The Great Conjunction of 2020: Why it Matters to Your Zodiac in 2021 and How to cope with it

2020 was quite the year, and what better way to end it than with a significant astrological event? Yes, we’re talking about the Great Conjunction of 2020, where, after 800 long years, Jupiter and Saturn paths finally crossed again.

For those who are not into astrology, this event is extraordinary yet inconsequential. However, for those who have a firm belief in the cosmos’ power, Jupiter and Saturn’s Great Conjunction has significant meanings.

But what is the Great Conjunction? And how will they affect us for the coming year? Read on to find out!

What does the “Great Conjunction” mean in astrology?

Saturn and Jupiter Great Conjunction 2020

First, it is essential to define what makes great conjunctions. Astronomers and astrologers alike believe that the planets move in elliptical orbits around the sun. Each one has its angular tilt, orbit speed, among others.

Therefore, a conjunction happens when two planets “meet” in the sky, relative to our perspective. They would then appear to glow brighter as they come closer to each other and look as if they were fusing their light.

Yet, the distance between the planets is great. For instance, the last conjunction happened 20 years ago. However, it isn’t “great” because the planets involved weren’t as massive, and, astrologically speaking, they were too polarized to make any difference.

What happens with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Considering that the astrological community didn’t give past conjunctions that much attention, the Great Conjunction 2020 sets itself apart from the previous occurrences.

For instance, the event the world just witnessed is unlike any other. Jupiter and Saturn are among the largest celestial bodies in our night sky. They even have their distinct brilliant spots, as if they are stars.

These two heavenly objects have the same element. Both Jupiter and Saturn are Air planets, meaning the power they will be harnessing focuses more on the mind. Imagination, intellect, and foresight are what the two planets herald for the time ahead.

The rarity of this event also announces the coming of an unprecedented era. Academics and theologians alike agree that the “great star of Bethlehem” that happened more than 2000 years ago was the very same conjunction that we are witnessing right now.

Incredibly, too, the conjunction happened around the same time as it did right now. It announced the birth of Christ, believed to be the savior of the world, and arguably the start of the era of Christianity in world history.

As mentioned, Jupiter and Saturn also had their conjunction 800 years ago. This time was the height of the Middle Ages, where Europe experienced a stagnation period after the fall of Ancient Rome.

The conjunction announced the start of an even more harrowing event in history: the Black Death. Yet, at the same time, modern ideas started to flourish, despite the choking control the Church had in all aspects of life.

This year’s Great Conjunction just happened right when the world is picking itself up after the chaos that was 2020.

No one knows for sure what will happen next, but the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is telling us that the world we knew before 2020 is no more and that the future is here, unfolding before our eyes.

What does the Great Conjunction of December 2020 mean for your Zodiac sign?

Great Conjunction 2020 Mean For Zodiac Signs

As said, the Great Conjunction heralds unprecedented change and development. Humanity is now in the Age of Aquarius, a time when ideas are now at their height. The Air element that guides this time is now at its strongest and may even go stronger, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction.

How people experience this time will significantly differ, though. How they will respond to it will depend so much on their birth charts.

Here is a rundown of how each Zodiac sign will live out its life during this significant period of change:

Aries’ grand plans were halted by the different events that made 2020 one of the worst years humanity has ever experienced. It smothered their goals and prevented them from fully experiencing life in an adrenaline-filled way.


Yet this great astrological event says this: Aries’ plans for the future will finally come to fruition. The restart that they have always wanted will eventually occur, and the satisfaction and success they have been craving for so long will yet happen.


This stoic sign enjoyed too much of their comfort zone. Yet, this prevented Taurus from growing, and truth be told, those born under this sign are also feeling the discomfort of their extended stagnation.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is now telling Taurus-born individuals that their time to step out of their comfort zones is fast approaching. Transformation and change await them as the next chapter of their lives.


Idealism has always been at the heart (and mind) of a Gemini. After months of confinement, their minds are bursting with visions!

But ideas must turn into reality. Thus, Gemini will gradually step out from the thoughts and imaginations into making their dreams real.


Sensitive and compassionate Cancer has taken in some quite harsh blows this year. It almost seems like there’s hardly anything that will help heal their heart.

Yet the Jupiter Saturn conjunction will help bring in emotional healing and inner peace to these individuals. Everything will fall into place for them and bring in a time of spiritual growth.


While their spotlight never stops shining, Leo has undoubtedly had quite the time out this 2020. This is their period of self-reflection, after being the focus of attention for so long.

This event will then manifest a new beginning for these feisty individuals. Leo will reconnect with their inner selves a little bit better and find happiness from within themselves.


For a Virgo-born individual, there is nothing more they value than selflessness and awareness of one’s responsibilities. Yet, 2020 proved to be more than just duties; it also brought along confusion and burn out to these people.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction will bring in a period of chaos into Virgo’s life. A flurry of unwanted events will unfold, yet they will be able to soldier on, thanks to the support that Jupiter will be providing them.


2020 was a year of so many tragedies, especially in the world of finance and commerce. The road to recovery is indeed a long one!

But the Great Conjunction brings in fortune and wealth to Libra. They do not have to worry much about money matters; it will just show itself up at the least unexpected times!


Not much affected Scorpio for this year. They are well aware that sometimes the world just doesn’t work out the way it should, and it’s not worth crying over.

While the Jupiter Saturn conjunction also herald an era of bounty for Scorpio, the same cannot be said of their relationships. They need to watch out for the people close to them, especially their families, or else things may not turn out the way they should be.


Working under such chaotic circumstances makes anyone lose focus. The ever-energetic Sagittarius is among the ones greatly affected by them losing sight of their goals.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction does not hold much positive change for this sign, yet it also signals that they will perform better in their duties. It’s going to be a tough time, but they will live through it.


“Going outside” has never been as coveted as it was in 2020. And after a year of being cooped up, who wouldn’t want to experience the world again?

Aquarius would then be the recipient of favorable travels during this new era of Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. And if they meet legal troubles along the way? Well, the winds of justice are blowing in their favor!


Everyone’s workflow was disrupted by the sudden changes that happened earlier this year. It seemed like people had to adjust to working from home overnight!

For Pisces, then, the Great Conjunction 2020 is welcome news. Work will proceed as usual, if not better, for them. A healthy and successful career is up ahead!

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