The Best Crystals for Travel: Know what suits you!

best crystals for travel

One of the best ways to reward yourself after a long day’s work is to travel. You get to discover new locations, try new things, and experience different cultures. And the most important thing, you get to unwind. Traveling relieves stress. But for many people, being in a foreign environment causes fear and anxiety. Carrying with you your travel crystals will ease your jitters. Your travel stones have calming and protecting qualities that keep you calm and safe. Having your crystals close to you means you are off for a safe, fun, and refreshing journey. 

Crystals have many benefits. But in this article, we will focus on crystals for traveling. Read on to know the answers to these questions.

  • Why use crystals for travel?
  • How to travel with crystals?
  • What are the best crystals to travel with?
  • How to take care of your crystals when traveling?

What crystals are best for traveling? Read on and find out!

Why use crystals for travel? 

Imagine this. You are about to have the trip of your life, but as soon as you get in the car, it breaks down. Upon arriving at a very chaotic airport, check-in counters are closing. The flight you are in got delayed. Turbulence keeps on happening, and you are holding on for your dear life in the plane’s armrests. You’re relieved from your anxieties when you arrived at the destination. Only to find out your luggage is missing. The trip of your life is turning into a disaster. 

Having a crystal at hand will not change any of these. Choosing to travel with crystals motivates you to be mindful. It allows your body to maintain internal harmony. 

Taking one or a handful of crystals during your trip has several benefits. Below is a list of the reasons to bring crystals for your next trip. 

1. Grounds you to the Earth 

Stones come from Earth. Generally, crystals hold the Earth’s energy. When you travel with crystals, you are actually holding onto a piece of the Earth. Bringing crystals for travel connects your energy to the Earth. 

Physical symptoms like headache or anxiety may manifest when you travel.  When this happens, crystals will help regain your chi. The crystal’s energy will resonate with you keeping your energy grounded and stable. Carrying crystals will help you remain calm and composed in all situations. 

The grounding energy of the Earth will keep you feeling at home while you’re away from your home.  

2. Calms you 

Stones resonate with very calming and soothing energy. If you feel overwhelmed with your trip, holding a piece of Earth helps you relax. There is an entire category of crystals and stones to “settle the spirit down”. Travel-related anxiety will affect our energy. Having crystals on hand’s reach helps in relaxing when your stress levels are flaring up. 

Sleeplessness could result from sleeping somewhere new. When traveling, calming crystals will induce restful slumber. 

3. Regulates your energy 

Our energy levels can sometimes drop while we’re traveling. Crystals stowed in travel bags or worn as pieces of jewelry help to sustain our energy levels. This will result to prevent feeling lethargic or exhausted. 

Traveling with crystals helps you overcome exhaustion from motion sickness and jet lag. 

4. Protects you

When traveling, carrying crystals can provide protection and ensure your safety. Everywhere you look, you can find crystals that serve as your protector. They absorb negative energy and pollutants. 

Knowing that you are safe helps you stay composed and at peace when on a new adventure. 

How to travel with crystals?

It is crucial to take the size and shape into account when bringing your crystals on an adventure. Make sure they are tiny enough to fit in your luggage and are sturdy enough to withstand extreme action. To further safeguard them from harm, it is a good idea to do the following. 

1. Incorporate them in jewelry

amethyst - jewelry

Bringing crystals does not mean you have to carry big pieces of stones. You can bring them and still be on top of your fashion game. The simplest way to carry your crystals is to incorporate them into your jewelry. Wear them as necklaces, pendants, or bracelets.

Wearing crystals in jewelry is excellent when traveling on top of being fashionable. Crystals are thus nearer to your energy points. The healing gemstones work best when they are in physical contact with you. It is the best way to absorb the crystal’s energy. 

2. Tuck in travel bags

The simplest method to bring your favorite stones with you wherever you go is to tuck them into your bags. Wrap each of your fragile stones in a piece of fabric to keep them safe before putting them in your bag. Using pieces of fabric is the safest way to travel with your precious stones. 

The closer you keep your crystals to your body, the more their frequency matches your own. If you are carrying crystals in your luggage, you must keep them close at hand. Put them in your hand-carry. 

3. Place one in clothing

Placing one in your clothing is best in keeping the crystal close to you. Make sure that the crystal you bring is tiny enough to fit in your pockets. You can reach for your trusted crystal when tension arises while traveling. 

Choose a crystal and carry it with you wherever you go. 

4. Place one in bedding

Have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar bed? There’s no need to count sheep if you sleep near therapeutic gemstones. 

When we are awake, healing stones are fantastic. Yet, when we are asleep, our protective mental barriers are down. We snooze and dream. Gemstones absorb and release gentle electrical currents. By sleeping next to them, you will feel peaceful and protected. 

What are the best crystals for travel?

There is a crystal for everything, and each one has special qualities and advantages. Which gems made the cut? 

Here is a list of the best crystals for travel that will protect you. 

1. Amethyst

The Stone of Spirituality, Contentment, and Meditation

The ultimate crystal for travel. Amethysts ward off thieves and keep travelers safe. But it has other qualities that make it a good stone to bring on your next adventure. 


This calming purple stone cleanses, balances, and clears the mind. When you wear amethyst, you can feel a greater sense of protection. This will make you feel like there is a bubble of light surrounding your aura. 

Amethyst’s soothing and calming effect clears the mind for better decision-making.  With better decision-making, the journey is safe and enjoyable. 

Amethyst travel tip:

  • Place amethyst beneath your pillow.  This promotes deeper sleep and protection from nightmares. 
  • When you are having a headache, place amethyst on your forehead. This works wonders in relieving headaches. 

2. Hematite

Stone of Power and Protection

This black gem is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet.  An underappreciated gem that is beneficial to have with you while traveling. Hematite features many remarkable qualities such as stability, protection, and clarity. 

Hematite is a grounding crystal. This crystal will stabilize you when you feel off-balanced in your travel destination. Bring this stone to your next getaway to ensure that you stay grounded with the Earth’s energy. 

Dissolves negative energy. Prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. 

Hematite travel tip:

  • Wear them as jewelry. The shiny black color of this stone will match any outfit.
  • Have it in direct contact with your skin. This enables you to absorb the stone’s energy without distractions. 

3. Blue Celestite

Stone of the Astral Travel and Intuition

Leave the negativity behind with this travel protection. Celestite came from the Latin word celestis which means celestial or heavenly. Energy healers believe that this crystal has the power to connect you to cosmic energy. It is a sought-after stone because of its heavenly vibes. 

The pale shades of blue and tones of white remind us of the sky. This blue crystal makes contact with the angelic realm and entities possible. It serves as a starting point for connecting with your spirit guide. 

When traveling with celestite, expect that there is peace. You will feel a strong connection to your life’s higher purpose. 

Blue celestite travel tip

  • Wrap blue celestite in blue silk for two days. Do this before your trip to cleanse and charge its energy. 
  • Celestite is water soluble. Do not wear this gem when swimming. It dissolves if submerged in water. 

4. Smoky Quartz

Stone of Cooperation

smoky quartz

Yet another protective stone. Smoky Quartz is a member of the quartz family. It has a unique dark brown to grey hue. In Celtic heritage, this stone represents Earth gods and goddesses. 

This stone does wonder for transforming your negative energy. It will ease the tension whether it’s from reckless drivers or arrogant travelers. 

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful grey that keeps you safe while traveling. The stone’s root chakra makes it a potent protector against unwanted energies. Smoky quartz filters out bad energy when worn or carried. 

If you feel unsure of the new surrounding, hold on to this crystal. You will feel a sense of awareness as it resonates with its peaceful energy. 

This crystal enhances intuition in both physical and spiritual travels. 

Smoky Quartz travel tip:

  • A very unique way to bring Smoky Quartz while traveling is wearing them as sunglasses.

5. Selenite

Stone of Purity

Selenite is the perfect stone for beginners. We see selenite everywhere. The stone originated from the goddess Selene. She is well-known for her radiant beauty and harmonious nature. 

Because it is harmonizing, this clear white crystal makes a wonderful travel companion. If you face negative influences while traveling, selenite will help to remove them. Think of it as a diffuser, it purifies the air. 

The stone’s purifying energy cleanses both your and your environment’s energy. Expect a clear mind when you bring this crystal on your next vacation. 

Selenite travel tip:

  • Put pieces of selenite on your room’s doorways or windowsill for protecting your space
  • Carry it along with other crystals. Selenite will help clear your other crystals. This trick is best if you plan to stay out of your home for a longer period of time. 

6. Aquamarine

Stone of courage and protection

When sailing across oceans in the past,  sailors hang Aquamarine in their ships as a symbol of good luck. Legends claim that this crystal is the treasure of mermaids. This claim makes the crystal the ideal companion for a safe journey. 

This soft turquoise crystal works all the way from the heart to the crown. From the heart, it evokes courage helping you find inner strength. At the throat, it helps with clear communication. In the mind, it gives you the ability to think. For the crown, it facilitates spiritual awakening. 

If you are anxious about your next boat trip or cruise, take this protective crystal with you. Tuck this beautiful crystal and find peace and relaxation on your trip. 

Aquamarine travel tip:

  • When soaking up sunlight, do not expose your Aquamarines. It will lose its cooling properties. 

7. Malachite

Stone of Transformation

One of the things that make traveling stressful is accidents. Malachite holds protective energy to keep you safe. It acts as a guardian to keep you away from danger. 

Also known as the guardian stone for travelers. The wide range of benefits this crystal holds makes it one of the best crystals for travel. 

The transformation energy of this crystal urges you to take responsibility. The energy of this bright green crystal stimulates willpower. When traveling, malachite gives you the opportunity to take risks. Expect personal growth after your trip. 

Malachite travel tip:

  • Be cautious with malachites. If it begins to crumble, the danger is at hand. 
  • Malachite in your wallet may bring financial prosperity. 

8. Moonstone

Stone of New Beginnings


The pearly cream-colored crystal, Moonstone, contains visible light. The illuminating energy of this gem makes it a great companion for traveling at night. 

Moonstone is the stone that does it all. This is a crystal of love, intuition, hope, protection, and feminine divinity. This stone gets you into the rhythm of life and opens your heart to love. 

Its power waxes and wanes with the moon, so for ultimate potency use it during the waxing or full moon. It’ll help you remember that like the moon, life waxes and wanes, and comes in chapters. 

Moonstone travel tip:

  • Expose your Moonstone under the full moon overnight. Charge your crystal with blessings, love, and magic wishes. 

9. Shungite

Stone of Life

The discovery of Shungite landed three scientists a Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry. 

Shungite can protect you against electromagnetic fields. This stone protects you from electromagnetic radiation. Wear a piece of this crystal in a technology-filled airport. 

The carbon-filled black stone energizes the mind, body, and soul. Cognitively, Shungite helps you to identify the wisdom of the past and apply it to the present to create a future. Emotionally, Shungite helps you feel safe within your own skin. Spiritually, it helps you to be aware that you are not alone.

The protective qualities of this crystal make it a great travel companion. 

Shungite travel tip:

  • Shungite can clean water. Pop this crystal in your water bottle and you’ll have clean water. 
  • Place a Shungite pyramid next to your bed to drop travel-related stress. 

Taking Care of Your Crystals When Traveling

It can be be confusing to select the ideal crystals for travel. The varieties out there are endless. 

Here are a few things to take into account when choosing. 

  1. Clean it before using it to wash away negativity. You can wash most crystals with salt water. 
  2. Purify the crystal by smudging sage stick or palo santo, or a candle by quick-fire cleanse. 
  3. Crystals need proper storage to maximize their full potential. 
  4. Make sure the crystals are near you. This enables easy absorption of energy. 
  5. Avoid scratches and dents in crystals. Wrap them in silk scarves or put them in a pouch. 

Closing thoughts

Best Crystals for Travel: Know what suits you!

It takes time to get connected with stones. Explore which crystals for travel work best for you to keep you safe. The best crystals will vary depending on your needs. This guide made it clear which crystals are the finest for a safe travel. May your crystals keep you grounded, protected, and delighted on your next adventure! 

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