Interpreting the Best Love Tarot Cards for Good Fortune

best love tarot cards

Interpreting the best love tarot cards can be a bit confusing. Especially if you are still a beginner. So here are five of the best love tarot cards that could bring you good fortune in your relationships. Not only will you get to know and understand the best tarot cards for love, but you will also have a better idea about the following:

  • How can tarot cards for love improve your relationships immensely?
  • Are the best tarot cards in love reading truly accurate?
  • When should one have a love tarot reading?
  • How do you know now is the right time to get the best tarot cards for love readings?

So let’s get it on with the best tarot cards for love!

Top 5 Best Tarot Cards for Love

Best Love Tarot Cards No. 1: The Lovers

the lovers

Right in front of you is the card of love. This talks about both human and divine love. As well as love in a person’s interior level among the various parts of their psyche. Of course, this is a card between two individuals. But if you look closely there is an angel in the card as well. This is Angel Raphael, the archangel of air. Thus, it is associated with the air element since Gemini is the zodiac in charge.

Zion is its Hebrew letter, and Zion means sword. Perhaps a strange name of a letter to be about love. It can definitely be if it were merely human love. However, this card also serves as a mandala of how your psyche works. What is happening inside your mind? Specifically, the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious parts?

The man in the imagery represents the masculine as well as the self-conscious mind. Also known as your everyday mind. The woman on the other hand is the subconscious. It is your emotional and intuitive nature. Angel Raphael represents your superconscious mind.

By taking a closer look you notice something behind it. The sun shining represents God. This Divine Essence is represented by the angel. As you may have experienced with deep love, there is a transporting and uplifting condition in the spiritual realm. At the same time, it shows you the relationship between the three parts of your mind.

Can you see something odd about the picture? The man looks intently at the woman, but the woman doesn’t look back. She’s gazing at the angel. But Angel Raphael sends its blessings on both of them equally. In short, your conscious or everyday mind doesn’t make the direct connection to the higher forces. First, it needs to go through the subconscious realm. 

One must always go the way of the waters whenever it goes downwards. For it is the only way to come up. In the same way, one must quiet the mind in order to receive inspiration. For it is the subconscious and superconscious connection which will give you a divine blessing.

This card could mean various things when you get it in a reading. It could be love and commitment between two individuals. A marriage, perhaps. Or a deep understanding. However, it can also mean the interior marriage between the self-conscious and the subconscious.

Now chemical mandala exists. It encourages intimacy among all parts of your mind. The oldest book of the Kabala calls this the ‘disposing of intelligence’. It is this type of intelligence that allows you to set things apart, thereby making decisions to see how things actually work.

Twin Gemini is a mental sign showing that the card is just as mental as it is emotional. On the higher side, its thoughts and decisions, are a clear union between the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. The lower side could mean a dissatisfied love relationship.

Aside from being the ending of a love relationship, it could also pertain to the alienation among the various parts of oneself. The inability to make a connection within you. Regardless, it gives you very good information where one can use their intuition. Since when it comes to reading, one does have a pretty good inkling of what it is referring to.

Best Love Tarot Cards No. 2: The Empress

the empress

Venus rules this card. In Hebrew, her letter is daleth, which means the door. For she is the door of life and creativity. As a matter of fact, the intelligence gifted to daleth is also known as illuminating intelligence. Why? Because imagination illuminates ones’ mind.

Along with the High Priestess, they form the image of the feminine archetype. Since there are multiple archetypes that encompass the feminine. Mainly because of a lot of reasons, one of them being women’s complexity.

The High Priestess is more secluded, virginal, and belonged with the wonderful Moon goddesses such as Diana or Isis. With the Empress, however, she’s more like the love goddesses, i.e. Aphrodite. In fact, it is Venus herself. Venus rules this card.

See her sitting comfortably on the sofa. With her dress loose around her belly because of her pregnancy. The third sphere found on the tree of life will give birth to the entire tree. This card pertains to birthing things. The number three name is multiplication. Throughout life and cultures, people have understood that the number three is a very special number.

The dagger is known to be the first real number since others that came before it was only essences. You see her sitting beside a waterfall. Right away you know that comes from the High Priestess. Also notice that there is wheat right in front of her. For she also taught the aquaculture mysteries and multiplying by the use of seeds.

Visible on her head is the crown of stars. This associates her with the woman found in the Book of Revelation. It said, “There appeared in the sky a great wonder. A woman crowned with the stars, and the moon on her feet”. Also, she was pregnant with Christ.

When you see this card in your reading, think of things such as love, luxury, fertility, and creative imagination. As a matter of fact, simply meditating on this card and allowing yourself to gaze upon it for five minutes encourages all these things. Believe that this will enrich you.

Be careful however whenever it is on its lower polarity. There could be dissipation and too much pleasure. Even too many ideas you don’t even do anything about. You may even be misusing the pleasure principle. There could also be a closed, creative channel within you. So make sure to make use of the Empress to your advantage so you can enjoy her living presence.

Best Love Tarot Cards No. 3: The Hierophant

the hierophant

The Hierophant means ‘revealer of sacred things’. This was the High Priestess’ title. He openly reveals to the people. Looking at the card, you will notice he’s the first of the archetypes that have two humans before him. The rest of the archetypes you may have seen so far are usually on their own on a severely high plane. This archetype however is very much available. Plus, two people even came to him for initiation.

Vav is his Hebrew name, meaning hook or nail. As a verb, it is the conjunction ‘and’ in Hebrew. In short, it’s a connecting point. He’s drawn as a Priest or Pope, a bit androgynously. Other people say it is actually a woman. That it is Pope Joan, the legendary female Pope. Regardless, however, its primary meaning is the inner voice’s opening.

Its correspondences to Hebrew letters are spectacular. This attributes to inner hearing. Taurus ruling the card also rules the neck as well as the inner ear. Thus, this card is the inner teacher. Taking it to the other side, this is the church’s authority. All those amazing religious structures could be fine but are also prone to abuse. For power is an enormous thing to deal with.

In its finest use though, the card can awaken the voice of your inner teacher. Just like Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Anyone who will, can hear the voice”. But just like everything else, this requires immense preparation. You can also hear this voice. It is something that will lead you throughout life.

See the two people who came for initiations? They have different decors on their robes. One has roses, while the other, Lilies. What does this signify? It means there can be two ways that are of equal value in approaching your spiritual studies.

Roses represent desire. So regardless if you came to these studies full of heart and emotions, or as an intellectual scholar, both can be very profitable.

In this card, the archetype sits between two pillars. However, they are not black and white- they are gray. Gray is the combination of these two colors. Thus, they represent wisdom. So whenever you see gray in the tarot, wisdom is rearing its lovely head.

There are times when gray is visible in the background. Or are visible in an object. This is always wisdom unfolding itself. Held in his hand is a particular gesture. Of course, it’s a gesture of blessing. But more than that it also means that what you see isn’t always what it seems.

On its upper polarity, you sense the significance of things, the meaning behind everything that is happening. All these you can sense through intuition. Your inner teacher is there for everyone and gazing on this card and meditating on it awakens your inner teacher.

On its lower polarity, however, there could be an abuse of power. It may be the church’s shadow or other religious organizations in a negative form. They may be too controlling or powerful. It could also be a blocked channel. Or completely missing the point of everything that is happening. So this card is asking you to tune in to yourself.

Best Love Tarot Cards No. 4: The Sun

the sun

Here is the fifth stage of the spiritual enfoldment. It is as filled as the wisdom child. Fully naked and divesting oneself of all the worldly aspects. It is on its way back to the spirit. This card shows the bright world of direct experience. As well as the last card before the moon goes to sleep. In here, awakening comes. This is a wonderful time for it is here when you begin to become adept.

The brave work in alchemy is usually referred to as the sun. Resh is the Hebrew letter associated with the sun. This means face or countenance. You will notice that the countenance is the picture of the sun itself. Just like the way the sun is in all alchemy books. It is the intimate of all such things. You see the sun and moon, these are live beings. They are not merely objects in the sky. These are full of life and intelligence.

Let’s go to the horse and the child. They represent solar energy. The red flag serves as the vibration of Mars’ voice. Alchemical marriage between the sun and the moon has already taken place. This is evident in the alternating rays emitted by the sun. The masculine and the feminine, the radiation and the vibration.

Sunflowers are sacred to the sun as well. The sun has a face, showing that it is a live being. It is a symbol of the divine. In the ancient world, Helios in Greek meant god and sun both at the same time. When you get this card in a reading, great regeneration is ongoing.

Healing and aliveness are taking place for you. There is something childlike you’d like to have within you in the best possible way. On its lower polarity, however, this is a barren card. And on the higher polarity, it could be announcing the birth of a child because of its fruitfulness.

Then, there is that child on the card. On its lower polarity, it could mean sterility, even death. If this is present in conjunction with a death card, or other cards similar in nature. But basically, this pertains to egocentricity. It is not being childlike at all. This is an infantile willfulness, where one is not open to life’s brightness and beauty.

Best Love Tarot Cards No. 5: The Two of Cups Upright

the two of cups upright

The keywords are union, communion, bonding, sharing, mutual understanding, and emotional commitment.

For earth-based reading, this means someone who is in love with their job or making a solid partnership with a client or colleague at work. This may also state office romance if cards indicating romantic infatuation are nearby.

For air-based reading, the Two of Cups upright could mean news of other couples that are forming. Or news from a distance forms some kind of emotional attachment. Someone who is not in your immediate area.

For a challenge, this card means understanding everything is not about you. It’s time you think about other people as well. Not only this, but it also states your emotional commitment and what to do to keep these commitments healthy and strong.

For water-based reading with emotions, the Two of Cups upright could mean a romantic union. Those who are single or casually dating must love this card. It is an opportunity not only to share and care but to actually strengthen your relationship. For couples, this is a great thing as well. Both of you are learning to be each other’s best friends. You cannot have a good partnership if this is not happening at all.

For spiritual advice, this card means putting other people on the same level as yours and sharing your feelings wisely. You need to have a trusting bond with those around you. Trust them with your feelings, and vice versa.


The card does not really indicate a breakup or severance. It could simply mean a partnership maligned by various negative emotions.

For earth-based reading, this could mean a partnership in business or an intimate relationship. They are causing some issues in your workplace. There’s a chance there is some distention going on between partners or a long-term client. At this point, people are not putting others’ best interests at heart.

For air-based reading, this pertains to a troubled couple. Perhaps you will hear about a couple on the verge of a divorce or breakup. Or a couple who is on the rocks, and they wish to put you in between them. You may discover both of them are inflicting some pain of betrayal.

As a challenge, this card recommends that you assess how and why negative cycles occur in relationships. You can’t just run away and throw the baby out of the bathwater. What you need to do is stop and think, and find out what you have done, and what others have done to you. How can you circumvent this so this never happens again?

For an emotional-based reading, the Two of Cups reversed could mean problems for singles. This means if you’re meeting with someone new there’s a possibility that this person is fresh out of their relationship. Or, not all the way out of their relationship. This could mean a lot of drama.

So for couples with this card take it as a warning sign that you and your partner are working against each other. When you should be working with and for each other, whether it’s deliberate or not. Take measures in understanding exactly where both of you stand.

Finally, for spiritual advice, this card could indicate you must pay close attention to these negative cycles. What are your stress triggers? Are there things you’re taking out on other people? And most importantly, is there a chance you are allowing yourself to be used as their doormat? The sooner you figure these out, the better off you will be.

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