The 3 of Cups Tarot Card: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

3 of cups tarot card

The 3 of Cups tarot card has everything to do with reunions. It can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. Stick with us and explore its meaning in this 3 of Cups tarot card guide!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy 3 of Cups tarot card guide will help you understand what it means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

The 3 of Cups Tarot Card Meaning 

On the 3 of Cups tarot card, three friends prance in a circle. Reunited, they are holding cups up in merry celebration. The friends look at each other in great joy and appreciation of each other. Friendship and honor bind them together. Mutual respect between them is also very strong. These great friends lift each other up and celebrate each other’s unique contributions to the group. Flowers and fruits layer the ground. They symbolize the celebration of an abundant harvest and all the good things in life.

What does the Upright Three of Cups mean?

The 3 of Cups tarot card is a great card to draw! The Three of Cups tarot is a card that is all about reunions of one kind or another. This could mean family or friends. It could also mean past lovers or people from your past in general. The reunion may seem unwanted at first. However, it is a positive experience when you look back on it later.

The 3 of Cups meaning is about celebrating friendship and working together. Your friends and family are there to meet you again. They are there to support you and lift you up to higher levels of success. Enjoy their camaraderie and love as much as you can! Their presence is cause for celebration and so is yours!

This is a card all about socializing. Your relationships with other people are an important part of your life and the upright Three of Cups has good news for you on it! In romance, you are in luck. Explore your roots again and you might find love. As for your career, do not be afraid to spice up your work life. Relationships are fun and enriching for people. Reuniting with your creative self is a good start. Finding old friends from your past is also a good start on your hunt for love.

Upright Three of Cups in Romance

The upright 3 of Cups tarot card in a love reading means that you need to revisit what you both want in your relationship. It is not a bad sign. Nothing is dreadfully wrong. But things could be better between you and your partner. Talk to your partner! Reaffirm your long-term and short-term goals in your relationship. What do you both really want? It goes without saying that you both have to be honest about these desires and goals. Do not judge your partner if they tell you they are only in it for a fling or for the short-term. Appreciate their honesty. They were there with you for a reason. As long as it was not to harm you, you do not have to hate them or think badly of them.

For the presently single, the 3 of Cups tarot card meaning love is a good sign! If you are on the hunt now for a partner, go back to your roots. Try visiting a town you grew up in. Contacting old friends can work for you too. Luck is on your side if you are looking for love from the past. Of course, do not go looking for your exes! There’s a reason those relationships ended. Those relationships are in the past and that is where they should stay. No matter how much more appealing your exes seem now, do not forget why you broke up. If you choose to bite that bullet anyway, take great caution! There is definitely a point where it is dangerous to return to your past.

Regardless of relationship status, the tarot card 3 of Cups meaning love is a good card to draw! It means luck in your romance or future flourishing.

Upright Three of Cups in Career

The upright 3 of Cups meaning in work and career can mean your work routine is getting stale. The sheer mundanity of your routine is starting to get you down. That is no good. If your work routine is too mundane, your work quality can suffer. Going through the motions makes for hum-drum assembly line work. A lot of people fall for this trap and never come out. Then they wonder at the end if they ever found real purpose in their work or enjoyed it.

upright three of cups in career

The 3 of Cups tarot card indicates a need for you to think outside the box. Be more creative! Spice up your work life a little. It will help you regain even a bit of your sanity. That is important for you to keep working and to live a healthier life. It does not have to be permanent either! This spicy little bit you are adding will help you see your work from a different perspective. It may even enrich your work later if a bit of that spice is permanently incorporated.

This creativity can mean a lot of things. Try going to a different restaurant or cafeteria instead of the one you always frequent for lunch. See if you can try a different method to process your office data. Just try anything at all! Anything but what you always do day-in day-out at work. Make no mistake. The routine at work is healthy and establishes structure in your life. But that structure is not absolute and never should be. The Confucian analect on work is always applicable. “Do what you enjoy for a living and you will never work a day in your life.” Work should never trap you in a cycle of hum-drum labor that you do not enjoy.

What does the Reversed Three of Cups mean?

When reversed, the Three of Cups means that you prefer to run solo for now. It is true that the Three of Cups is a card about socializing and friendship. But that does not have to be a constant in your life. You probably spent a lot of time with friends or family recently and need some time to yourself. That is absolutely fine! Maybe you need to recharge your social batteries. Perhaps you did not really need that socialization and you are just a little socially saturated right now. For whatever reason, you are not “clicking” with your friends right now. This is not necessarily bad. If you want to step out of the social scene for a while, respect your own desire. Enjoy this time you will have to yourself. Use it to understand yourself and decide who you want to reconnect with when you come back to the social scene.

The Three of Cups is a card to beware of in a love reading if you draw it reversed! Reaffirm your relationship. Prepare for the long and arduous journey of building a truly enriching and committed relationship. As for your career, do not be afraid to step out of the social scene for a while. You do not always have to follow the group when it comes to doing your work. It is something you can enjoy and profit from. But it does not always have to be with a group. The group just makes it more fun.

Reversed Three of Cups in Romance

Beware if you draw the reversed Three of Cups in a love reading! This might mean that a third person is now involved in your relationship with your partner. You might be in a relationship with someone who is already taken. It is possible you might not even know it. The other cards you have drawn might inform you better. 

reversed three of cups in romance

If you drew the Seven of Swords, this might signify betrayal of trust or cheating. It could be from you or your partner. The Five of Swords might indicate that you already know about this other relationship. It is just that you are in denial of its existence. Drawing the Devil is cause to reconsider the nature of the relationship. It may have become hedonistic and unhealthy for everyone involved. Ever hear the phrase “three’s a crowd?” In a romantic situation, this is unsustainable. Something has to give. You could all agree to this three-way relationship and sacrifice any monogamous commitments. Or you and your partner could stick together and sacrifice this third relationship instead.

But do not despair. Drawing the Three of Cards is not a death sentence to your relationship even if you drew the above other cards. Any relationship can work if both parties are willing to work hard at it and truly commit to each other. Relationships are not always like the ones in Disney movies. They are not always fated or made between two people who are “soulmates.” Even when two people are incredibly compatible, loving relationships are hard work! Reaffirm your relationship with your partner. But do not forget to check yourself! If you are the one who is failing the commitments of the relationship, work on yourself. Growth is important in a relationship. 

Reversed Three of Cups in Career

If you are currently part of a big project at work, this is a sign that you want to work independently. Your creativity feels stifled right now. Perhaps you feel that you are being forced to conform to the group. The group might be tightly-knit and unwilling to entertain innovation or alteration to the project’s procedures. Are you willing to sacrifice your creative desires right now to help the group get what it wants?

If work has been pushing you hard and your stress is high, take a break! There is no shame in trying to recover your flagging strength. Take the time to recover your energy and gain the support of your friends. Their support is invaluable if you want to healthily return to the reality of work. Otherwise, you will return with your physical strength back, but your stress and anxiety just as high. That will torpedo your work quality anyway. Your frayed nerves might cause you to make decisions you never would have consciously made if you were not stressed or anxious.

You may also be attending too many social work events! It is great to go out with your work friends and drink it up. But overindulgence is the mother of tragedy! Overindulging in social events and drinking too much is not a sustainable lifestyle. Mind the consequences of your actions in the long-term. You are not “missing out” on as much as you think. Social status with your work friends is not everything and will not make you healthy. A good work-life balance is healthy. But that is only possible if you actually step away from the social scene for a while and get some sleep.

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