How to Read Your Astro Chart? 3 Simple and Easy Steps!

Learning how to read your astro chart is a great starting point in doing astrology. Containing all the information you need, this chart acts as a blueprint to your fate according to the stars. Even then, a lot of beginners skip this vital step in favor of reading pre-mediated content that’s generated on the internet.

In fact, astrologers are often faced with the question: How to know the age of Marriage through the Astro Chart? 

And much to their disappointment, it takes advanced skills in reading astro charts to decipher this perennial question. But before reaching that, you must learn the role of the 3 important aspects of your chart: your sign, your house, and your planets. 

Come join us as we discuss 3 simple and easy steps in reading your astrology chart! 

Step 1: Know your sign before reading your Astro Chart

Zodiac Signs in Astro Chart

Identifying your zodiac sign might come off as obvious. Even then, digging deeper into this concept reveals a far more complex task, as your ‘sign’ can actually mean different things. Generally, the zodiac sign displayed in your birth chart is your sun sign. Determining your basic personality, your date of birth indicates your categorization. 

In fact, it is so basic that we won’t be repeating what the 12 zodiac signs are and their respective dates. Instead, we’ll point to something more fundamental: the element and modality that defines it. 

Each zodiac sign has a corresponding element and modality. Its element defines the essential traits of its sign, while the modality corresponds to the mode in which the element manifests itself.

Here are the general descriptions of each element, modality, and their respective zodiac signs: 

Fire – passionate and courageous
Air – rational and communicative
Earth – stable and practical
Water – emotional and intuitive

Cardinal –  season starters
Fixed – season dwellers
Mutable – season enders

With these elements and modalities, signs will bear qualities as follows: 

Cardinal Fire: Can be rash and irrational, yet passionate and courageous. 

Fixed Earth: Can be slow and stubborn, yet stable and unwavering. 

Mutable Air: Can be inconsistent and impulsive, yet creative and adaptable.

Cardinal Water: Can be overly sensitive and emotional, yet inspiring and nurturing. 

Fixed Fire: Can be dominant and prideful, yet respectable and benevolent. 

Mutable Earth: Can be utilitarian and lazy, yet resourceful and effective. 

Cardinal Air: Can be indecisive and superficial, yet just and diplomatic. 

Fixed Water: Can be possessive and manipulative, yet emotional and intimate. 

Mutable Fire: Can be indecisive and sleazy, yet optimistic and wise. 

Cardinal Earth: Can be overly vigilant and too critical, yet practical and pragmatic. 

Fixed Air: can be detached and insensitive, yet transformative and innovative. 

Mutable Water: can be escapist and oversensitive, yet wise and spiritual. 

As you can see, each sign has its own strength and weakness depending on its modality and element. With the lack of moderation, a positive trait can quickly become a negative one. Thus, knowing the modalities and elements are fundamental in reading your sign. 

Add to that, your astro chart contains signs apart from your sun sign. To give you a good overview, here’s a list of signs and their respective meanings: 

Sun sign: Your core personality. It is practically your ego.
Rising sign: Your first impression. It is who you project to be.
Moon sign: Your inner feelings. It is your intuition and emotions from within.
Venus sign: Your love and relationships.
Mars sign: Your mode of action towards goals and dreams.
Mercury sign: Your nature of communication.
Jupiter sign: Your luck.
Saturn sign: Your learning curve.
Uranus sign: Your unconscious thoughts and desires.
Neptune sign: Your spirituality and hidden meanings.
Pluto sign: Your sexuality. 

Given that your chart contains many signs, it is a big mistake to pay attention to your sun sign alone. Thus, noting the different nuances in your sign opens up the deeper parts of your astro chart.

Step 2: Know the 12 houses of Astro Chart

More than the signs, the 12 houses of the astrological chart also play an important role in understanding the different areas of your existence. Since the 12 houses serve as the home of each area of your existence, knowing each house is indispensable in reading your astro chart. 

Here are the 12 houses of astrology: 

1st house: House of Self – relates to your ego, general outlook, and physical appearance. 

2nd house: House of Value – relates to your personal finances, material possessions, and self -worth. 

3rd house: House of Communication – relates to your network and communication skills. 

4th house: House of Family – relates to affairs within your family and home. 

5th house: House of Pleasure – relates to romance, recreation, gambling, children, and creative self-expression. 

6th house: House of Health – relates to overall health and wellness, routines, and inner vitality. 

7th house: House of Partnerships – relates to business, marriage, and agreements. 

8th house: House of Transformation – relates to sexual relationships, karma, and overall cycle of life. 

9th house: House of Purpose – relates to travel, morality, knowledge, and belief. 

10th house: House of Enterprise –  relates to public image, career, and legacy. 

11th house: House of Blessings –  relates to belongingness, groups, communities, and networks. 

12th house: House of Spirituality – relates to your personal sub-conscious and collective unconscious 

With planets revolving around these houses, certain events will manifest itself. Guided by the stars, these shall inevitably touch one of the 12 houses.

Step 3: Know the 10 Planets of Astrology

Apart from the signs and the houses, these planets play a central role in your life. Symbolizing parts of our psyche, these celestial bodies represent who we are, according to the skies. 

With that, here are the 10 planets of your astro chart! 

Movement: 4 weeks
Rules the sign of: Leo
Symbolizes: core personality, conscious self, vitality, ego, and inner energy. 

Movement: 2-3 days
Rules the sign of: Cancer
Symbolizes: subconscious/unconscious self, intuition, mood, and emotions. 

Movement: 3-4 weeks
Rules the sign of: Gemini & Virgo
Symbolizes: communication, reason, intellect, and language. 

Movement: 4-5 weeks
Rules the sign of: Taurus & Libra
Symbolizes: love and relationships, attraction, beauty, and aesthetics. 

Movement: 6-7 weeks
Rules the sign of: Aries
Symbolizes: sex and desires, passions, inner courage, and competitiveness. 

Movement: 12-13 months
Rules the sign of: Sagittarius
Symbolizes: luck, abundance, and growth

Movement: 2-3 years
Rules the sign of: Capricorn
Symbolizes: Law, morality, institutions, responsibilities, and obligations. 

Movement: 7 years
Rules the sign of: Aquarius
Symbolizes: transformation, grand revelations, change, and reformation. 

Movement: 10-12 years
Rules the sign of: Pisces
Symbolizes: Dreams, mysticism, and mysteries. 

Movement: 12-15 years
Rules the sign of: Scorpio
Symbolizes: Transformation, rebirth, and power.

Closing thoughts

With these 3 vital steps, we hope to have contributed well in your quest of familiarizing your astro chart. Though much remains to be unraveled from it, mastering these 3 steps is crucial in your movement forward.

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