Celtic Tree Astrology? EVERYTHING you need to know RIGHT NOW

A celtic tree in a forest used for astrology

MOST mainstream sources for astrology points towards the Chinese Zodiac or the modern Western Zodiac yet Celtic Tree Astrology can provide you great insights.

Everyone seems to have their heads in the clouds, figuratively and literally.

Now consider, if you may, that there are other systems of astrology. Ones that are not as concerned about the stars and how they are aligned. Ones that are rooted more in the planet that we came from?

Enter: Celtic Tree Astrology 

Celtic Tree Astrology originated from the Ancient Irish. Also known as Irish Astrology, it was very different from Mesopotamian Astrology. 

The wise men of Mesopotamia looked to constellations to glean insight into the different aspects of people.

The Druids based their Astrology and their charts on something more robust.

Celtic Tree Astrology revealed

Druids (as the ancient Irish called their priests) had a profound connection with nature. In particular, they believed that trees were a vessel for infinite wisdom. They also thought that the universe was shaped like a tree. The roots represented the past. Then, the trunk represented the present. Finally, the branches represented the future and the afterlife. 

The Druids referred to Ogram wisdom. Ogram is a tree alphabet affiliated with the Irish God of Poetry: Ogam. This alphabet is what dictates the trees’ magical qualities.

From this wisdom, they created the Celtic Zodiac: They assigned a tree to each sign to determine a person’s destiny and essence. This is why it’s more common to use the concept of “Celtic tree” than “Celtic sign”.

It is important to note that they based Celtic Tree Astrology on a lunar calendar. For reference, they based Mesopotamian Astrology on a solar calendar. 

This meant that there were 13 months instead of 12, and by extension, 13 astrological signs.

Celtic Tree and equivalent Astrology Zodiac Signs

Read below to discover your Celtic astrology sign based on your date of birth. Old trusted Celtic tree astrology reader considered your sign as an answer to the question “what is my Celtic tree astrology”.

Celtic stone monument for astrology

Birch – The Achiever

Birth Dates: Dec 24 – Jan 20

Bearing the Birch sign, you blaze through life with high energy using your powerful internal drive. Interestingly, the Druids chalked it up to when you were born. This time was a season of darkness, and so you are said to embody the Birch’s need to reach out towards the light. 

Just like your sign’s namesake, you are also tough as nails. You can thrive in harsh environments. This level-headedness and ambition make you a good leader. Additionally, your natural cunning and quick wit attract people to you.

Birch signs are compatible with Willow and Vine signs.

Rowan – The Thinker

Birth Dates: Jan 21 – Feb 17

Bearing the Rowan sign, you are a thinker by birth. You take an interest in philosophical matters and have strong beliefs and ideals. Furthermore, you are extraordinarily creative and original. Unfortunately, this may cause misunderstandings in your interactions. This is because other people cannot see where you are coming from at times. 

Yet, underneath this cold facade lies a burning passion that carries you through adversity. You probably are not very flashy and showy in public. Despite that, you hold a lot of influence behind the scenes, and people respect you for your unique point of view. 

Rowan signs are compatible with Hawthorn and Ivy signs.

Ash – The Enchanter

Birth Dates: Feb 18 – March 17

Bearing the Ash sign, you are incredibly creative. This aptitude for thinking outside the box manifests itself in all that you do. 

You are a free thinker and have an eye for beauty. While you may be prone to fits of moodiness, you are always recreating yourself in amazing ways. Nature inspires you and allows you to always be in touch with your muse. 

This wide-eyed wonder is why you inspire and attract people towards you. Some people may find you distant and flighty. But this is only because you are often busy marveling at the wonders you create in your mind.

Ash signs are compatible with Reed and Willow signs.

Alder – The Trailblazer

Birth Dates: March 18 – April 14

Bearing the Alder sign, you go fast and hard. You are intent on making waves wherever you go. 

You are incredibly confident, and it would take something terrible to shake your faith in yourself. This passion and inner fire often net you loyal companions who will follow you wherever you blaze a trail. 

You are also action-oriented and motivated by results. By extension, this means that you do not like waste in its many forms. Most of all, you hate it when someone wastes your time.

Alder signs are compatible with Oak, Hawthorn, and even Birch signs.

Willow – The Observer

Birth Dates: April 15 – May 12

Bearing the Willow sign, you are intelligent and imaginative. You also have a strong intuition and instinctively know that all things come and go.

The Druids attribute this innate understanding of cycles to the Willow sign’s affinity with the moon and the lunar realm. By extension, you are more patient than most. 

However, you may find yourself holding back your immense potential. Perhaps for fear of attracting unwanted attention. Nevertheless, your patience goes hand in hand with your aptitude for remembering and makes you an excellent observer.

Willow signs are compatible with Ivy and Birch signs. 

Hawthorn – The Illusionist

Celtic druid for celtic astrology

Birth Dates: May 13 – June 9

Bearing the Hawthorn sign, you are more than meets the eye. You usually put on a front for other people while hiding your real thoughts and intentions deep inside yourself.

While you may show an unassuming persona, underneath is a roaring flame of passion and creativity. Compounding that, you also have a knack for insight into the bigger picture. 

This duality means that you are very adaptable. You use this stability to support others. People who get to know you may be surprised to see your keen sense of irony and your surprisingly robust sense of humor. 

Hawthorn signs are compatible with Rowan and Ash signs.

Oak – The Stabilizer

Birth Dates: June 10 – July 7

Bearing the Oak sign, you embody its signature strength. You often take up the role of protector and are usually the first to help those who cannot speak out for themselves.

On that note, you are naturally helpful and nurturing. You give off an aura of peaceful confidence. You may feel compelled to deal with family matters and community issues.

You have a deep respect and reliance on structure. By extension, you also have an interest in tradition and history, and you may find joy in imparting this knowledge to others.

Oak signs are compatible with Reed, Ivy, and Ash signs.

Holly – The Ruler

Birth Dates: July 8 – Aug 4

Bearing the Holly sign, you embody a sort of royal confidence and finesse. You have a rare talent for resolving issues with tact and skill. Not only that, but you are also watchful for anything that may cause you to fail. 

Your competitiveness and your ambition are what wins you, followers. On the other hand, the kindness and affection you hide behind this are what wins you friends.

While you constantly thrive on challenges, you may find yourself slipping into a lazy complacency if you feel like the challenges you face are too easy. Like a shark, you must always keep moving forward, or else you’ll sink and stagnate.

Holly signs are compatible with Elder and Ash signs.

Hazel – The Knower

Birth Dates: Aug 5 – Sept 1

Bearing the Hazel sign, you are efficient above all else. Your gifts of intelligence and organization are a feat to behold. These traits help you in your academic endeavors.

You are good at memorizing things. This comes into play, especially because you continuously seek new information. Combined with your eye for detail, you excel in all manners of analysis and science. 

However, your attitude left unchecked may make other people see you as overbearing and compulsive. Fret not for as long as you maintain a healthy level of self-awareness, you should be fine.

Hazel signs are compatible with Rowan and Hawthorn signs.

Vine – The Equalizer

celtic druid is making astrology

Birth Dates: Sept 2 – Sept 29

Bearing the Vine sign, you tend to be unpredictable. The Druids point towards the autumnal equinox you were born in to explain your shifting nature. 

You tend to be indecisive and contradictory. Other people may find this annoying and call you out on your lack of conviction. On the other hand, this is usually because you have a more holistic perspective and see more sides to an issue than others. 

You are classy and charming, and you have a distinct taste for the finer things in life. With the right conditions, you can draw out the beauty in the most mundane things. Also, you flourish in social situations where you can show your elegance.

Vine signs are compatible with Hazel and Willow signs.

Ivy – The Survivor

Birth Dates: Sept 30 – Oct 27

Bearing the Ivy sign, you have the uncanny ability to overcome all odds. This pluck might stem from the fact that you were born during a time of a waning sun and the hardships it foretold. 

You are sharp and quick on the uptake, probably because you have to be. Your life may have been filled with unnecessary suffering. But even more iconic is your ability to give where others would have hardened their hearts. You are fiercely loyal and compassionate and carry through adversity with serene grace. Add that to your charm and your wit, and you usually do well for yourself socially.

Ivy signs are compatible with Ash and Oak signs.

Reed – The Inquisitor

Birth Dates: Oct 28 – Nov 24

Bearing the Reed sign, you have a talent for finding out the truth. Despite the layers of misdirection, you still manage to dig deep and find the facts of the matter. 

By that thread, you like to stay in the loop and love a good story. This means that if there are rumors and gossip, you may not be very far behind. On the other hand, you are also quite talented in piecing together pieces of lore and history.

You also love people and have a knack for getting people to open up to you. While you may have a manipulative streak, you keep yourself in check with your strong sense of honor.

Reed signs are compatible with Ash, Oak, and other Reed signs.

Elder – The Seeker

Birth Dates: Nov 25 – Dec 23

Bearing the Elder sign, you often feel the need to be free. If you have already grown out of it, taking risks and seeking thrills might have been the hallmark of your past. When you were born, the sun’s light was quick and fleeting, which may be why you lived life on the fast lane.

Others often exclude you due to your tendency to cave-in despite being otherwise extroverted. But inside your rowdy exterior lies a thoughtful soul that only wants to help. While your honesty and lack of tact might backfire on you at times, you always come with good intentions.

Elder signs are compatible with Holly and Alder signs.


There is a special feeling in knowing that we can ground ourselves (pun intended) on the earth we stand on. 

Despite our vast and wondrous origins from cosmic energy, we have a real and tangible heritage in the world that birthed us.

Perhaps the ancient Druids thought so when they looked to the trees for wisdom. Maybe they understood that truth they took that cosmic knowledge and inscribed our destinies.

You have examined thirteen trees that represent thirteen signs—one for each lunar month. You have also seen a brief explanation of each sign. While they are a quick and convenient reference point whenever you need it, they only scratch the surface.

After looking into this quick start into Celtic Tree Astrology, you might feel this deepening connection with the earth. Perhaps you may even be inspired to dive into the finer details of Celtic Tree Astrology.

No matter which way you choose to go, may you be guided in all your endeavors.

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