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blue aura meaning

Auras are electromagnetic fields around us. In all living beings, auras exist. Simply put, they are like forcefields of energy that radiate around you. Generally, the naked eye can’t see them. Instead, we feel its power through the kind of energy that it emits. In some cases, people emit heat. But in most, auras reveal themselves through the kind of vibe that you bring. In this case, blue aura meaning also carries its own energy. But what does it mean? 

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What does it mean if you have a blue aura?

Blue auras generally pertain to communication, self-expression, creativity, and intuition. If you have a blue aura, you’re likely to radiate that kind of confidence and eloquence. The meaning of a blue aura resonates strongly with these qualities. But did you know that the blue aura meaning can be divided into colors? 

While blue auras contain all these positive traits, some exhibit more dominant traits than others. Generally, there are 3 dominant colors: Turquoise, Cobalt/Royal Blue, and Sky Blue. In the sections below, we’ll explore all three!


The aura color Turquoise is a shade of blue that relates strongly to one’s inner self. Like ancient philosophers bearing socratic wisdom, those with this aura are highly introspective. They are very particular with their thoughts, even to the extent of exploring their subconscious. Because of this, they exude a confident aura, a result of their strong sense of self-awareness. 

As such, this confidence allows them to flourish. Put them in any field, and you’ll find them outdoing not others but themselves. They can be highly competitive, and sometimes a bit too much. However, they are good at keeping themselves in check, so you can expect them to notice when things are far off. 

If you have this aura, try your best to find your cornerstone. Constantly engaging in introspection can lead to a lot of questions, sometimes a bit too much for your own good. 

Cobalt/Royal Blue  

A Cobalt/Royal blue is often referred to as the “True Blue” aura. Generally, people who exude this aura color are those who have that strong spiritual self. Unlike the Turquoise aura, this one emphasizes the strength of engaging with their collective unconscious. They go beyond the usual conscious and subconscious states. Instead, they focus on things like spiritual awakening. 

As such, a Cobalt Blue aura signifies someone who’s pursuing their higher self. And by this, we mean those who are consciously or subconsciously seeking inner depth. Going beyond the material things and fleeting connections, they seek an astral-like mental clarity. Thus, you can expect them to have an impeccable intuition, one that takes over their reason. Add to that, they also have a strong sense of communication, coming in second compared to Sky Blue auras. 

If you have a Cobalt/Royal Blue aura, be careful. Don’t overdo things, because you might lose touch of reality. It is good that you’re pursuing your higher self. However, you might do so in a way that neglects what’s on the ground. 

Sky Blue 

sky blue aura

Finally, we are getting to the sky blue aura meaning. Of all the blue aura meanings, the Sky Blue is perhaps the friendliest. Well, it is to no surprise, because they excel in communication and self-expression. Whereas other auras can be too intimidating or overly spiritual, this one appears to be comforting and caring. They have a motherly voice, one that you can trust and lean on. Thus, it is often easy for them to rally others to their cause, making Sky Blues as effective leaders. 

Add to that, Sky Blues are also prodigious creatives. They can deconstruct what’s there to create their own version of it. Just as innovation stems from what’s existent, their imagination has no limits. Whether it be art, music, or science, the only limit they have is the endless bounds of their minds. 

If you are a Sky Blue, you’ll probably bear the best blue aura meaning out there. Yet still, be careful. Your aura is not perfect, as it has its fair share of challenges. For instance, Sky Blues can yearn for perfection to a point of demise. They are, after all, closeted perfectionists. Add to that, while their communicative skills are strong, are they actually championing the right cause? Be critical and ask yourself, as you may be unconsciously bearing these pitfalls. 

The Blue Aura and the Throat Chakra

Among all the three blue aura meanings above, one thing is common: they all exemplify strong communicative skills. But why? The answer is simple – it is due to their deep connection with the throat chakra

If you are familiar with the 7 chakra points, then you’ll already know what we’re getting at. But if not, it’s quite simple actually. Observing the 7 chakra points, you’ll see that the blue color represents the throat chakra. Exemplifying communication and self-expression, blue speaks for itself and the throat chakra champions it. 

Generally, this association stems from the fact that blue is a calming color. While red represents a sort of fiery passion, blue’s meaning dwells in the calmness of the water. Think of a lake, for instance. Aren’t you wondering why they always have that peaceful, calming, and reassuring feeling? The same goes with blue, making it all the more relevant to truth. Yes, the blue color isn’t just about communication but also communicating what’s true. 

That is why when the throat chakra is problematic, lies and deception may arise. A blocked throat chakra means that we don’t get to express ourselves well. Instead, we may compensate for that blockage with hurtful and deceptive words. 

As such, looking for blue aura mediums is important. This is where blue healing crystals come into play. Try looking for appropriate blue healing crystals that address this situation. Do note that different crystals have varying properties. It is crucial to identify which one works best to address the situation at hand. 

Some of the blue healing crystals that you can explore are: 

  1. Blue Quartz: promotes clarity and truth. Eases tension and allows for a more veracious self-expression. 
  2. Larimar: addresses traumas and negative experiences that blocks self-exrpression. It also resonates well with the heart chakra, allowing you to let go of baggages. 
  3. Blue Agate: empowers stabilization, especially in the throat chakra. Basically, this crystal helps sort through all your feelings. 
  4. Blue Calcite: resonates strongly with your emotions. Allows you to calm down and be more rational in dealing with things. 
  5. Lapis Lazuli: regulates all forms of communication. Helps you deal with verbal and non-verbal communicative woes. 
  6. Sodalite: works well with both throat and third eye chakra. Improves how you perceive things, leading you closer to your truths. 
  7. Amazonite: brings luck and divine providence. Basically, this acts as an amplifier to all other healing crystals. 

Of course, there can be other significant healing crystals such as Kyanite, Chrysocolla, and Aquamarine. The trick in properly using them is paying attention to their properties. In your case, we advise that you don’t limit yourself with these 7 crystals. If you truly want to radiate that bright blue aura, go beyond your bounds and explore them all! 

Blue Aura Meaning: Challenges and Woes

blue aura - challenges and woes

Some of the biggest challenges that a blue aura poses generally revolve around over-masculinity and self-expression blockages. While all blue auras are excellent communicators, they aren’t without a chink in their armor. And when they fail to address it, everything inevitably goes haywire. 

For one, an overly masculine voice seems to be present among blue aura bearers. While they may not know it, blue auras favor that outward and dominant form of expression. This hampers their creativity, spirituality, and openness. Since masculine energy emphasizes logic, action, and assertion, such qualities can literally be invisible stumbling blocks to progress and self-expression. To address this, they must establish and reinforce their connection with their feminine energies. 

Add to that, blockages with self-expression can quickly turn a vibrant blue aura into a dark and murky one. When they are unable to fully express how they feel and what they think, there can be an inner retreat. And when they try to bottle things up, you can expect that sooner or later, it will explode. Otherwise, they will be in a constant state of on-and-off anxiousness, unable to appropriately express themselves. To address this, they must make sure that the throat chakra is unblocked. In doing so, they can get rid of the negative energies and restore inner balance. 

Blue Aura: Dating and Relationships

Since blue auras are champions of veracity and truth, you can expect them to be blunt and honest. They aren’t fond of keeping things sugary, especially when the situation is problematic. Their bluntness is like a double-edged sword. Some people may take it positively while others see it as derogatory and insulting. Nevertheless, blue auras tend to prioritize their own perspectives about the truth. Thus, expect them to speak out their minds. You’ll need a great deal of patience in dealing with them. 

However, as long as you can deal with their “love for truth”, blue auras are actually excellent lovers! They are trustworthy, so you don’t just get a lover but also a best friend. You can share to them the goings-on of your life without fear of being exposed and vindicated on social media. 

Add to that, blue auras are creative and nurturing. They will show their love through memorable experiences and well-curated gifts. Dating them means you’ll get a taste of a personal kind of love, one that goes beyond the bounds of a commercial one. Gifts will be handmade if possible, and experiences will be memorable albeit not succumbing to the consumerist traditions. 

Finally, blue auras are calm. Your relationship with them will feel like home. Giving a sense of stability, the relationship itself can be very promising. And while arguments may arise here and there, their excellent communication skills can certainly handle the job. As such, it creates a symphonizing ambiance, one that allows love to flourish. 

Blue Aura: Career and Work-Life

In the case of blue aura, you can expect a similar approach to the workplace. They can be very blunt and commanding, sometimes to the point of insult. Blue auras champion the masculine energy, so logic, reason, and dominance will certainly come into play. Even so, you can expect them to be objective and goal-oriented. Thus, blue auras will definitely do whatever it takes to deliver. 

think out of the box

Additionally, blue auras are also highly creative. Expect that they will think out of the box. They will not settle for mediocrity, as the pursuit of perfection is something they’re born with. However, this can be a looming problem. Since they are perfectionists by birth, they may actually end up taking long before achieving their tasks. The quality is out of the question, as they will deliver above-par outputs. But will they be efficient enough? Only time will tell.

Finally, blue auras have the power to rally others behind them. Since they are excellent communicators, their negotiating and leading skills are simply off the charts. They will appear to be charismatic and inspiring, often bolstering the entire team’s morale. On a gloomy day, their presence is enough to give that healthy pressure, moving others to take action. 

As such, they are often seen as bastions of reliability in the office space. Blue auras are often seen as effective middle managers as they can build that genuine rapport. Add to that, their skillset can be very inspiring, nothing short of motivating others to do well in their jobs. 

Parting Words

In this short piece, we’ve discussed what blue auras are and what they’re capable of. To sum it up, they are definitely excellent communicators with tons of ideas that they want to express. Sometimes, this can be to their detriment as they fail to account for the feelings of others. But on good days, they are certainly effective leaders who can rally others behind their goals. 

Are you a blue aura bearer? Or are you seeking to attain a blue aura? Let us know in the comments below!

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