What You Need to Know About Astral Projection Techniques

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming? Lounging on the beach, or playing in the snow? Longing for an escape? Wishing to be anywhere at any given time except where you are right now? What if that possibility suddenly turns into reality? Explore that using astral projection techniques!

Astral Projection: A Definition

astral projection techniques

You need to understand something before going through the various astral projection techniques. First, you need to learn- what is an astral projection in the first place?

Perhaps you’ve heard about lucid dreams? About people having an out-of-body experience? Or maybe you yourself have experienced the sensation of flying or falling down? Are dreams so vivid you actually thought they were real? Then you may have experienced an astral projection. This phenomenon happens when your consciousness moves out of your physical body.

Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

There must be so many questions running through your mind right now. If this is your first time learning about this, it’s ideal to take some baby steps.  First, understand the different astral projection techniques for beginners. In here you’ll get to know:

  • What is astral projection
  • Astral projection experiences
  • Astral projection for beginners
  • How to do astral projection correctly
  • The various techniques for astral projection

Learning astral projection overnight is virtually impossible. So if you want to do astral projection methods safely and correctly, read on.

Is Astral Projection for Real?

Before proceeding with astral projection techniques, you need to ask yourself this. Does out of body experience or astral projection really exist? Well, according to the IIPC (International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology), it does.

Every human being dreams at night. You heard that right. Every night. It just seems like you didn’t simply because you don’t remember. Then again, just because you don’t remember, does not mean it did not happen.

Sometimes you remember parts or snippets of these experiences. In the same manner, you assume that every person experiences an out-of-body experience while sleeping. Even if your memories of them are gone.

Since the beginning of time, in ancient cultures, projective reports have existed. One tap, one click, and you have a massive amount of information about this on the internet. Reports coming from all over the world. Types of experiences from various individuals of any race, age, or gender.

You can find projective reports describing these experiences in the IIPC channel on YouTube. They are in extraphysical dimensions which are far from the physical world. This is where the projected individual’s sleeping body actually was.

What Is Projectiology?

Projectiology is an important Conscientiology subfield. It is the phenomenon of projecting one’s consciousness. Waldo Vieira, researcher, and physician proposed this science. His work has been the IIPC study’s main theme for over three decades. It is because the projective phenomenon has been crucial for personal evolution. And necessary for understanding the multidimensional reality.

What Is Multidimensionality?

Can you continue to exist without your physical body? Continually observing your physical realm, why can’t you be perceived physically? All while you are being projected? Exactly where are you? Do you know your relationship with your consciousness? The one you find in the extraphysical (environment that exists outside of your body)? How come emotions are heightened when one is in this condition?

The Objective Body Hypothesis

Projectiology believes that your consciousness has another body that is not physical. This so-called second body garnered several names over the years. The astral body, etheric double, or emotional body. But in the Projectiology technical classification, it’s known as Psychosom.

The Holosoma

People manifest themselves through the Psychosoma while being projected. You realize then that you are not your physical body. Self-research helps one realize that. Additionally, Soma (physical body) and Psychosoma are not the only vehicles for manifestation. In other words, it is the disengagement of the set of bodies. This is holosoma. It has the following elements.

MENTALSOMA: This is the body through which one manifests in the mental dimension.

GOLDEN CORD: It is what connects the mentalsoma and the psychosoma.

ENERGOSOMA: This is the energy body or the ‘glow’ involving the soma and the psychosoma (where your chakras are).

SILVER CORD: Energy filament of the energosoma.

SOMA: Your physical body.

PSICOSSOMA: Also known as the spirit. This is how a person manifest themselves in the extraphysical dimension while on a projection.

Advantages of Astral Projection Techniques

Astral projection techniques for beginners especially are important due to several advantages.


Once they have left their bodies, a lot of projectors report losing their fear of death. This happens when it dawns on them that they are still conscious while outside their physical plane. Now they have proof that there is the existence of the spiritual plane.

Observing your own body while being outside of it is life-changing. This is also known as consciential self-bilocation. This phenomenon can lead you to so many considerations pertaining to human existence.

Among these is the perception that your condition outside your body is actually a permanent condition. On the other hand, the state of living in your physical body is only temporary. This is the reason why people who have had near-death experiences are different. Those who were accidentally projected. They come back to their intraphysical life with a more positive outlook on death.


peace of mind

Your eyes open once you have experienced the state of existence where you no longer need your physical body. It can actually bring calmness and serenity into your life. It makes your life on earth much more meaningful. This leads to the understanding that your physical experiences will not be in vain after your physical death.


Getting out of your physical body is a way of conducting self-research that could help in your evolution as a person. By going through this, the projector undergoes deep experiences. These allow them to acquire important information about themselves and the world they live in.

You can achieve a state of optimum health because it triggers so many important aspects. It eliminates tension, deepens your relaxation, and enhances your memory. Astral projection also heightens concentration, improves your reflexes, boosts your self-confidence. But most importantly, it intensifies your drive to live a purpose-driven and productive life.


Practitioners have been using the help of astral projection techniques. It is because projectability allows people to contact other beings. thereby promoting retrocognitions. These are memories from past lives from various times. As well as personalities coming from different genders and races.

By doing this, researchers can now recall the root cause of traumas. Traumas that may still be causing them harm in the present. Or, this can help them remember evolutionary talents that they don’t even know they possess. Thus, having a better understanding of oneself.

The Different Astral Projection Techniques

Now we go through the various techniques for astral projection.


By fixing your concentration on a simple object, your consciousness disconnects. Totally-from everything around you. This happens until your psychosoma, which is another body of manifestation, detaches from your physical body.

Step 1. Go to a dark, wind-free room.

Step 2. Secure a lighted candle on a table. Make sure it doesn’t topple over.

Step 3. Sit on a comfortable armchair and focus your attention on the candle. Stop daydreaming.

Step 4. Once you feel a state of lightness, try reaching the candle using your other body. This is also known as psychosoma, manifesting like leaving your physical body on the armchair.

Step 5. Do your best to stay lucid.

Step 6. Once the experience is over, write them down, or use a voice recorder.


A vast number of practitioners believe that astral projection is a natural skill for everyone. All you need to do is clear away all distractions and blockages keeping you from accessing your power. While you are astrally projecting, you are sending your consciousness to another place. But just like any other muscle, when never in use, it atrophies.

Therefore, learning astral projection means strengthening your own capability. This happens through constant practice and visualization. Try remembering times when you’ve been in a certain place physically, but your mind is totally caught elsewhere. Learn to adjust to the feeling of your mind experiencing a separate location from your body. This helps a lot in tapping into your astral projection capabilities.


practicing self-meditation

Remember this for those who are still beginners in the astral projection world. Practicing self-meditation is a vital part of the learning process. This helps you become more comfortable tapping into your consciousness’s etheric parts.

Clear your head, allowing thoughts to pass. Open yourself to the idea that there is an astral realm that goes beyond this physical world. Guided meditations are available online that will help to put you ‘into the zone’. After mastering meditation, you can now move forward to learning self-hypnosis techniques. This allows you to go deeper into a trans-like state. Here you can really focus on your astral journey.


Note this even if you’re fully conscious during your astral projection session. A lot of practitioners also believe that lucid dreaming is also one form of this practice. In fact, mastering this particular skill will help you strengthen your abilities.

Dreaming while sleeping is an astral projection. However, you’re not aware that you’re projecting while asleep. Lucid dreaming on the other hand, is one form of astral projection wherein your mind actually knows you’re dreaming.


In the metaphysical world, you use it for lots of reasons. They are present during healing practices, as tools for meditation, and so much more. Furthermore, it could also offer comfort, protection, and support while accessing the astral world.

Blue kyanite is great for traversing astral planes. Selenite, on the other hand, would grant you protection from things that would want to attach to you. If you wish to connect with crystal energy to use as astral protection, start off by meditating with crystals. This will allow you to familiarize yourself first with their individual frequencies.


When you’re doing astral projection, you are training your mind’s eye to disconnect from the confines of your physical world. This is the reason why you need to get rid of distracting visuals. You do this by practicing in the dark. Using a good eye mask is also helpful in blocking all light.


This technique is normally used when practicing lucid dreaming. It is believed that you will be more available to access a state of heightened consciousness in your dream world. This is very helpful for astral projection. Try waking up at dawn, then stay up for about 10-15 minutes. Then go back to sleep. This could help in getting various projections, especially if you already know how to meditate deeply and lose focus of your body and mind.


Having so many expectations could potentially ruin the moment. Stop trying to visualize everything you’d want to see or experience during your astral travel.

Seasoned practitioners strongly advise clearing your mind, fully. Let go of ALL your expectations. Having ideas about what’s going to happen will only end up closing you off. Just let yourself be totally calm and relaxed. Then let the information flow naturally.

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