Know Facts From Fiction Of Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac

aquarius most compatible

Have you ever wondered what is Aquarius most compatible zodiac to be with? You see, Aquarians can be a bit complicated. It’s not as simple as picking apples from oranges. They have their whims, nuances, and a certain amount of unpredictability you need to be ready to deal with.

And that’s what this post is all about! Not only are we going to discover Aquarius most compatible sign. We’ll help you understand why the most mismatched zodiac could still make it work with our beloved Aquarian.

While we’re at it, we’ll also learn a few tips and tricks about the following:

  • What sign is most compatible with Aquarius and why?
  • Should Aquarius least compatible signs even bother hooking up with them?
  • Are the signs most compatible with Aquarius easy to get along with?
  • Why Aquarius is most compatible with fixed, cardinal, or mutable elements?
  • How you can be the most compatible sign with Aquarius?

Let’s get straight to it and dive in!

Aquarius Most Compatible Sign: An Overview

Before we reveal Aquarius most compatible sign, we’ll try and dissect their hearts and minds first. Understanding their thoughts and emotions will give you a better idea of how to deal with them on every level.

This fixed sign is dead set on their ways despite having an open mind. They are a bunch of contradictions loaded into one body, which could drive you nuts at times! Aquarius is virtually impossible to pin down and is a bit quirky compared to the other air signs.

So we’ll break this thing down into three. First, we’ll go and see what makes our beloved Aquarians truly happy. The second part will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of falling hard for this zodiac. And finally, the third part will reveal which sign make up the best match and why. So let’s get it on!

Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac: Knows What Makes Them Happy

Tech Makes them Crack

Aquarians are crazy about technology. They can’t wait to get their hands on the newest trends, the latest gadgets on the market. It is surprising to find out these guys have backdoor access and inside info on stuff that hasn’t even been released!

And it has nothing to do with vanity, whatsoever. It’s just they are on a continuous lookout for anything that could make life easy- hence, technology. Anything that will save them money, save energy, or help them conduct their work efficiently, they’re all for it!

They Love Science Fiction With Conviction


Take their love for tech as a dead giveaway! These folks are just as crazy when it comes to Sci-Fi! They know the biggest Sci-Fi movies by heart, and immerse themselves in all the Sci-Fi books they could find. If it’s any good, you bet they would!

So it’s no surprise if they choose a career that leans towards anything futuristic or scientific for that matter. Become one of the most creative minds at Silicon Valley, or directing an Edge of Tomorrow type of film that stars Tom Cruise. You’ll never know!

Never Blue, Always With the Crew

Aquarians love to be with friends. This social animal does not enjoy coming up with the best theories and ideas and exploring them all by themselves. They like a sounding board who is not afraid to tell them what they need to hear. Aquarius would love to know your opinion, regardless if it is opposing their own.

They can hang out and chill with anyone but would trust only a handful of people. Those who would accept them for who they are, quirks and all. You see they have a tendency of being carried away. Blabbering away without realizing they’re monopolizing the entire conversation. Other people might get turned off, but their real friends know how to gently steer the wheel so other people have a chance to talk!

Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac: The Pros and Cons In Love

The Good Side


Aquarians are born geniuses. They are one of the rarest signs in the zodiac and they’re extremely good at so many things. It doesn’t matter what catches their interest, or what they set out to do. They never settle for less, anything they do has to be outstanding.

If they are wizards at work, they give the same amount of effort during play. Even their hobbies become a piece of work. Take them to a fancy restaurant and get them the most delicious dish.

Rest assured when they get home they will recreate that and even make a better version of it! Simply put, their brains are wired differently. In a weird, endearing kind of way.


Talking about their brains being on a different frequency, Aquarians are crazy talented! They’re way ahead of their league and it is shocking how they get access to the kind of information and thought processes no one else seems to have.

And they know how to work their talents to their great advantage. Even make a huge profit out of it. But never forget to help other people while they’re at it.

Team Players

Contrary to what others might think, Aquarians are not self-absorbed geniuses. On the contrary, they make great team players, and you’d love to have them on your side. There’s no need to worry about easily bruising their egos.

You don’t have to worry about them stealing your thunder either. They always give credit where credit is due. Nor do they care much about praises in public. They have no qualms about making sacrifices if it means success for their team.



As mentioned, they care about others, their community, and the world they live in. They do what they can to contribute to having a better tomorrow. Whether that means volunteering and leading for a good cause. Or putting and pulling in a truckload of money to save mother nature. Aquarians, take the word ‘philanthropy’ seriously.

Not only are they passionate about their loved ones. Even if you’re not the center of their attention 24/7, know that they’re always looking out for your best interest. And when you need help, you never have to ask twice.

The Dark Side


Sometimes Aquarians can be unreasonable. They will make a go at something even if they know they are going to lose. Even if they know it’s not feasible, or profitable on their part.

Their rebellious side comes out unprovoked. And this may be one of the toughest things you need to deal with when you fall in love with them. Also watch out when they’re irked or provoked, especially online. They can turn into the most savage ‘thumb thugs’ you’ll ever meet.


When you hurt an Aquarian deeply, you can be sure they will remember it. And they will remember you. Watch out because they are just waiting for that perfect opportunity to get back at you. When that happens, they will strike with all their might.

If you have humiliated them, prepare to be in the same situation yourself. Constructive criticism is fine because you’re condemning the act, not the person. But when they know there’s malice behind your actions, they will remember. They will fight back.

No Remorse

Aquarians stand by what they do, what they believe in. They believe there’s no point in feeling guilt or remorse when they know exactly the reasons for doing what they did. Even if it means putting others in a compromising position.

This zodiac may have second thoughts about conducting such acts if they know the law or social norms will get in the way. If these will make it difficult for them to accomplish their goals quickly and easily. Otherwise, it’s a green light and they will certainly make a go for it.

Won’t Commit Easily

Aside from the fact that they hate social norms and traditions, they hate feeling tied down. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, because they do. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they will sign those papers and be bound by some marriage contract to prove their motives.

When they love you and want you they will tell you. They will show you, go to leaps and bounds just to please you. But you cannot shove such legalities down their throat so you can keep them for good. It has to come from them, so you may have to wait. Pushing their backs against the wall will only make you lose them. For good.

Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac: From Best to Worst

Category 1(The Best Match)

Aries and Aquarius


Aries are quite bossy and insistent individuals. But there’s a reason why the Aries-Aquarius will work great together. It’s because Aquarius knows how to turn that negative Aries energy into something positive.

This zodiac is great at starting things, while Aquarius is an amazing organizer. So this doesn’t work against them, it works for them. Because it’s complimentary. Why? Because Aries isn’t exactly good at finishing what they have started, while Aquarius has fantastic staying power. They will see through a project till the end, no matter what.

Also, Aries is super passionate which is one of the things that really excites an Aquarius. While Aquarius can be quite unpredictable. This keeps things burning for the two of them. They just need to make it clear who is in charge of what, and they’ll surely have a strong and delightful connection.

Gemini and Aquarius

These two are highly intellectuals, which is a great way to start. They use logic and common sense and don’t allow their emotions to take over their decisions each and every time. Both of them have quick wits so they thrive as a couple when working together to solve a problem.

Aquarius plays a major role in stabilizing Gemini’s chaotic side. While Gemini brings out Aquarius’s fun and funny side. Something that the latter simply cannot get enough of. Not only are they sizzling lovers, but they also make the best of friends.

Will the relationship last? It depends if they’re looking to the future for the long haul. But will their compatibility see them through? Only time will tell.

Libra and Aquarius

Libras know exactly how to deal with an Aquarian’s stubbornness. They are so stubborn they drive other people crazy. But Libra definitely loves Aquarius’ assertiveness and decisiveness.

Both enjoy socializing, appreciate music, arts, theatre. Just some of the things that make them a great match. The challenge they face is similar to the case of Gemini.

Aquarius and Libra both get bored easily after a period of time. So they need to make a conscious effort in keeping things burning and exciting for both of them. Bickering starts when they want to do things differently. Proving who’s right or wrong. Or who does things better.

Fortunately, Libra’s diplomatic nature may find a way to save their relationship. These patches of disconnect can definitely have a solution if both are willing to listen to what the other has to say.

Sagittarius and Aquarius


This air and fire combination makes a great match. Aquarius has quirky, imaginative ideas, while Sagittarius has a sensible, crystal clear vision. But the sex will more than makeup for their differences because it is really mind-blowing! Plus, neither one entertains silly hang-ups that get them stuck. Thus, they can simply focus on having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.

The good news? No one will trigger a frustration brought about by boredom. And they don’t have a jealous nature, either. Perhaps the only challenge is neither one finds the need to put a label on their relationship. So will it be a solid, committed one? Only the two of them can answer that. But compatibility-wise, it’s all good!

Category 2 (Works, But Is Tricky)

Virgo and Aquarius

Their differences absolutely complement one another. They have infinite things to talk about since Virgo has a habit of analyzing practically everything. While Aquarius is always looking forward to exploring new ideas and pieces of information. So intellectually speaking, they’re definitely on the same wavelength.

It’s mainly the reason why it can work. However, it can become challenging when Virgo turns on their judgmental attitude. Aquarius has this habit of saying one thing and doing another. Virgo will have none of it. If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do with a Virgo, expect to be called a liar.

So how can this work? Virgo needs to chill and pacify that judgmental side a bit. Aquarius on the other hand has to learn to keep their word. Hopefully, these two will have a common ground to stay together.

Pisces and Aquarius


These mature zodiacs find a connection even if they possess opposing personalities. It’s because Pisces allows Aquarius to express their love for adventure. While Pisces enamors Aquarius by its romantic side.

Issues only evolve when Pisces begin to feel that it is not a fair give and take situation. Pisces would like to see and feel more devotion from Aquarius. But they can easily solve this if they are willing to open the lines of communication.

Being as loving, attentive, and devoted as Pisces would take a tremendous amount of effort. But when Aquarius realizes it’s definitely worth their while, there’s no reason why it can’t work out.

Aquarius and Aquarius

These two will spend so much time together, and apart, equally. Why? Because they have lots of activities going on within and outside their relationship. Fortunately, both value and enjoy their liberty so no one takes this set up against each other.

Sex is amazing, laughter is overflowing. Not to mention they agree on practically everything. So there’s very little to fight about. However, it may not be as intimate as they want it to be. Thus, they have to find a way to stop the need to control anything and everything that comes their way. If they stop being control freaks, everything will work out fine.

Category 3 (Most Challenging)

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarians are pretty chill when it comes to love. They don’t really have any “rules and regulations” set in place. Taurus on the other hand, wants just that. They are very clear about what they want and don’t want. And Taurus can be pretty relentless when it comes to that. But you know how Aquarius feel about rules, norms, and laws. They totally hate it.

The second problem is, these are both fixed signs. So when it comes to stubbornness, neither one is willing to give way. Both will readily voice out their opinions, so it’s hard to find a common ground. How can you, when you see the world differently?

How can this work? If both have other elements or points that are compatible in their natal charts. But if it’s just Aquarius and Taurus without the help of other placements, it’s most likely to go downhill.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer can be quite demanding. They expect their partner to make them top priority. So that’s a problem right off the bat. Aquarians, despise people who are emotionally clingy or needy. They do not feel obliged to bow down to other people’s demands. Even if it’s the person they love.

There is very strong sexual chemistry, no doubt about that. But sexual tension and energy can only take you so far if the emotional aspect is not addressed. Other placements in the chart need to play a role if this is to become a doable combination.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Again, we have two fixed signs oozing with stubbornness. Very different in how they see the world. Furthermore, Scorpio is a very jealous sign, while Aquarius never sees jealousy as part of the equation in a relationship.

Both have tendencies to have controlling behaviors. This is a big hurdle to go through. However, they are sizzling hot inside the bedroom. But obviously, they need something to sustain them when they step out of their erotic zone. They will need to have other points of compatibility in their birth charts to see them through.

Capricorn and Aquarius


Both zodiacs have super confident personalities so they have a tendency to clash from the start. Capricorn has this never-ending desire to dominate. While Aquarius will always have this rebellious streak.

We all know it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. You can never tell an Aquarian what to do. Nor can you cannot force them to agree or disagree with someone or something just because everyone else thinks so. If it’s against what they believe in, they will not support it. Which is actually an admirable trait.

So it’s hard to make it work. Challenging at the least. Aquarius is always on the go and is very unpredictable. Capricorn on the other hand doesn’t have the time or the need to go around chasing after people. If they refuse to meet halfway, it’s better to go their separate ways instead.

Leo and Aquarius

In the beginning, these two will have a blast. Leo will really appreciate Aquarius’s love for adventure. While Aquarius is highly stimulated by Leo’s passion and exciting nature. Still, we’re down to two fixed signs. Leo goes around running things, while Aquarius will never answer to anyone.

It’s very unlikely they can make it work unless they only focus on the positive side of things. Like having fun, or never being jealous. Because they’re not the jealous type. But the problem arises when their strong personalities clash. Both want to call the shots in their relationship. So, in the end, they need to decide which is more important. Being right, or being happy.

Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac: Final Words

So, seeing all these matches and their possibilities, should you be totally bummed out if you’re in the last category? Of course not! Aquarius most compatible zodiac sign is merely suggestions, probabilities, possibilities. In the end, it is still you and your partner who will find a way to make it work. Should you decide that you want it to work. Because in the end, nothing really matters but the love you feel for each other.

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