The Beginners Guide to Using Crystals for Anxiety

crystals for anxiety

Using healing crystals for anxiety is something that many people have been doing for thousands of years. In fact, it’s said that certain crystals have positive healing effects for specific anxieties! However, it can be that newbies can get easily overwhelmed. After all, there are hundreds upon hundreds of crystal types in the world. And so, why do people use healing crystals for stress and anxiety? And which ones should you use, especially as a beginner? Read on to find out!

Why Use a Crystal for Calming Anxiety?

During ancient times, our ancestors have discovered that crystals have certain healing properties. In fact, such discovery isn’t exclusive to one culture alone. Civilizations such as those in modern day China and Egypt made these breakthroughs. What is more interesting is that their respective discovery of such knowledge was separated by time and space. This only proves how anxiety healing crystals is real, and brings much benefit into our lives.

Using crystals for anxiety is becoming even more prevalent in this modern world. Our environments now are becoming more toxic, and life is more fast paced than it ever was before. It has led to people suffering physically and mentally, with stress and anxiety becoming a common occurrence. The use of anti anxiety crystals can then lead to people leading happier, healthier lives.

How Should I Use A Crystal For Anxiety?

Crystals are usually used during meditation sessions. Some people hold them, others place it in specific spots to channel their energies. But most crystals work best if you use them in certain ways. Regardless of how you use them, you must always purify them after every use. They absorb so much negativity that their potency just might weaken if they don’t get enough care! Purification rituals for each crystal might differ, though. Luckily, there are numerous online resources that can help you in cleansing your crystals.

What Are The Crystals That Help With Anxiety?

1. Amethyst


If there is one crystal that is considered to be the go-to for both beginners and pros, it’s the amethyst. As one of the more “popular” crystals, even those who aren’t into crystal healing are familiar with it. Many people claim that amethyst is one of the best crystals for anxiety because of its potency. It can even help calm down someone who is having a panic attack! With its ability to stabilize someone, amethyst can help a person regain their focus. No matter how stressful a situation can be, an amethyst will always be able to do its job. What’s more, it is quite easy to take hold of an amethyst crystal nowadays. It’s now easy for you to get an effective means of helping calm down your anxieties whenever you need it.

An amethyst is best used as a jewelry. Keeping it close to one’s body will therefore ensure its effectiveness. If you are not one for wearing any kind of bling, keeping a cluster of amethyst will do the trick. Make sure that you keep it somewhere you spend most of your time in. Perhaps putting it in your workspace or bedroom will work best for you. Should you decide to go with the crystal, you will be able to feel its positive effects almost instantly.

2. Lepidolite

If you are the type of person who likes meditating, lepidolite is for you. As a crystal with lithium content, it can help bring balance into your system. Lepidolite can then reduce the anxiety caused by stressful events easily. This is especially true if you are feeling angry or agitated over something. When you have a lepidolite, you will feel yourself gradually calm down. It can then ensure that you can be yourself again. Another benefit of this stone is that it can help give you clarity of mind. If you need to make decisions in the midst of a high-stakes situation, this crystal can help you. You will finally have the clarity of mind that you need, and be more able to assess your situation carefully. Once you are able to rationalize the things that are going on, you will then come to choose the right option.

The best way to use a lepidolite is to hold it when you are meditating. If you are doing something else, placing it next to your bed will do the trick. This will ensure that when you decide to rest, you will be able to relax effectively. Take note, though, that lepidolite works best at night. Using it in the morning will render it almost unable to help you relax. This is because the chaos of a daytime environment can profoundly affect its ability to get things done.

3. Rhodonite

Healing is no easy task, and you must have the proper equipment as you do so. This is why having a rhodonite by your side during this time is important. As you assess the things that have happened to you, this crystal can help you let go of past pains. Remembering what you have gone through is not easy, after all. But it is only through doing so that you will be able to move on with your life. Yes, there will be times that you will come to experience so much mental and emotional pain. But the rhodonite can help you in your journey by giving you the necessary energies that you need. As these things unfold, you will slowly come to accept yourself. This can then give you the confidence that you need to face the universe and embrace who you truly are. What happened in the past can no longer be undone, but what you can do now and in the future still can. With this crystal for anxiety, you no longer have to worry about your past coming back to haunt you.

A good way to use rhodonite is to have chunks of it constantly by your side. This way, when you suddenly get flashbacks, you will be able to take hold of it immediately. Once you do, you will slowly feel your mind calm down. Focusing on what is actually going on will also become much easier. It will also be for the best if you put chunks on them in areas of your home that you frequent. It will help you a lot in managing your emotions, especially during moments when something triggers unpleasant memories.

4. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Negative thoughts can be quite normal for anyone to have. However, things can get complicated if it’s all that you can think about! It can no doubt affect the way that you do your work, and even the way you love your life. Even worse if you are constantly afraid of something. Though having fears is part of the human condition, it can get obstructive sometimes. Having black tourmaline would then help you along. This is one of the most effective crystals for anxiety out there! It has healing properties that can help ease your mind and ultimately absorb all sorts of bad juju. It can also help improve your mood greatly, as well as instilling a sense of courage within yourself. What’s more, black tourmaline can also repel free radicals in your environment. This can then ensure that you will be in a healthier and safer place, wherever you may be.

A good place to put black tourmaline in is your workspace or the entryway to your house or room. This can ensure that only positive vibes will be around you as you do your thing. You can then feel yourself becoming more in control of whatever is going on. The people around you will also benefit as well. Because of the crystal’s anxiety repelling powers, everyone will find themselves in a state of calm. Everything will then check out, allowing people to do their work without having to worry about inconsequential things.

5. Moonstone

moonstone crystal

There are so many things that just might trigger someone’s anxiety nowadays. However, using moonstone will calm anyone even at the onset of this emotion. Despite the fact that you might feel a bit lost at times, the moonstone will shine its light on you. The bright surface of the stone will be your proverbial light towards the right path. It will keep you feeling motivated and inspired, despite all the challenges you are facing! You will also feel yourself becoming more strengthened as you face any situation. This can then lead you to looking for newer ventures as you go along. A moonstone can reflect on its owner the brightness of the Full Moon- a lunation that ushers in new beginnings. If you are looking to shift your life minus all the anxiety, having a moonstone is the way to go.

What makes moonstone unique is that you don’t have to have a mini version of it to go. You can have a massive chunk sitting anywhere you like, and it will definitely do the trick! Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have it around as jewelry or something. Whatever means that you can think of for using it is perfectly fine, as long as you are comfortable with it. What’s important is that it will be able to function well and help you with your life.

6. Blue Lace Agate

Tensions can run high in a workplace. Thus, having a crystal that can help ease down anxieties and aggressiveness is important. This where having a blue lace agate comes in. It can help facilitate effective communication, as well as harmony with everyone around it. Don’t let yourself experience stress and anxiety because of the intensity of a situation! Rather, it is best if you let the crystal do its work. The blue lace agate can calm down everyone’s nerves, and even cool down someone physically. This is because this crystal has cooling properties that will help bring someone’s temperature to normal levels. Aside from this, it is also one of the few crystals for anxiety that can work on animals. If you have a particularly hyperactive pet, putting it on or placing it near them can do the trick.

Having this crystal around wherever you go is an effective way of using it. Since they mostly come around in tiny stones, you can put them in your pockets and bring them anytime. They can be a source of comfort, especially if you find yourself in social situations. Meditating with this crystal can also be helpful as well. It can help you release your social anxieties, and allow you to build a much more confident version of yourself.

How Can I Choose The Best Crystals For Anxiety?

Admittedly, this is the hardest part in anyone’s crystal journey. Keep in mind that this is not the full list of crystals that you can choose from! There are hundreds out there, each one with a specific purpose and benefit. The best that you can do would then be to feel each and every crystal. Look closely at how you resonate with them before choosing something. It is also important that you assess what you need a crystal for. Yes, you may be anxious, but what are you anxious about? Knowing why you are getting a crystal in the first place would then make choosing the right crystal easy for you to handle.

Closing Thoughts On Crystals For Anxiety

Using crystals for anxiety has been a time tested practice. From the ancients down to us in the present, the use of such stones has benefited mankind. As we struggle internally, these crystals are a reminder that there’s always a way out. However, you must also remember that crystals are not a cure-all. They are merely aids for you to be able to get through whatever you are going through. If you have anxiety, it is best to see a professional who can help you through scientifically-proven methods. Having a strong support system can also help you pull through as well. Above all, nothing in this world can help you better than yourself.

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