How to Unleash the Dragon Chinese Zodiac in You

Among the twelve famous Chinese signs, the Dragon Chinese Zodiac appears as the lone mythical creature. Combined with other animal features, this one is considered to be the most auspicious sign of them all. Dating back to ancient China, it is believed their people are descendants of the said Dragon. They possess noble, mysterious, and imaginative personality traits. Find out all you need to know so you too can unleash the dragon in you!

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Years

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

People born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024 have this powerful Chinese Zodiac to their names. But people celebrating their births in either January or February should check with their Chinese New Year Calendar first. Take note that there are one of the five elements associated with each dragon year. There’s the Water Dragon, Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Gold Dragon, and Water Dragon.

Traits and Characteristics of the Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Male Dragons

Those who are born in the Year of the Dragon are solid as a rock, and steadfast in their values and beliefs. They take their responsibilities head on, and people rely on them for being honest and trustworthy. 

These men don’t splurge, but money isn’t really their number one priority. They love the attention that goes with being in the spotlight, which can also be their downfall at times. Still, they love the hustle and bustle of being at work or running a business. Furthermore, these guys are completely okay with living alone. Some marry early on, while others happily remain as bachelors. However, they need family and friends to lean on for support and understanding.

Dragon Ladies

Dragon Chinese Zodiac ladies can be expected to be headstrong and highly independent. If you mistake them for pushovers, you’re in for the biggest surprise of your life! They are meticulous in everything they do and have extremely high standards. Respect for self and others is crucial. This is non-negotiable. 

A lot of these women don’t mind staying single when they have a lucrative career. However, those who choose married life also lead long, fulfilling relationships with their partners.


As far back as ancient history, Dragons have had the strong reputation of being the best leaders in the world. This comes easily with their nature of being ambitious and dominant individuals. Not only are they confident with themselves and the decisions they make, they’re also thought of as brilliant, charismatic and resilient.


Another common observation with those under the Dragon Chinese Zodiac, is that they always seem to be distracted and aloof. Their confidence is oftentimes mistaken for arrogance, so people tend to shy away from them. They are strict bosses with very high expectations. If you don’t do your job well, they get easily disappointed and frustrated. On the flipside, they don’t know how to handle criticism, even constructive ones. They take this as a hard blow on their ego and don’t recover easily.

Good and Bad Luck for the Dragon Chinese Zodiac

For Good Luck:

Numbers: 1, 6, 7

Days: 1st and 16 of any month in the Chinese lunar calendar

Colors: gray, gold, silver

Flowers: dragon flowers, bleeding heart glory bower

Direction: south, north, east

Months: 3rd, 4th, and 7th months of the Chinese lunar calendar

To Avoid Bad Luck:

Colors: blue, green

Numbers: 3, 8

Direction: Northwest

Months: 5th and 6th months of the Chinese lunar calendar

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Dragons are best paired with Roosters, since the latter adheres to the Dragon, and can be counted on during difficult times. Monkeys are another great match for Dragons, since they’re both into innovations and are highly creative. Consequently, it is the Rat’s good humor and reliability that lures in the Dragon. They have totally different but complementing personalities which make them attractive to one another. 

Pairing Dragons with Dogs can be a bad idea. Their personalities crash and they hold strong distrust for each other. Rabbits may share some interests with the Dragons, but they can only stand each other for a short period of time. But most importantly, Dragons cannot be with their own kind. They will butt heads all the time, neither one would want to compromise, which makes a happy and peaceful relationship almost impossible.

Love and Relationships for the Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Relationships for Compatibility

Dragons have high standards in everything they do, which also applies to their love and relationships. They have made up their minds about what an ideal relationship or partnership should be. So when their significant others fail to meet their expectations, things can get pretty tough since they are hard to appease. 

Understand though that the reason why they expect so much, is because they also give their one hundred percent all the time. Even if the other party does not. They are loving and generous people which is why people gravitate towards them. They love being complimented and they take their time to make sure they’re getting what they want before they jump into the fire. Thus, marrying late is pretty common for them.

Dragon Career 2021

There is a clash with Tai Sui, thus Dragons will face some difficulties this year in terms of their career. You may feel down and lacking in motivation at certain points, but never give up. Focus on what truly matters, for the company as a whole, or the business to stay afloat. Keep a low profile and study your moves carefully before you take the next step. Tough challenges are coming your way, but you will come out bigger and better if you play your cards right. 

The prediction luck for the Dragon Chinese Zodiac in 2021 may vary with regards to career and finances. However, prediction for their fortune this year is quite alright. Problems are lurking, naturally. But nothing that cannot be solved with foresight and accountability. Do not buy stocks or make any sort of investment between October and November. There is a chance you will lose a lot of money if not careful. 

January and December tend to be your luckiest months, while March and September appear to be grim.

Overall Health and Wellness for the Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Because of the 2021 Tai Sui, there is a chance you will get sick, be prone to accidents, even suffer some serious injuries. So be conscious and always take extra precautions especially when you are out of the house or away on travel.

You are a highly driven individual, but too much stress in your place of work can become a precursor for a deteriorating health condition. Focus on your career, but don’t neglect your mind and body. Mental health is just as important as your food intake or your fitness goals. Most importantly, fill your spirit with good vibes and positivity. Remember, you cannot control everything and everyone around you, but you can control how you react to them.


This year will not be a walk in the park for Dragons. Immeasurable strength and courage will be needed for you to overcome the storms. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down that counts, rather, how many times you get back on.

There will be times when you will need to drag yourself out of bed. Not feeling like doing your job. Not seeing all the points of your hard work. But do not falter. Remember your goals, remember the bigger picture. Remind yourself that the sacrifices you make today, will help you reap a brighter future.

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