Excited for the year ahead? Say hello to the Astrology Calendar 2021!

2020 was a chaotic mess. Like many people who were left battle-worn and scared of the events that transpired, looking forward to a more favorable astrology calendar 2021.

Astrology Calendar 2021

Well, look no further! We compiled all major astrological events for the coming year for you! This way, you can better prepare yourself for the things that life will throw in the near future.

Are you ready to look into what the future holds in this year’s astrology calendar 2021? Read on to find out more!


6- Mars enters Taurus

As Mars leaves its ruling sign, people might feel under the weather. Owing to Taurus’ preference of stability rather than constant dynamism, an overwhelming feeling of laziness will ensue.

Incredibly, though, Mars will gradually adjust to Taurus; energies. It will fill everyone with a determination to power through, and the confidence needed to emerge victorious no matter the situation.

8- Mercury enters Aquarius

Ideas abound during this time, and people will find themselves communicating their thoughts a bit more openly, thanks to Mercury’s influence. Aquarius’ unpredictable nature would encourage even more unorthodox ideas to abound!

With the synergy between these two signs, their unconventional thoughts will surely catch the attention of those around them. Even better, they will see their genius come to fruition.

8- Venus enters Capricorn

Capricorn may not be that much of a romantic, but Venus can certainly help the zodiac sign create important human connections.  If anything, this will be the time that Capricorn will find themselves being quite the charmer as they strive for their goals as per this year’s astrology calendar 2021!

Also, being human, Capricorn may inadvertently find themselves looking for love. This is a good time to do so, and will definitely yield favorable results!

12- New Moon in Capricorn

The loss of the moon’s heavenly light in the night sky can be quite concerning. This is quite true, especially for those grinding for their life goals.

This time is telling people to be a bit more patient, yet still persevering when trying to achieve something. Good things come to those who wait!

19- Sun enters Aquarius

The sun’s vibrance mixes with Aquarius’ spontaneity. Suffice to say, things will be a bit eccentric and unpredictable during this time.

An overwhelming urge to defy the status quo will be felt too. The outcomes may differ on the intention and means, though.

28- Full Moon in Leo

Opportunities manifest themselves during this time of the astrology calendar 2021. Personal goals will be met, especially those that require a person to gain outside attention. 

One’s dominance, especially in terms of leadership will definitely happen too. Be wise in wielding this power!

30- Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Communication breakdown is bound to happen during this period. This may result to petty arguments, or worse, people cutting each other off!

Constant reassurance will be the ultimate weapon here. Make sure that you communicate directly and honestly with your family and friends.


1- Venus enters Aquarius

The eccentric roll continues! Whether it may be love, money, or appearances, people will find themselves engaging in never-done-before things.

Funny thing is, things would be weird in a good way. The old things  will fade into the distance as everyone scrambles to find meaning in the positively crazy things.

11- New Moon in Aquarius

New ideas are highly discouraged during this time of the astrology calendar 2021. The clashing forces of the celestial body and Zodiac sign won’t be as favorable!

Fortunately, brainstorming and revising won’t be much of a problem this time. The brain’s got to work, after all!

12- Lunar New Year

Gong xi fa cai! This is the official start of the new year in Chinese astrology, with the Ox manning the helm for the year ahead.

The energies of the Ox will surely attract truthfulness, faithfulness, and steadfastness. If anything, it calls for a bigger and better year ahead!

18- Sun enters Pisces

Pisces’ gentle soul will be the one ruling during this time. As such, its qualities of compassion, innovation, and gentleness will spread to everybody.

This is also a good time to finetune one’s intuition and become more empathetic. Kindness goes a long way!

25- Venus enters Pisces

The Pisces energy gets stronger during this time of the astrology calendar 2021! A caring and nurturing kind of love will prevail, too, allowing people to experience love in its sweetest and gentlest iteration.

Forgiveness will also be the theme in this period. If you wronged someone (or the other way around), acknowledging one’s mistakes and finding closure will be the best thing to do.

27- Full Moon in Virgo

Trying to fix everything is in Virgo’s soul, and this will get highlighted even more during this time. Even worse, peoples’ inner perfectionist self will be one’s downfall!

Thus, it is important to accept things as they are, and to find clarity and peace of mind as we internalize it. The same goes too for expectations: they won’t go right especially when you’re not actually enjoying what you’re doing.


3- Mars enters Gemini

When the social butterflies of the Zodiac meets the god of war it could only mean chaos. Energies are intense during this time, so be careful!

Filter your ideas, too, before engaging. Everyone will be bursting with innovation, so it’s best to take it slow when things are starting.

13- New Moon in Pisces

Sensitivity is still as strong as Thanks to the interaction between these two, it is our intuition’s time to shine, especially in high-risk situations.

Unfortunately, insecurities also abound too. Self-care is important, and boosting one’s confidence is to counter this chaotic time.

15- Mercury in Pisces

Creativity and self-expression is strong during this period, thanks to the interaction between these two celestial bodies. Intuition will also be at its peak!

Rational thinking, though, will not get a boost during this time. Before making decisions, it is important to analyze things thoroughly so you won’t get carried away by wrong impressions.

20- Sun enters Aries/ Spring Equinox

Welcome to the first day of the year for the astrology calendar 2021! High energy and the drive to succeed will rule during this time.

Becoming dominant in one’s social groups and being more assertive is characteristic of this period. Make use of this confidence boost!

21- Venus enters Aries

Venus’ love agenda interacts with Aries’ strong personality. Strong passions and the want to come out on the top will dominate everyone’s minds!

However, this is not a good time, at least financially. You need to control acting (or buying) in impulse as this may affect you in the long run.

28- Full Moon in Libra

Judging things in an unbiased matter will be a breeze during this time. Decisions made at this period will have long-term effects especially in terms of personal life.

Fortunately, the judgment needed here is not too rational. Rather, it encourages people to factor in their feelings, along with those who will get affected by their choices.

Astrology Calendar 2021 and Zodiac Signs


3- Mercury enters Aries

Communication will be strong during this time. Direct messages, combined with a sense of authority, will be rife!

Unsurprisingly, the things that are going to be communicated will be a bit blunt- harsh even. Being firm yet accommodating will be the key to get messages across as effectively as possible.

11- New Moon in Aries

Aries’ bold and unfearing nature will get a boost from the new moon. Things that need unwavering attention and passion will find themselves at the top of priority lists!

Of course, it is also important to examine one’s intentions before proceeding to demolish tasks. Knowing the purpose of your actions will help you perform them even better not just for yourself but for the people you value, too.

14- Venus enters Taurus

Since Venus rules this sign, their best qualities will be highlighted. Stability, satisfaction, and joy in every aspect of a person’s life will surely happen for the next four weeks!

It is important to keep in mind though, that this boost also extends to the negative aspects of Taurus. Being stubborn and refusing to adapt to possible changes will also happen during this time, thus, it is important to keep your thoughts and actions in check!

19- Sun and Mercury enter Taurus

Things finally come to a slower pace after the hyperactive time of Aries comes to an end. Communication will no longer be as sharp-edged, but rather a bit more laid-back.

Productivity, though, will be at its peak. Practicality will be the best option, especially during work settings. Everyone will feel focused and driven because of the double influence of the celestial bodies.

23- Mars enters Cancer

When Compassionate Cancer interacts with aggressive Mars, tense emotions are bound to be felt. Being possessive, hypersensitive, and even having mood swings are very much normal in this period.

Because of this, it is important for people to keep a grip on themselves. Staying grounded and rational may be difficult, but it is the only way to survive this time of the astrology calendar 2021 without a hitch.

26- Full Moon in Scorpio

When two of the most mysterious heavenly entities come together, it can only mean one thing: a deep and profound inner transformation. Yet, this cannot happen without confronting some of the inner conflicts that one has.

However, this will be a time for healing. When these internal pains will be confronted head-on, the path towards a holistic closing of wounds is underway.

27- Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This event will last five months and would certainly have long term effects. It is important to keep this in mind though: do not be afraid to let go and move on.

It will be terrifying, but you’ve survived 2020. This is the year of transformation, and you are now called to embrace it.


3- Mercury enters Gemini

With Gemini’s quick wits and natural ability in the communication arts, this time will be a breeze for everyone. Understandings and agreements will be easier to facilitate too, thanks to this synergy.

But communication will not only be easier, it will also have a splash of fun included in it! Witty words and flirty phrases abound this time, allowing for more amusing and enjoyable socializations.

8- Venus enters Gemini

Venus’ indulgent side will blend amazingly with Gemini’s fun and fickle self. Various “new” things will happen during this time, broadening peoples’ horizons.

It is important to adapt during this time since change is bound to happen at such a fast pace. They will be for the better though, so there’s no reason to worry.

11- New Moon in Taurus

Being the “materialistic” sign may sound bad, but this time is a good time to manifest the things that you want. The energies in this period will be favorable, especially in the financial aspect.

However, you need to be patient, too. The things you want will not appear overnight, but they will certainly come your way.

13- Jupiter enters Pisces

Idealistic Pisces will be enhanced by Jupiter’s lucky side. This is a good time to manifest one’s daydreams, desires, and hopes for the future.

The planet’s powers will help these things become a reality, and may even result in even better outcomes. The key here, though, is not to lose track sight on what you want to happen.

20- Sun enters Gemini

With the Sun meeting this highly sociable and intellectual sign, enjoyment and communication will be at its peak. Mental stimulation will be all over the place, allowing for more open discourse.

Lessons from this period will also be quite lighthearted, reminding people that life doesn’t have to be all heavy and sad. Being funny and humorous will also be a highlight of this time, making the experience even more memorable.

29- Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

While Mercury and Gemini value the importance of good communication, a breakdown is due to happen in this time. Expect unintentional misunderstandings, mixed signals, or even the complete lack of contact even from those close to you!

It will be over eventually, yet this will be a stressful time. Make sure to think before you speak (or act) to avoid any disastrous consequences.


2- Venus enters Cancer

Loving Venus works quite well with nurturing cancer. Being caring and compassionate is the highlight of this period, making it a time for gentleness and kindness.

Personal connections with close family and friends will get stronger, too. Make the most out of this season; bonding time with them is quite rare nowadays!

11- Mars enters Leo

Mars’ aggressiveness and Leo’s fierceness is quite a potent mix. There’s going to be a lot of passionate feelings, excessive drama and everything in between!

This time will be quite the stressful time, so self-care is very important. Doing social media cleanse, or generally avoiding any kind of trouble will be helpful in avoiding unnecessary headaches.

20- Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces/ Sun enters Cancer/ Summer Solstice

Brining luck may be Jupiter’s thing, and going along with the flow is Pisces’, but things may not be as lucky or as lighthearted as you might wish it to be. Changes, though, are bound to happen during this period.

Listening to your intuition is the best survival skill that you could ever do. Do not be afraid to listen to your heart (or guts), you might just find yourself at the right track without even knowing it.

Also, remember to be kind even if things may not go as well as you hope. Your journey to becoming better is within your reach, you just have to be brave enough to take it.

24- Full Moon in Capricorn

This event reminds people to complete any tasks that are left unfinished. You may be busy, but it isn’t an excuse to slack off!

It may be tempting to go ahead and take on new tasks, but this will only result in more stress for you. Take things slow and careful so you won’t compromise on the quality of your outputs.

25- Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

For this astrology calendar 2021, being dreamy is not an option, being dreamy is not an option. Instead, this is a period of constant wake up calls to open your eyes to the greater realities around you.

The truth will certainly hurt, but you need to accept it wholeheartedly. Do not be hard on yourself, though, and instead take this as a lesson in how to become better.

27- Venus enters Leo

During this time, love will be quite the fun roller coaster ride. The ups and downs will be eventful and may result in one of the best experiences of your life with your special someone.

You may be a bit too extravagant with yourself, too. But this is no problem, loving yourself is important too!


9- New Moon in Cancer

This time reminds you not to stray too far from those you hold close to your heart. It isn’t an advisable time to engage in new things, though.

Instead, focus on yourself and your loved ones. Strive for stable relationships, and make true of your commitments.

11- Mercury enters Cancer

Communication during this period highlights the importance of being empathetic and kind when interacting with others. Bringing comfort to those who are hurting emotionally is one of the most essential to-dos in this highly sensitive time.

Also, it is important to look for hidden meanings under the messages you receive. Things may not be what they seem!

21- Venus enters Virgo

Virgo isn’t known to be a romantic sign, but it’s practical side can be a big help. Love and finance will be a bit more grounded, meaning, only the essential parts of it should be the focus of your attention.

You also need to keep a sharp eye on the things that you do. Being a bit critical doesn’t hurt especially if you intend your decisions to last for the long term.

22- Sun enters Leo

The sun is particularly strong during this time. After all, Leo is its home turf!

Everything will be a bit more dramatic yet fun. There’s no telling how wild this time is gonna be, all you gotta do is enjoy yourself!

23- Full Moon in Aquarius

This is a time to channel your inner rebel and stand for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to speak up, especially when you know that you are fighting for what is just!

Take heart and be confident. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, but stand tall and carry on!

27- Mercury enters Leo

Communication will focus more on the fun and flirty side. It will be a time for enjoyment, and for light and happy interactions.

Unfortunately, though, gossip will be rife during this period. Be wary of the things that you hear- not everything will be sincere or true!

29- Mars enters Virgo

When gentle Virgo interacts with forceful Mars, a sense of quiet strength will wash over everyone. Goals will be met in an organized and determined manner.

However, take care that you do not obsess on whatever you are doing. Striving for perfection may be good, but make sure that it does not get in the way of your relationships.


8- New Moon in Leo

Manifesting one’s ambitions is one of the to-dos during this time. The combined energies of these celestial bodies will help pull you closer to them in no time!

Don’t be afraid to chase after your goals, or to engage in something new. They will all help you in meeting your finish line while also assisting you in your growth as a person.

11- Mercury enters Virgo

Virgo’s analytical side will be at its strongest with the aid of Mercury’s affinity for intellectual things. Communication will be more oriented towards work, making this a productive time.

You may also find yourself wanting to organize everything as much as you could. Examine things thoroughly and carefully, you would want to up your reliability points too!

16- Venus enters Libra

Balance will be at the heart of this time. Relationships will see themselves become mutually agreeable, and relationship dynamics will pretty much even out.

All in all, being harmonious with others will be the highlight during this period. Make the most out of it!

19- Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The flurry of change that happened for months before this time will come to a screeching halt. Now is the time to reflect on everything that has happened!

Do keep in mind, though, that this will last for five months. Changes will resume happening, but they will be more subtle, allowing you to recalibrate yourself after everything that has happened.

22- Full Moon in Aquarius/ Sun enters Virgo

This is the second time in a month that this event will happen. Again, it is a time in challenging the status quo and striving to make things better!

Be mindful, though, to keep your chaotic side in check. It will not be a good time to stir up the pot, so to speak.

Always be practical in your undertakings. Don’t get too overboard, otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself.

30- Mercury enters Libra

Civil and mature interactions will be the highlight of this period. This is no time for fun and games!

This is a time for pushing peace agenda all over the world. It will not be pretty, but it sure pays off to keep calm and make communication lines open.

Astrological Events in Astrology Calendar 2021


6- New Moon in Virgo

Analysis will make a reappearance. This time, though, it calls you to assess yourself thoroughly.

Have you been taking care of yourself and others lately? The answers may surprise you- and drive you to do something better for you and the people that matter.

10- Venus enters Scorpio

The darker side of love will be at its peak here. Petty jealousies, manipulative partners, even psycho exes will make an appearance!

Keep a clear mind during this period. Stay vigilant for red flags, and don’t allow yourself to get taken in by these dark forces.

14- Mars enters Libra

Peaceful and diplomatic Libra isn’t the best place for warlike and assertive Mars. Their energies clash, and this time will be one of the nastiest periods of the year.

A feeling of overwhelming laziness and lack of focus will dominate everyone. Stay strong, this will be over soon!

20- Full Moon in Pisces

Dreams and wishes will get a boost with the help of the whimsical moon. Inspiration will also be all over the place!

But this is not the time for doing major changes or seal the deal for many of your tasks. It is best to focus on these things that are still in progress; it will help keep the brain juices flowing.

22- Sun enters Libra/ Fall Equinox

The forces of light and day will experience incredible balance as the seasons start to wind down. Libra will highlight this with their scales, making things fall into the order that they should be.

Harmony will be the theme of this period. It will make communication a bit more on the mature side, though, fun and creativity will also make their appearance.

26- Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Breaking news: this is the last Mercury retrograde of the year according to the astrology calendar 2021!! However, the effects that it has is far from being temporary.

Interactions will be a bit off during this time. Rational thinking will also be a bit hard, so it’s important to keep calm and give everything a long, deep thought.


6- New Moon in Libra

Becoming peaceful and civil will be everyone’s personality trait during this period. Communication lines will be up and running too!

This is good, especially considering that Mercury’s last retrograde was particularly nasty. This event will help heal the rifts made during the previous period.

7- Venus enters Sagittarius

Indulging oneself in activities that require venturing outside comfort zones are best done during this time of the astrology calendar 2021. It’s time to let loose and have fun!

Unfortunately, though, this is not the time to wallow in more “serious” stuff such as commitments and finances. They are doomed to fail, one way or another!

20- Full Moon in Aries

Being brave and bold in whatever life throws at you if this time’s call to action. Things can only get harder, and never easier!

But while tough stuff is unavoidable, there is nothing more you can do than face your personal challenges and learning from it. As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”

23- Sun enters Scorpio

The Zodiac of mystery and intrigue will bring intense energies during this time. Having mood swings will be normal, so be kind to yourself.

Incredibly, too, this is a time for closure. Personal wounds will find themselves healing, especially if you have come to accept the things that have happened in the past and allowed yourself to move on.

30- Mars enters Scorpio

Secrecy and manipulation are at their height during this time. Keep your ear to the ground and stay vigilant!

Be wary of people who seem suspicious around you. This period will be particularly favorable to them, so be careful on who you interact with!


4- New Moon in Scorpio

This time is telling you to know yourself even better. There may be parts of you that you may not be aware that they existed!

Some things will be particularly heavy and difficult to accept though. But once you’ve embraced them, you will see yourself become better than before.

5- Venus enters Capricorn/ Mercury enters Scorpio

Double the event, double the drama! This is a particularly crazy time of the astrology calendar 2021 so buckle up and pay attention!!

Seriousness over commitments and finance will be especially important. This will ensure that things will go to your favor, especially when you’re talking about big bucks.

Mixed signals will also have a comeback here too, so you need to be extra careful in your interactions. Do keep in mind, though, not to get too obsessive over the things that you can no longer change.

21- Sun enters Sagittarius

Lighthearted fun is back! This will be a time of cheerfulness and happiness, especially after all the stress the last few events brought in.

Exploring new things while also being optimistic will be the highlight of this time of the astrology calendar 2021.

24- Mercury enters Sagittarius

Being blunt and direct will be the way of communicating in this period. Questions will be answered, although not necessarily in the way you may have wanted.

You may also discover new and exciting things too. This also means that you may not like some of the items that you will be discovering along the way.


13- Mars enters Sagittarius/ Mercury enters Capricorn

Adventure and wanderlust will be the dominant feeling during this period. It seems that everyone is craving to jump into new horizons!

Unfortunately, this restless and passionate side can jeopardize things. This is especially true when you allow yourself to get carried away in doing new work rather than completing your pending tasks. 

Communication, too, will take a turn for the serious side of things. Engaging in things that will help improve your career prospects is the best course of action.

18- Full Moon in Gemini

This is the best time to finish what you have already started doing. Don’t be afraid to do minor changes as you complete your task, it will help make things better!

Communicating with your family is also crucial during this time. Taking a side trip with them will help strengthen your bond with each other.

19- Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Relationships will be pretty rocky in this period. It will be forty days of nothing but a test of enduring commitments!

Be wary of the people that will surface out of nowhere such as your *cough* exes *cough*. Stay focused on the people who matter in the present, the past has no business here!

21- Sun enters Capricorn/ Winter Solstice

It’s back to putting your game face on in this period. Focusing on your long-term goals such as your career will pay off!

This is also a time in the astrology calendar 2021 where you will be called to doing things you haven’t done before. Weigh your options carefully, and when you made your decision, don’t be afraid to take the leap!

28- Jupiter enters Pisces

Luck will be strong during this time, along with the influx of opportunities. Don’t be afraid to grab whatever you can!

Being kind will also go a long way. You may not realize it, but it will help make the world a better place.

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