5 Common Dream Interpretations and What They Mean

Why Dream Interpretation Matters

Dream Interpretation

When you go to bed, there is one part of you that doesn’t fully rest: your brain. Even when your conscious body is taking its rest, your brain is capable of producing thoughts and images that you wouldn’t even think about when awake. Many scientists and psychologists believe that dreams and their meanings can be surprisingly puzzling. With Dream Interpretation, you can understand what they mean, but still, it isn’t a straightforward method.

One moment you could be on top of the world, and at the same moment, you could fall to a crushing death, feeling the agony ripple from your feet to your arms as you flail unconsciously searching for respite.

These and other similar phenomena have been the subject of extensive study and debate for years. In fact, Freud often argued that dreams were an extension of ourselves and were a window to our inner feelings. This idea has since been forwarded by other like-minded thinkers. 

Understandably, there is no shortage of think-pieces and opinions out there about the meaning behind your dreams: being shamed in a dream, for example, could hint at feelings of guilt that you might be secretly repressing.

Others, however, would say that dreams are completely random and have nothing to do with your conscious thoughts. At the very least, there’s nothing to find in your dreams that could point out anything about you as a person.

What is it, then? Will the study of dreams unveil new knowledge about us? Maybe, maybe not. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try to at least contemplate what our dreams could mean both for ourselves and our prospects. 

There are doors that need opening on this frontier, and we have yet to pry them open.   

As such, walk with us on this journey.. to find out what some of your most common dreams might mean.

5 Dreams and their Meanings 

Dream Interpretation and Meaning

There are many kinds of dreams that one experiences while asleep. These dreams can hit you once or twice a week, or perhaps even once a year, but one thing is certain: the sensation that comes with such dreams is often unforgettable.

Below are some of these dreams, as well as the dominant interpretations dream experts have as to what they might mean.


Death is something that’s always been associated with finality and change. The very idea that you could die is like the sword of Damocles that forces upon you the biological and existential imperative of protecting your own life.

In your dreams, someone close to you– or even your very own self, could soon kick the bucket, and this could cause an immense amount of grief when you wake up. This is why it often suggests that you are worried about the safety of the people around you.

However, dream interpretation also assigns a metaphorical meaning to it. When death happens, it means that something in your life will change– the absence of something necessitates it. 

This means that you are likely anxious about having to leave the past behind or being promoted– as all of these mean that the things you take for granted may no longer exist. 

It represents a universal, pervasive fear and helplessness: a scary, but constant part of our lived-experience.

Teeth Problems

smile of a woman who is wearing a red liptsick

Throughout history, people have assigned many meanings to teeth. In a biological sense, they show ferocity and power. They represent the ability of animals to tear through the flesh of their enemies or prey. 

When you eat, you are in total control of what you are eating. When you have teeth, you have control over everything that happens in your life. As such, dream interpretation associates the falling of teeth with dominance or control.

On the other hand, it also has an aesthetic meaning: having teeth adds gravitas to your physical appearance. The act of smiling enhances how people perceive you; you could look more beautiful or profound.

As such, losing teeth can be a sign that you are anxious and insecure over how people see you. Losing teeth could mean you feel like you are losing control over the people around you– or that you think you aren’t physically appealing.


If there is one ability that people desire, it’s flight. When you fly, you feel as though you are no longer weighed down by the limitations of gravity and the universe. There are no roads to block you or anything to bog you down except the limits of your imagination.

Similarly, dream experts think that flying indicates one’s yearning for liberation. In dream interpretation, it means that somewhere within you is a desire to go beyond the norms and be truly free on a spiritual level. 

It also hints that you may be living a life of other people constantly wearing you down. Your work colleagues, for example, might expect a lot from you. You may even think that your friends are judging your life choices.

Lastly, it also hints at a desire for sexual freedom. You may be feeling limited about the way you’re approaching sex and want to see if there’s anything else you want to try to spice things up.

Illicit Romance

a woman and a man who are kissing in front of the sunset

Among the more dreadful kinds of dreams, cheating and infidelity are certainly at the very top. The thought of having someone cheat on you for someone else can bring out all kinds of feelings: insecurity, fear, jealousy, and rage.

Unsurprisingly, these are also the ultimate implications of having such a dream. In the realm of dream interpretation, having illicit relationships could mean that you think of yourself as inadequate, or that you fear your partner may turn on you.

It could also mean that you have difficulties trusting your partner. While it’s not indicative of paranoia, it could in fact show that you are jealously protecting your relationship and that there is a side of you that thinks people might destabilize your bond.

As such, this is a dream that signifies a two-tier problem. On the one hand, you are suspicious of your partner’s goings-on, that the crowd they’re with could one day destroy the relationship you’re trying to maintain.

On the other hand, it also shows your own insecurity and feeling of inadequacy. You don’t want to appear weak to your partner, and the fear of being in this unfortunate position may manifest in your dreams.


The sensation of falling can often be a scary one. It can seem endless, and you could feel restless after waking up from it. People even say that you could die in real life if you ever hit the ground– and this myth only adds to the fear factor behind it.

Typically, dream interpretation sees this as an upheaval or existing problem in your life that requires addressing. This could be you having romantic problems– being unable to move on from someone or failing to capture the interest of the person you like.

It could also be about your anxieties regarding your career: you might feel that you have nothing to show for yourself after all your years of hard work and that unless something is done, you might see yourself actually fall from grace– or life itself.

This dream is one of fear, urgency, and anxiety. This means you’ll need to find and solve the reason behind your fears to feel relief.

Final Word 

Dreams are highly relevant in our existence. They remind us that nothing is ever truly what it seems on the surface and that things must be investigated on a deeper level in order to understand what they mean.

This is especially pertinent to us because while dreams can seem very random, the conscious side of us often tries to be deliberate in our every action. Despite our insistence upon freedom, there are things that lie beyond our control.

As such, we cannot seriously think that dreams mean nothing. Everything about us almost always says something regarding who we are– especially the things we so commonly ignore.

While we can’t exactly say for sure whether or not we’re correct– at least for now, the important takeaway here is that you should still think about who you really are. Your dreams may not say everything, but they can still speak louder than words.

Thus, use this knowledge not as a mnemonic for reading into your dreams, but as a means of improving yourself further. The fears and anxieties you feel can be very real, and acknowledging them is the first step.

This is the genius behind dream interpretation. Use this knowledge well.

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