You Should Pay More Attention To Your Astrology Chart Shapes

There are many things your astrology chart shapes can tell you at first glance. You can easily see basics like your sun, moon, and ascendant signs. And you can also dive deeper into the placements of planets and how they interact with each other at very specific angles. 

But, don’t forget that you can also find significant insight by looking at your astrology chart shapes.

Why Are Astrology Chart Shapes Important?

The general shape of your astrology chart can say something about your tendencies that show up repeatedly in your life. Each distinct shape has strengths and weaknesses associated with it. 

With that said, it can only help you to be more aware of your own advantages and disadvantages in life. It can also be a vital tool for you in your journey of self-discovery. Make good use of it as you try to overcome your own limitations and become a better person.

What Are The Different Astrology Chart Shapes?

It’s worth noting that your astrology chart shapes may not be obvious at first glance. However, pay extra close attention if your astrology chart does come together to form a distinct shape. This means that its shape can provide a lot of insight into your life. 


The seesaw shape means that the planets in your chart are in 2 clusters on opposite sides. These clusters also need to have at least 60 degrees between them on both sides.

Much like a seesaw, you may often find yourself chasing an idea of stability and balance. Your life may often be in flux, and you might find yourself bouncing back and forth between extremes.

Thankfully, this shape indicates a depth of perspective. You can learn more from your past experiences because you keep an open mind. This perspective is compounded by the constant excitement your life brings you.

It’s not just limited to yourself as well. You tend to also be keenly aware of your relationships with others.

But, no matter what curveballs life may throw at you, you are often aware of the different possibilities ahead of you. Depending on how you process this, it can confuse you or it can inspire you.


A bowl shape means all the planets are on one half of your astrology chart. In fact, this bowl shape may even be sealed by two planets directly opposing each other.

If your astrology chart shapes up to look like a bowl, you may keep to yourself a lot. Additionally, you may also be quite resourceful. On the other hand, your one-sided nature may leave you with large glaring blind spots in life. 

With that said the challenge for you is to break out of your comfort zone. And you have to strike a balance between both sides of your chart.

Regardless of which side of the chart your bowl lies on, those under the bowl shape tend to have certain commonalities. For instance, your energies are often concentrated on achieving your goals. You know what you want and you don’t fret on things outside this sometimes narrow viewpoint.


A bucket shape is similar to a bowl. All planets are on the same side, except that a bucket shape has one planet on the other side. More often than not, this single planet opposes one of the planets on the other side. Note that this planet is also known as a singleton planet

Naturally, the singleton planet dominates an entire half of the chart. Because of this, it acts as a dominant force to balance out the energies of your chart. It is the focal point upon which all the other energies channel through. In a nutshell, the singleton planet influences the energies of all the other planets on the other side.

If your astrology chart shapes turned out to be a bucket, you may be goal-oriented in general. This is largely thanks to how all your energies are focused through the singleton planet. In fact, you should be paying attention to the house and sign that your singleton planet lies in. After all, it is key to figuring out where and how you should be applying your focus.


If your astrology chart shapes up to be a splash, this means that your chart has evenly distributed planets. This usually also means that the planets occupy as many sun signs as possible. 

If you fall under this particular pattern, you are more open-minded than others. Just like your chart’s shape, you are more adaptable and versatile. This also means that you aren’t as focused as others, but you also aren’t as stubborn.

One thing to watch out for is spreading yourself too thin. Since you tend to favor a jack of all trades mindset, you run the risk of losing direction. The challenge, then, is to focus on the things that you care about without stifling yourself.


Your astrology chart may have planets located only in a third of the chart. When this happens, your chart takes on the shape of a bundle.

This particular shape is rarer than all the others. In a twist of fate, however, it signifies narrowness. Specifically, it speaks of a shallow pool of experience and a tendency to tunnel vision.

On the one hand, this narrowness implies a powerful drive and aptitude towards the area the planets reside in. On the other hand, this talent and skill comes at a cost. The other areas of your life tend to fall by the wayside as you deepen your specialized expertise.

With that said, you tend to have a strong sense of self. You know what you want and you can really hone in on what it takes to achieve your goals. If your planets fall on the bottom half of the chart, you may lean towards more personal issues. Otherwise, if they fall on the top half, you may be more inclined towards public issues.


Your chart is locomotive shaped if the planets in your astrology chart are spread over two-thirds of the chart.

But what does this mean for your personality? You can be quite dynamic, and you naturally gravitate towards challenges. Much like a real locomotive, you are self-driving. This means that you internalize your motivations and are less reliant on external incentives.

However, despite your grit, pay attention to the third of your chart devoid of planets. It represents your weaknesses. Or at least, it represents the parts of your life that you aren’t quite proficient in.

Pay close attention to the planet that leads the others in a clockwise pattern. This planet represents the engine of the locomotive, or your drive and motivation. The sign and house that it resides in show you what motivates you.


The splay shape is interesting in that it is the most common shape. But at the same time, it’s also the least defined shape of them all. It gets its name because its planets are unevenly spread.

However, the chart needs to have at least 2 clusters of planets to qualify as a splay shape. The rest of the planets can be in random areas. But, take note that the clusters could be made up of up to three planets. They may even be linked to each other.

If your astrology chart is splay-shaped, then you are very individualistic. Sometimes, this can work to your detriment. You may have trouble adjusting to other people and often take a “my way or the highway” approach with others.

Regardless, you are fiercely independent. You value your freedom, hold fast to your own beliefs, and can thrive without overly relying on others. Just make sure that your stubborn resilience does not manifest as intolerance.

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