The Dragonfly Meaning and Symbolism

dragonfly meaning

People always feel happy when they encounter dragonflies. The joy of having one land on you is indescribable. But did you know there is more to them than what meets the eye? Dragonfly meaning might seem new to you but these amazing flying critters actually symbolize a lot of things. 

From its wings to where it stays, there is a lot to unravel on the dragonfly’s spiritual meaning. In this article, we will help you. Let us break down the things you need to know about The Dragonfly meaning and symbolism, including the following points:

  • Dragonfly Representation
  • Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning
  • Fire, water, and the Dragonfly
  • Dragonflies as Teachers
  • Stones and Crystals that relate to Dragonflies

Dragonfly Representation

Dragonflies are more than mere flying insects, they also have their own unique representation. They represent transformation and expansion. When it comes to transformation, it usually refers to change. The change in question has something to do with mental and emotional maturity. 

Moreover, they also represent self-realization, spiritual activities, and even determination. These flying creatures are a mix of water and fire energy which also represents balance much like yin and yang. In addition, dragonflies often scurry across the water, this means something as well. It represents the action of going above the surface and flying higher in life.

Dragonflies also represent happiness. This is much like the emotion we feel when a dragonfly trusts us enough and land on our hands. In addition, dragonflies represent self-understanding according to Indigenous people of the Northwest coast. Indigenous people believe that dragonflies are symbols of change as well. Meanwhile, in Japan, dragonflies symbolize courage. Also, Japanese people believe that dragonflies are the bringers of a rich harvest.

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

Dragonfly meaning is something people should know about, let us now head on to the spiritual meaning of Dragonflies. Where exactly does the spiritual meaning of dragonfly or the meaning of seeing one begin? Much to people’s knowledge, dragonflies have their own journey and story. The meaning of dragonflies comes from the entire event of their life. 

It is common knowledge that dragonflies start as nymphs. They stay in one place and wait for the day they turn into adult dragonflies. Their life cycle is much like our everyday lives. There are times that we pause and rest. There are also moments when we patiently wait for our journey to start. 

However, before we are able to start our journey, we need to connect with our higher self. Just until then, we are ready to step into the light and turn into more emotionally and spiritually mature beings.

Moreover, there are different dragonfly meaning of different instances when we encounter a dragonfly which will be discussed further in the following subpoints.

What it means to see a Dragonfly in your Home


There are times when you will encounter dragonflies inside your home. Some would even pull out their bug spray and not know the deep dragonfly meaning behind it. When a dragonfly visits your home, it usually represents protection. The home is one of the most sacred spots in people’s lives and protection is its number one purpose. 

Dragonflies are also recognized for their ability to hunt and eat pests which brings about protective energy into your house. Dragonflies can “hunt” negative energy and get rid of them.

People believe that seeing a Dragonfly in your home is a good omen. Blessings will come flooding in and relationships will flourish in love. In addition, it can also help you communicate your ideas to other people, navigating your way.

Feng Shui experts also believe that dragonflies relate to the “soul of a dragon”. Dragons bring wholeness and enlightenment into a home, this applies to dragonflies as well. In addition to the qualities of a dragon, dragonflies add water elements and feminine energy.

When you see a dragonfly in your home, thank them for bringing positive energy. Do not think of spraying them with bug spray or even getting them out forcefully. Just let them be and they will leave in their own time. 

The Spiritual importance of a Dragonfly’s wings

dragonfly’s wings

Did you know that even a dragonfly’s wings have meanings? You may notice that they have four wings which represent the spiritual energy of the number four. What does the number 4 mean? It represents perfection, completion, and learning how to give yourself a break after work. Moreover, it also represents harmony and manifestation. The number 4 also helps you stabilize your energy to prepare you for your next endeavor in life.

Moreover, a dragonfly’s wings make it possible for them to grab prey and fly. In addition, their wings also give them the agility to fly without making their body move an inch. And of course, their wings allow them to have both balance and strength. Dragonfly wings also represent air. Not only because it gives a dragonfly the ability to fly but also because it represents mental pursuits and imagination. 

The thing about air is that it is the element that allows us to dream. This is why it is related to dragonfly wings and imagination. Dragonflies represent manifesting something which is why dragonfly wings symbolize putting together a dream and reality. The wings also symbolize turning spiritual harmony with something mature.

If you see dragonfly wings in your dreams or vision, maybe it’s time for you to review your life structures. Seeing dragonfly wings might as well be a sign to start a new spiritual practice. You can incorporate it into your daily routine.

Seeing a dead Dragonfly, what does it mean Spiritually?

When people hear the word “death” fear suddenly creeps up on them. Death had always been something negative and most of the time, people see it as a bad thing. However, death in other concepts means a start of a new beginning.

Seeing a dead Dragonfly can feel worrisome and sad, but did you know there’s also a spiritual meaning behind it? It is known that a dragonfly signifies change and death mirrors the symbol of transformation. When you see a dead dragonfly, do not worry, it may represent one end but also a new beginning. 

There is a lot of meaning behind it. It may be the representation of a new career, relationship, or event in your life. Another symbol when seeing a dead dragonfly is to leave and start again. This can be in a form of a relationship that has been stopping us from achieving more. Seeing a dead dragonfly is a nudge to moving on and letting go.

Dead dragonflies also represent something serious. When you see one in your home, it may mean a harmful relationship. These indicate that they are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Meanings of different colored Dragonflies

If you notice, Dragonflies come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. Much to everyone’s knowledge, Dragonfly colors have their own spiritual message. Their colors may represent different energetic lessons that you are experiencing. Moreover, dragonflies have more than one color which means you may get a mix of two different energies.


The color red impacts the energy of the 1st energy. It means that a red dragonfly meaning symbolizes manifestation, harmony, financial stability, and good health. 


blue dragonfly

The color blue represents the 5th energy. Moreover, a blue dragonfly meaning represents clear communication, ideas, meditation, removing social anxiety, and also controlling negative thinking.


A black dragonfly is the most powerful since black absorbs every color. This type of dragonfly signifies enlightenment in a spiritual sense, happiness, and inner strength. In addition, black dragonflies also bring protection and healing.


The color green represents the 4th Chakra. When you see a green dragonfly, it means that you are surrounded by the following energy. These energies are Self-acceptance, acceptance of others, spiritual growth, and effective communication. Green dragonfly meaning is more on making connections.


Orange represents the 2nd chakra. An orange dragonfly represents confidence, self-empowerment, emotional stability, and taking action. 


Gold is associated with the 3rd chakra. This means that a Golden dragonfly signifies self-awareness, blessings, self-expression, creativity, and success.


Brown dragonflies usually depict nurturing energy, innocence and entertainment, heaping after getting sick, and protection. 


The color purple is associated with the 6th Chakra. This means that a purple dragonfly signifies spiritual growth, awareness, knowingness, and higher thinking.

Black and White

The colors black and white often signify the Yin and Yang energy. Moreover, a dragonfly that has both colors means a balance of masculine and feminine, divine creation, transformation, and even duality.

Fire, water, and the Dragonfly

They say that a dragonfly has both fire and water energy. Both energies support it in its journey and also mean balance. Moreover, it represents how important it is to balance both your masculine and feminine energies in your life.

When it comes to the fire element, represents growth and passion. Moreover, it also promotes taking action and sexuality. Water on the other hand represents emotion, intuition, nurture, and even love. 

A lot of people think that fire and water are born to be the exact opposites. They can harm each other. By having these two elements, the dragonfly can be put off its balance. However, despite having different energies, the dragonfly retains its balance. It is a subtle nudge to show in any kind of obstacle, the dragonfly stays flying with power and strength.

What does this mean exactly? If you do not find balance within yourself and your life, you can become overwhelmed emotionally and spiritually. This can also cause you to not take action or even make you do things in an impulsive manner. The dragonfly, fire, and water teach you all about balance which is something that you need in your day-to-day life. 

Dragonflies as Teachers

Aside from being magnificent flying creatures, Dragonflies also make great teachers. Aside from the representation, dragonflies can actually teach you life lessons that you might need. 

Determination and Structure

First is determination and structure. Dragonflies teach you these two important life skills so you get every opportunity. Moreover, these flying insects are great hunters and they are patient enough to know and get what they want. They teach you to develop your willpower so you will not make rash decisions.


As hunters, dragonflies keep their focus. This also teaches you to be patient in times of distractions. Moreover, with determination, and willpower, you will be able to keep yourself from getting distracted. You can then develop your determination to achieve your goals. 

Furthermore, dragonflies teach you to have a structure in order to connect with your inner wisdom. Your confidence and assurance will improve which can help you in making your decisions. Because you have a well-structured routine, you will be able to connect with spiritual practices. No matter what the social cycles in life are.

With determination and structure, you will be able live your life as you make proper decisions and is more focused. When you are feeling disheartened, defeated, and stressed, you can start thinking of how dragonflies conquer every challenge. You will still show yourself even in times of trouble. The more determined you are, the more you will succeed.

Taking Importance of your Spiritual Growth

Dragonflies in their early life stages go through development and growth such as their skin shedding. Did you know that dragonfly nymphs grow each time they molt? They will then become adult dragonflies. 

A dragonfly’s molting or growth symbolizes a person’s growth in energy during the spiritual journey. It is hard to heal deeply and fully transform, and it takes a long and even painful process. There are times that we battle life, we win, but then we go through it again, that’s how growth works. 

Traumas and illnesses can affect us so much that it can be hard for us to heal and move on. The pain that we feel is because we have unexposed layers of it that we have not experienced. Think of it as us molting into something more mature. 

Our growth period can be in the form of different things. Growth periods can be big milestones or even experiences that set us back. Do not worry since all these are proof that we are growing. If you acknowledge your growth and the trials, it will be easier for you to get through them. 

Let’s head back to the dragonflies, they teach us transformation because growth is also a form of transformation. We transform into something new, something more mature. Moreover, they teach us to respect the cycles that we go through. We also learn from the wins and losses during our lifetime.

The spiritual balance between action and meditation

Last but not the least, Dragonflies teach us the balance of action and meditation in a spiritual sense. If you are the type who embodies “hustle culture” then you are one of the people who value action. Meanwhile, if you put more emphasis on being still and resting, then you value meditation more.

Spiritual growth requires both action and meditation. There needs to be a balance of the two if you want proper spiritual growth. Believe it or not, Dragonflies have the instincts to both act and meditate, how? Notice how their wings move rapidly while their body stays still. They are able to balance their body all the while hovering and moving their wings.

Balancing action and meditation allow dragonflies to survive. That is why when we apply it to ourselves, we will most likely survive whatever life throws at us. Why is it important o balance both action and meditation? It is because too much action requires a lot of energy. If we do not rest, we will burn out. Meanwhile, too much rest prevents us from moving forward, and this can hinder us from the goals we have.

Stones and Crystals that relate to Dragonflies

Blue Calcite

blue calcite

The Blue calcite promotes emotional balance. Moreover, these crystals can calm intense emotions since they have gentle energy that can soothe the nerves. In addition, it also helps with mental clarity. 

This is often suggested by crystal therapists for those who experience stress and have anxiety. In addition, these crystals will tap into your inner self without feeling overwhelmed.


This beautiful purple Crystal helps relieve stress. It is also the ultimate stress reliever in the form of a crystal. Amethyst can help you balance your emotions. If you feel any resentment, frustration, anxiety, and other complicated emotions, Amethyst can help you.

You can wear Amethyst as jewelry to keep it close to you. Moreover, you can even carry raw ones wherever you go. If you want Amethyst in your house, you can display big geodes or towers. 


If you need help with emotional stability, you can seek the help of moonstones. These stones or crystals tap into your emotions. Professionals say that the moon has a great impact on our feelings. Furthermore, moonstones help balance our feelings and develop our emotional intelligence.


These stones are for grounding and controlling your emotions. Whenever your emotions get the best of you, obsidians can help you out. They keep people grounded and are also good for healing sessions. 

These black stones help clear emotional blockages. If you are the type who needs help in handling emotions, these are perfect for you. You can wear obsidians as jewelry daily or keep towers and spheres in your house.


The other stone that helps with grounding and emotional stability is Agate. Agate stones come in different colors and they bring grounding and protection when you experience emotional healing. 

Moreover, the stones have earthly stabilizing vibes which can help you control your emotions and give stability to them. These stones are great for when you feel highly emotional too.


If you are looking for a stone that helps with emotions, you might want to consider Smithsonite. It is a gentle stone that helps regulate emotions. Moreover, it also helps with self-awareness and reflection during difficult times. 

These stones are often used to relax. In addition, the stone can help nourish your emotions and ease anger and panic attacks.


The beautiful light blue crystal of Aquamarine is a dragonfly totem. It is able to connect to other realms and creatures that are not of the human world. Some even believe they connect to faerie realms. These crystals also help with balance and give you stability. Aquamarine helps regulate your emotions as well.

Golden Labradorite

The Golden Labradorite has the ability to communicate with water creatures. If you need a stone to help you with your personal power, it may help you. Moreover, it also helps with clarity of mind and gives positive energy. It is a rare and unique stone that also symbolizes illumination.


This crystal can help you connect with the properties of water. And just like its name, it will help you connect with the lost city of Atlantis. Moreover, this stone helps with emotional healing. In addition, it is also a good item to promote spiritual growth.



Seashells might not be stones or crystals but they do give energy that helps you relate to your spirit. It also helps in connecting you with water. Moreover, seashells make your inner child happy. In addition, they also symbolize beauty after death. And lastly, it also symbolizes the resurrection of a new life.


Dragonflies are very lovely creatures. Their wings move rapidly while their bodies stay still. Dragonflies are the exact manifestation of balance. These flying insects help us in more ways than one. Hunting and removing of pests is not the only benefit we can gain from them. The meaning behind dragonfly encounters is associated with our balance when it comes to spiritual growth

The next time you encounter a dragonfly, remember what you read in this dragonfly meaning article. It will help you to know what it means and what to do next. Balance is what keeps us going and not losing control. This is why it is important to have both rest and action.

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