Making Sense of Your Celtic Zodiac Signs

Understanding Celtic zodiac signs and their meanings can help you re-align with Mother Nature. This is for you if you’re curious about the mythology that holds the sacred meanings of life on this earth and beyond. You ought to start learning about these Celtic animal signs.

The Cat (January 21- February 17)

celtic zodiac sign - the cat

The Cat sign is unbelievably analytical. Just when you thought this individual is simply going on a whim- think again. They can be clingy at times, but they’re also extremely generous and loving creatures. They have the kind of charisma few people possess, and almost no one is immune from their charms!

The Cat holds a very special place in the Celtic realm. Not only do they make ideal companions, but they are also known to be profound. They are also believed to be filled with magic. This is one of the reasons they’re one of the most favored among the Celtic zodiac signs.

The Snake (February 18- March 17)

The Snake is the sleekest, and the smoothest among the Celtic zodiac signs. You don’t lose your composure easily. You are always cool, calm, and collected- especially when under tremendous pressure.

Snakes believe that learning is never-ending. Every day is a journey and you love to discover new things and learn from other people. You rarely keep your mouth shut, but people don’t mind. Because you are super interesting and love listening just as much.

The Fox (March 18- April 14)

celtic zodiac sign - the fox

Among all the Celtic zodiac signs, the fox is among the most sexual and sensual of them all. The Fox is known to be full of wisdom. If you’re not sure where to go, or what to do, you can rely on the Fox to navigate safely. The same thing goes for the Spirit realm. No wonder they make great mediums for contacting their loved ones on the ‘other side’.

The Fox gives the impression of always being confident and self-assured. Not arrogant or boastful, just the kind of composure people have when they know they have nothing to prove. You are also difficult to trap or lure for you are always ten steps ahead of everyone else.

The Bull (April 15- May 12)

When people are called bullheaded expect to encounter stubbornness overload! Among all the other Celtic zodiac signs, they are known to be tough as nails, relentless, and resilient. You can never force them to do something against their will- no matter what.

People born under this sign can tell if you’re lying to their face, no matter how much you try to hide or fake it. Bulls prefer to know the truth, as painful as they may be. Especially in matters of the heart. They rather you be real, not love and lie. You better just say the truth, even if you have to say goodbye.

The Seahorse (May 13- June9)

celtic zodiac sign - the seahorse

You’re lucky if you’re under the Seahorse among all the Celtic zodiac signs. You possess a photographic memory and are gifted when it comes to legal and financial matters. Tradition dictates that the sea is a powerful energy source. Despite the Seahorse’s minute stature, it goes with the flow of the ocean, never clashing against it.

People under this zodiac sign are always drawn to the water from the moment they were born. It’s always their go-to place to recharge, recalibrate, and refocus. They make great leaders and excellent providers for their families. All hell will break loose when you try to mess with the people they love.

The Wren (June 10-July 7)

When people are weary and feeling small, when it feels like there is no hope- there pops up the little Wren. The ball of sunshine. That vibe of positive energy. That ray of silver lining you so desperately need.

Those born under this sign are the natural caregivers among the Celtic zodiac signs. More often than not you see them at the helm of a new project or a business start-up. The wren does not see a ‘crisis’ as such. They are not busy looking at the problem, they’re busy finding the best solution.

The Horse (July 8- August 4)

celtic zodiac sign - the horse

If you’re looking for the Horse, expect to find them in the winner’s inner circle. They know exactly what they want and what to do to get it. These people are oozing with charisma, are business and tech-savvy, and always dress to impress. They stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd, so they’re pretty hard to miss.

You might mistake them for being boastful pricks at first, but soon you’ll realize they’re good people deserving your respect. They work hard and always for a good cause. When you’re around them it’s hard not to want to be like them because they always aspire for greatness. Not only for themselves but for everyone around them. The very reason they’re considered one of the most majestic Celtic zodiac signs.

The Salmon (August 5- September 1)

People born under this sign are visionaries. They are wise, profound, and are always in search of answers for life’s biggest mysteries. They are very much interested in what goes on in a person’s consciousness and beyond.

Salmons love poetry, arts, and music. As a matter of fact, they use these to improve their own psychic abilities. Therefore, when you feel a strong kick in your gut that something is headed in your direction, carefully pay attention.

The Swan (September 2- September 29)

celtic zodiac signs - the swan

When you’re with a Swan expect everything to be planned to a tee. They don’t like impulsive buying, acting on a whim, and recklessness is never an option. They want to be sure everything is on the right track before turning on the green light. They don’t want to head on to something without knowing how to deal with the repercussions afterward.

The Swan is also a neat freak. They can’t think straight when their surroundings are in complete and utter chaos. So if you’re a slob planning to live with a Swan, better clean up your act or expect to be in a whole heap of trouble!

The Butterfly (September 30- October 27)

Once you meet a Butterfly, you can fall in love with them instantly! They are beautiful creatures inside out. They are pure, honest, kind-hearted people. Their style and sophistication are above average. They are so pristine and lovely you’ll never get tired of staring at them the entire day.

People born under this sign are also great negotiators. When things are getting tense and everyone is on the edge, expect a Butterfly to keep a cool head. Everyone values your insight because you know how to look at things from all sides. You are never biased and you always listen.

The Wolf (October 28- November 24)

If you’re not fast enough, you’ll end up biting the dust. That’s how fast and driven the Wolf is. They don’t mean to step on other people’s toes. It’s just life in the fast lane as they don’t like wasting time fulfilling their dreams.

If you’re born under this sign, you are strong, driven, determined. You hate mediocre work and mediocre people. Your philosophy in life is if you’re not going to give it your all, why even bother?

The Hawk (November 25- December 3)

celtic zodiac sign - the hawk

The Hawk has a never-ending curiosity. Your thirst for knowledge is insatiable. The same thing goes for your life and spirituality. You try different approaches until you find one that satisfies your innermost being. You’re not afraid to question and compare various ideologies, morals, and beliefs, in search of the truth.

You need to fly freely but cautiously. Sooner or later you will find the need to settle down. Once you find the right person for you, you will be confident enough to build your nest to take on life’s next adventure!

The Stag (December 24- January 30)

Stags don’t just go with the crowd. They’re not afraid to take on another direction if they feel it’s not for them. Stags believe that just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right.

People born under this sign enjoy their independence. They don’t like to be a burden to other people so they make sure they are independent financially, emotionally, mentally. You know when you meet some people and they suck the life out of you? They get your money, drain you emotionally, abuse you mentally? Stags are never one of them.

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