15 Astounding Characteristics the Leo Zodiac Sign is Renowned For

Leo Zodiac Sign

The Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the sun. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they feel the world revolves around them! It can be a bit irritating at times. But once you get to know them you’d be delighted to find out they are one of the most loving, passionate, loyal and generous people you’ll ever meet.

Find out what the buzz this Leo Zodiac Sign is making!


The Leo zodiac sign is known to be irrepressible. Someone who is energetic, lively, and never seems to get sad or depressed. When they’re eyeing something, they make sure they get it. This is the reason why their dreams don’t stay dreams for long. They are unstoppable and will make sure their goals are achieved in the shortest amount of time possible. So they can move on to the next big thing!


They work really hard so it’s no wonder that they play and party even harder! The Leo zodiac sign loves being pampered, but only because they know they deserve it! They are not afraid to reward themselves after a job well done. They don’t scrimp on clothes, vacations, hobbies, especially if they could afford it. And they make sure their loved ones have a taste of the ‘good life’ too!


Leos are natural-born rulers. They’re not one to sit back and wait for someone else to take the lead. When they feel something needs to be done, right here, right now, they just do it! This can easily be misinterpreted as smugness or arrogance. But it doesn’t take long for others to realize that this Leo zodiac sign has nothing but good intentions in their heart of hearts. It’s just they’re naturally oozing with self-confidence and there’s nothing they can do about it! Read more on How to Handle a Leo Man Here!


These folks are attention-magnets for good reason. They are driven, passionate, hard-working, and very good at what they do. They are very charismatic that people are naturally drawn to them. There’s rarely any downtime when you’re with them, that it can be a bit exhausting at times. Deep down, however, this Leo zodiac sign is hungry for approval. Despite their seemingly self-assured aura, they’re eager to please and want affirmation. They need to know that what they’re doing is right and for the best interest of everyone around them.


Just like a lion famous for leading its pride, this Leo zodiac sign makes sure everyone he/she loves is cared for and protected. They feel responsible for people ‘under their wing’. May it be family, people at work, or close friends, they make sure no one gets bullied or violated. They will fight for people, especially those who are highly vulnerable and cannot stand up for themselves.


Leos are extremely loyal creatures. Once you’re friends with them, you’re friends for life! Leos walk their talk, showing powerful signs that they truly care and love you. These are the faithful few who actually show up when you need them the most. They are there when things are going good, but their presence is most felt when you’re in deep trouble and need help. This Leo zodiac sign is a real gem, so don’t take them for granted!


Leos are known to be frank, sometimes to a fault. They’re being brutally honest may lose them a friend or two. But those who know their heart know that they’re just being true. This Leo zodiac sign won’t waste time mincing words just to spare your feelings. They don’t see the point. They know they cannot help you if they lie to you, so they tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know. They will tell you things about yourself no one else will have the guts even to imply.  For fear of being on your bad side. So just take them with a grain of salt, then move on.

Bugging Down

Believe it or not, Leo’s battery also runs out. When they’re drained from all that work, play, helping, and caring for other people, they can go on an all-time low. They need to get away for a little while and recharge. They need to rest to collect their thoughts, regain their enthusiasm, and remember their purpose of existence. But once they do, expect nothing but the best from them once again!

You Have Their Word

When Leo’s say they’re gonna do it, you can bet your butt they will. They don’t say things they don’t mean in the first place. So when they work on a project or commit to something or someone, they will see it through. No matter how hard or how long it takes. This is the reason why they are natural-born leaders. They do not quit. Their drive, guts, and sheer enthusiasm always win the hearts and respect of everyone around them.


Sure, just like any other human being on the planet, Leos also have their boo-hoo moment. But not for long. They don’t like wasting their time and energy whining. Crying over spilled milk. Thinking of what-ifs, or what might have been. They’re brave enough to accept that they have messed up, and take responsibility for their mistakes. But unlike others who get paralyzed with fear, they don’t see these things as failures. They see them as learning and use them as ammunition in their next ‘battle’.

Leo Zodiac Sign Characteristics


When Leo’s turn on their ‘allure’, you’re done. They are simply so charming and irresistible they’ll have you wrapped around their finger in no time! That’s exactly why they make great business managers and the greatest salesman in the world! They know which buttons to push, have a gut feel about the things you’d like to hear. Before you know it, you have been persuaded into doing, buying, or saying things you never thought you would!


They may look tough as steel on the outside, but they’re definitely softies on the inside. They may laugh at the face of insults and harsh words, but when the curtain is drawn, they lick their wounds quietly. They hurt easily but are not in the habit of showing this to the world. So please, be kind.


This Leo zodiac sign will try anything once! It doesn’t matter how scary or mind-boggling it may be. When you put them on a dare, be prepared to lose! Because these people are thrill-seekers and are always searching for great adventures to give them that high. Bungee-jumping, deep-sea diving, you name it, they’ll do it! The crazier, the better!

Humor Has It

Rumor has it these guys have a wild sense of humor. It’s not a rumor because it’s definitely true! It is surprising to some because this Leo zodiac sign is so deadpan at times you won’t get it unless you’re super sharp and quick enough to pick it up (their jokes)! You’ll start out laughing but end up crying. That’s just how funny they are!


If there’s one thing Leos hates, it’s losing! They’re super competitive individuals that the idea of losing is their number one motivator for succeeding! They hate disappointing others just as much as disappointing themselves. They put their best foot forward all the time. They are consistent, relentless, and disciplined in everything they do. Especially the ones they are really passionate about. Nothing bothers them more than a mediocre type of work. Because they want it all or nothing at all.


Love them or hate them, this Leo zodiac sign is one remarkable human being. They have their flaws (who doesn’t?), but their wonderful traits are more than makeup for these. Full of passion, full of love, uncontrollably funny, and feisty. In the end, there’s nothing left to do but to love them too!

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