we will discuss how the snake dream meaning can point to the unconscious. This may be linked to spiritual aspects or untapped resources you are not even aware of. We’ll also touch base with the following: 

  • What do dreams about snakes mean when it comes to your relationships?
  • Does having dreams about snakes point to bad luck?
  • How many ways can a repeated snake in a dream meaning be interpreted?
  • Who are the people one should consult when they are dreaming of snakes?

So let’s get right to it and learn the snake dream meaning!

The Snake Dream Meaning: An Overview

The great founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud viewed the snake as a phallic symbol. For some, snakes serve as animal spirit guides. Others believe that dreaming about snakes could be your subconscious mind’s response to traumatic incidents. 

Still, others, claim snake bites in a dream could have a  positive meaning. But if these dreams truly bother you, it’s best to consult a psychologist or spiritual mentor. Someone who can help deal with buried emotional trauma. 

So here are the top 15 dreams about snakes interpretations. 

Top 15 Snake Dream Interpretations

1. Dreams About Snakes You Managed To Kill

If they were surrounding you but you were able to kill all of them then this is good news for you. It means you’ll be able to defeat all your enemies, overcome your worries and troubles, and emerge victorious. The same thing can be expected when you wake up to reality. 

This can also symbolize shortage or abundance depending on the general feeling of your dreams. In ancient Egypt, snakes are a symbol of royalty and sovereignty. Thus, they are always present in the crowns of queens and pharaohs. Snakes everywhere also denote wealth, energy, abundance, and sexuality. 

2. Dreams About Snakes Signifies The Things You Lack

Your dream could also be a revelation of all the things lacking in life. Concerns are piling up left and right, disrupting your peace of mind, and invading your personal space. 

Try to figure out in your waking life you experience some invasion of privacy or lack of peace. If you remember dreaming about snakes inside your bedroom, this can be pointing to issues about your sexual intimacy, or your ability to relax. 

But if you dream of snakes all around your house, this means that someone is invading and disrespecting your personal space. It would be best if you can set up personal boundaries for your mental health. 

3. Dreams About Snakes When You’re Walking Over Them


This means you are about to experience fear of deception, sickness, or betrayal. It will happen unless you decide to confront your fears once and for all. Your dream has a better outcome if you were able to step on them rather than just walking all over them. 

4. Dreams About Snakes On Health

Dreaming about snakes could also mean you are going through your healing process. This will be revealed in the different elements of your dreams. For instance, if the snake is shedding skin, this means a renewed life for you. 

Try to remember the overall feel of that dream. Were you anxious, surprised, or scared out of your wits? Or perhaps you were happy seeing them in your dream? 

If you figure out it’s about your healing process, determine which parts of your life require healing. Snakes can be complicated symbols because they can have both positive and negative significance. 

That’s why it is important you know your personal experiences because they can also vary depending on your society’s culture. For instance, if you’re keeping a snake as a pet it can have a completely different interpretation compared to someone who hates snakes and dreams about them. 

5. Dreams About Snakes On Something Unpredictable

Generally, snakes invoke fear among people because they can be unpredictable and strike when you least expect it. Thus, your dream can be warning you about something unpredictable that’s about to happen in your life. Something that is beyond your control, and your fear of the unknown. 

These can also signify hidden threats as snakes are difficult to see. They can be quietly slithering along, waiting for their deadly venom to strike. It can also symbolize a threat or betrayal from someone. They are just waiting for the perfect timing to make their move. Your dream is trying to alert you about this upcoming event. 

6. Seeing A Baby Snake

Do not underestimate the threat. 

7. You Killed The Snake Or The Snake Is Dead

This means the threat has come to pass or you have overcome it. 

8. Dreaming Of A Snake Swimming Under Water

This is a reflection of the emotions you’re trying hard to suppress. 

9. A Snake Inside A Box

You do not wish to acknowledge a part of your subconscious. This dream is warning you or carrying a secret message. It can also refer to sexual temptation, repressed thoughts, or forbidden or repressed sexual energy. 

10. The Snake On A Bed

It’s either you are sexually threatened or sexually empowered. Perhaps you are nervous, inexperienced, afraid, or intimidated. If you feel you’re afraid of the snake this means you’re terrified of sex, commitment, or intimacy. 

11. You Are Eating A Live Snake In Your Dream

You are searching for sexual fulfillment or deep intimacy with someone. Life has been lacking passion and sensuality for quite some time and you want to revive the fire burning up inside. 

This can also point to a callous person. It can be symbolic of someone in your life who is ruthlessly evil. They will try to strike you and even eat you alive. The snake can even switch into a human form. If you have an inkling of who this person is, do not trust them. 

12. Snake As A Form Of Transformation

positive feeling

Dreaming about snakes could also refer to your transformation. If they were shedding their skin and they left you with a positive feeling, then this is pointing towards some positive change. Be excited because this can be the start of growth, self-renewal, and wisdom. Look forward to these changes in your life. 

13. Red Snakes

This dream is highlighting all the strong and positive qualities of the snake. Consequently, it also signifies your fiery passion. 

14. When You Are Fighting With Snakes

This means you are resisting much-needed change. You refuse to get out of your comfort zone even if you no longer feel fulfilled or challenged. However, this can also mean a time for healing. Remember that snakes have the antidote to counteract their own venom. No wonder the symbol for the medical profession is a caduceus. It is a staff carried by Hermes Trismegistus which is entwined by two serpents that are surmounted with wings. Thus, indicating protection or recovery from illness. 

15. Biblical Meaning of Snake Dreams

Don’t lose sleep if you still don’t understand your snake dreams after five years and counting. God is aware of your need and where you’re at so feel at peace. 

In Genesis, the snake became famous for being the deceiver. The Lord is telling you to be aware of the lies around you that are trying to make an impact in your life. 

If they have not bitten nor come in contact with you, be glad because it means this lie has not yet penetrated your body or your soul. 

However, if in the dream it has already bitten you on the hand or leg, it means the lie has already entered your body and is affecting your well-being. 

Also, know what kind of snakes were involved. Was it a boa constrictor, a cobra, or a rattlesnake? Listen because God is trying to tell you something. 

If it was a boa it means it is squeezing the life out of you. When it’s a cobra it will spit venom in your eyes which could cause blindness. Thus, a deceptive lie is affecting your ability to see things the right way. 

It could be a lie about you, a lie about who you are in Christ, or a lie about a lot of things. What you need to do is pray and ask the Lord for guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Snake Dreams

Here are some frequently asked questions you may also have about your snake dreams. 

Is There Something You Are Afraid Of?


Much of your snake dreams speak to you as symbols, not literally. Therefore, they can represent your current and persistent fears and concerns. Especially those you refuse to deal with properly. These can be life events or situations you choose to avoid or ignore during your waking life. 

Is There Somebody You Are Trying To Avoid? 

Your dream is telling you that you are afraid of the snake. In reality, this could pertain to a person you do not wish to see or interact with in real life. Perhaps they gave you a terrible impression. Or you had an encounter with them that left a bad taste in the mouth. 

What Personal Conflicts Are You Worried About?

Are you afraid you could get into trouble any time soon? Could there be fights or agitating situations with friends or family that you are worried about? Your intuition may be trying to warn you about a phase in your life where bad situations or entanglements can happen at any time. 

Are You Scared Of Betrayal?

Snakes are biting and attacking you in your dream. Perhaps you feel someone is stabbing you behind your back or disappointing you without knowing it. Or maybe you’re in a current situation that reminds you of your past when you were betrayed. 

Are You Overthinking? 


In your dream these snakes attack, but surprisingly, they did not hurt you. Could it be you’re overthinking all your worries and troubles? Anticipating problems before they even come? Or perhaps you’re overreacting to an event that isn’t as bad as it seemed from the start. 

On the flip side, it can be showing your inner strength, and your ability to defend yourself from future conflicts you may find yourself in. 

Do You Feel Self Doubt Creeping In?

If there is a tremendous hurdle you need to overcome, it’s perfectly normal to have fears and doubts about your ability to deal with it. Perhaps your self-confidence is slowly eroding. Find a way to shake off this feeling and remember what a strong person you are. You’ve got this!

Are You Anticipating Some Unfortunate Event?

Snakes can be sinister and silent attackers. Some are venomous too. Thus, the snake in your dreams may represent life situations involving misfortunes or accidents that could catch you by surprise. This dream can be a projection of your worry that something might go wrong that will impact you or a loved one. 

What Situations Do You Wish To Prevent?

This type of dream can take place when you’re having personal troubles you do not want to face. People or environments you would love to escape from. You need to pay close attention to these questions if you’ve been trying to run away or hide from the snakes in your dream. 

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