Dissecting the 10 of Cups Meaning Throughout One’s Life

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Do you know what the 10 of cups meaning is all about? Traditionally, it is a card of joy and gratitude as depicted by the family in the image. The children dance while their parents look up at this rainbow in the sky. There’s also the house from afar which they can now see clearly and appreciate from a different perspective. 

In this post, we will discuss how the 10 of cups tarot card meaning could also teach us how to be grateful for everything we have in life. All kinds of blessings, big and small, for one should always be thankful for. We will also touch base on the following: 

  • Does the Ten of Cups meaning bring challenges to your relationships?
  • What does the Ten of Cups mean for your career and finances?
  • How should one handle the 10 of Cups reversed meaning?
  • What does the Ten of Cups upright tell you about health and spirituality?
  • Does the Ten of Cups tarot guide give accurate and sound advice?

Let’s dive in!

The 10 of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

One of the best things about the 10 of Cups tarot card meaning is teaching its readers to appreciate everything they have with joy, love, and wonder. It’s a great card for relationships, especially for those looking to have a genuinely happy, contented, and solid family life in their marriage, especially if they have children. 

The 10 of Cups meaning also points towards parties, reunions, celebrations, and other family-related events. This includes but is not limited to birthdays, engagements, weddings, and other joyous occasions with people you love. 

10 of Cups Meaning Upright

This is the happily ever after type of tarot card. Joy, contentment, love, peace of mind, and overall sense of purpose and well-being can be found in here. The number 10 is a number symbolizing fulfillment and victory, while Cups are connected to the heart. Thus, the 10 of Cups is all about connecting with others and listening to your heart’s intuitive wisdom as well as emotional fulfillment. 

In an earth-based reading this card when upright means everything is going well at the workplace. Your boss is not being difficult, your co-workers are surprisingly cooperative for a change. No serious problems are looming on the horizon. It seems to be good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s simply good. 

An air-based reading with communications suggests positive news from family or friends. There’s a big possibility wedding bells are ringing for one of your dearest loved ones. 

The ten of cups is also challenging you not to be a party pooper on such occasions. Do not go out of your way to sound super pessimistic about how things are in the real world. If you do people wouldn’t want to be around you. 

For a water-based reading, this card shows you an opportunity for finding true love. It could be a whirlwind romance you least expect at this time, but don’t be scared, it’s going to be alright. For those who are already in a committed relationship, this is telling you that whatever issues you may have will soon be resolved. These hardships will only make your bond stronger than ever. 

When upright this tarot card is a positive omen of longevity. So be sure to share your joy and happiness with others. Don’t hide it, spread it so that everyone will be inspired to act and feel the same way. 

10 of Cups Meaning Upright for Health 

yoga class

This is a beautiful card for support and inspiration for improving one’s health. Your friends and family are there for you to support and cheer you on in accomplishing your health goals. If you want to lose weight or become healthier, there’s no better way to do it than with a community of healthy people. Be it your regular gym classes, yoga, bikers, or runners group. 

It’s easier to stay focused and motivated when there is accountability, someone who is there to check up on how you’re doing. Ask your bestie to do meal planning together, shop, and do food prep on weekends. Anything that works to make your health a top priority is good., 

10 of Cups Meaning Upright for Spirituality

Spiritual understanding and enlightenment will not come to you in isolation while meditating on top of a mountain (despite what that movie tries to tell you). Yes, you can acquire knowledge all by yourself, but you need to practice it with others. There is no point in understanding how the world works if you can’t put it into action. 

Practicing spirituality happens when there is interaction with other people. Our relationships  (romantic or otherwise) serve as a playing field where we learn how to be kind, loving, and open-hearted individuals. 

10 of Cups Meaning Upright for Career

Even if the 10 of Cups mainly pertains to family life than career, this can also bring significant changes in the workplace- granting you’re open to it. After years of discovery and self-realization, you finally find comfort and belonging among your peers. Focus on your strengths and you will see that there is so much room for growth, opportunity, and creativity in your chosen career. 

Try to see the good in everyone, even if their flaws are much more glaring. You will see that work will feel much lighter and a lot easier when you have a work environment that is welcoming and supportive of each other. This will lead to an amazing work-life balance and will prevent you from feeling burned out. 

10 of Cups Upright for Finances

The 10 of Cups does not directly correlate with your financial situation, but because it points to family harmony and stability, you know that you have what it takes to make you and your family happy and comfortable. This is enough to inspire you to do more and work harder to achieve the highest possible security and stability you could give them. And whatever previous squabbles you might have over financial issues with your family will slowly dissipate. 

10 of Cups Reversed 

broken marriage

The Ten of Cups reversed talks about the misalignment of values. Your marriage has been broken, and your house no longer feels like home. The person in this situation is caught smack in the middle of something that is clearly falling apart. 

Finally, you have realized that you have reached a point of no return. Since you know the situation will never change, or the person you’re involved with is and always will be in denial that they need to change their ways. 

You know there is too much resistance and friction between the both of you. Perhaps you could try a last-ditch effort to find out where exactly where that friction is coming from and if there’s a way that you can reduce it and de-escalate the situation. This way the explosive effects will be prevented or at least put to a minimum. 

In a reversed tarot card, you will feel all the positive energy collapsing around you like everything is being stirred up. It’s like being so dizzy from a roller coaster ride you need to get on every single day of your life and you don’t know how to make it stop. 

So don’t panic or go into despair even if it’s tempting to do so. Get a hold of yourself so you could get hold of your situation. Take it from there and the ending will be totally up to you. 

10 of Cups Reversed for Health

Here, denial and procrastination are your biggest threat. Denying that you’re overweight, denying that you have a heart condition, denying that you’re taking in too much salt, too much sugar, too much caffeine, or too much alcohol. You’re in denial that you are getting on in age and should be receiving the much-needed help that you deserve. And when you finally admit that yeah, perhaps you’re not in the best of health, you procrastinate. 

Yes, I will start exercising- tomorrow. I will go on a healthier diet- tomorrow. I will go see my doctor- and you guessed it right, tomorrow. But the biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you always have time. Time to change, time to manage, time to heal, time to switch gears. The truth is, you don’t, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. In fact, nobody can be certain tomorrow will come. So stop procrastinating and take care of your physical and mental health now. Not tomorrow, but today. 

10 of Cups Reversed for Career

stress at work

When this tarot card is reversed you may be experiencing stress, frustration, and even loneliness at work. Your usual zest and motivation when you jump out of bed in the morning is long gone. The company may be dealing with a big client with a few mishaps happening here and there. Causing the work environment to be heavier than usual. You may feel your co-workers is not their cheerful, supportive self. 

Don’t take it personally because everyone is in survival mode at the moment. It’s tempting to feel inadequate or incompetent- don’t. Know that you are doing your best and soon the storm will break. All things come to an end, good or bad. So stand your ground and don’t allow anything or anyone to trample on your self-confidence. Soon everyone’s efforts will pay off and you’ll get back that perfect work-life balance that you miss so much. Just hang on. 

10 of Cups Reversed for Finances

You may notice that money can be a sensitive topic these days. Everyone is doing their best to cope with the inflation that is affecting economies on a global scale. So expect disharmony in your home, workplace, and practically everywhere you hang out when it comes to finances. 

Things will be especially tense when a friend, relative, or co-worker attempts to borrow money from you when both of you know they have no way of paying you back. 

Or perhaps someone is putting on an enormous amount of pressure for you to invest in their company when both of you are aware that the climate is not right at this time. You’re tempted to keep the peace and simply to give in. Don’t. This will be your biggest mistake, perhaps one that you will find extremely difficult to recover from. Help if you want, give what you can, but never over and beyond your means. 

The Essence of the 10 of Cups Card

This tarot card is basically telling you to follow your intuitive wisdom to guide you and allow you to follow your heart. It asks you to expand your ability to give and receive love. This will not only benefit people individually but in fact, has a communal effect. It will blossom into this magnificent blessing for everyone else around you. 

We are here not just to create blessings for ourselves, but for everyone in this world. Blessing, expansion, and abundance are like a vortex allowing energies to flow to spread our gifts out into the universe. It is not something small and linear, it has a bigger purpose which is communal and universal. Trust the pace and the momentum and rest assured that you are taking the right path by doing so. 

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